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Volume 21 Issue 2 - October 2015

Vol 21 No 2 is now available for your viewing pleasure, and it's a bumper crop, right at the harvest moon. First ever Canadian opera on the Four Seasons Centre main stage gets double coverage with Wende Bartley interviewing Pyramus and Thisbe composer Barbara Monk Feldman and Chris Hoile connecting with director Christopher Alden; Paul Ennis digs into the musical mind of pianist Benjamin Grosvenor, and pianist Eve Egoyan is "On the Record" in conversation with publisher David Perlman ahead of the Oct release concert for her tenth recording. And at the heart of it all the 16th edition of our annual BLUE PAGES directory of presenters profile the season now well and truly under way.


FOR OPENERS | DAVID PERLMAN And It’s One, Two, Three What Are We Voting For? At the party after The WholeNote’s 20th anniversary concert at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre, Friday September 25, a former Governor-General of Canada (who shall remain nameless) said to me some kind words to the effect that we were to be commended for the service we had rendered to the artistic community over the past two decades and to individuals like her who in large part get their information about what is out there musically from this publication. My reply, if I remember correctly after two hours onstage with the inimitable Mary Lou Fallis (thank you, Mary Lou!), was that the most amazing thing is not the fact that we told the story, but the fact that the story existed to be told. All we have done is to document one aspect of the astoundingly vibrant cultural life of the remarkable cultural fertile crescent along the Canadian shoreline of Lake Ontario. Take a quick look at the Blue Pages in the centre of this magazine and the listings in any issue of the magazine, and you will see what I mean. Bottom line: There would be no WholeNote if there had not been an extraordinary music scene in these parts to document. October 19: That is why we are weighing in on the topic of the federal election now under way. Because we believe the artistic life of this city and region is under threat in some very significant ways. And people who care about that should think carefully when they cast their vote. I am not going to tell you who I think you should vote for. But I am going to tell you what I think you should vote against. One: Vote against candidates and parties who use the word “middle class” as if they know what it means. And then go on to talk about “what middle class Canadians want” as if that were the only important thing in the election. In a story in this issue, pianist Eve Egoyan, at some point, talks about life as “an independent artist who makes a living in bits and pieces.” Ask yourself: how many “middle class” people would describe the way they make a living in those terms? And then ask yourself how many cultural workers you know who fit that description? Finally, ask yourself which parties’ policies are geared to the needs of the other people in our society who also “make a living in bits and pieces” but don’t have the cachet that gets artists (even starving ones) invited to dine at the tables of those who make their living in much more orderly and predictable ways. Look to support parties with policies that support and empower the working poor, for the majority of the artists that make our society rich in ways beyond money fall into that category for a significant part of their lives, even while they bring us all joy. Two: Vote against candidates and parties who pit cities against suburbs; and who don’t seem to understand that the only way to keep our cities truly, fully culturally alive in the ways that made this magazine possible is to enable the next generation of artists to be able to afford to live in the places where they learn and ply their trade. The WholeNote VOLUME 21 NO 2| OCTOBER 1, 2015 – NOVEMBER 7, 2015 Centre for Social Innovation 720 Bathurst St., Suite 503, Toronto ON M5S 2R4 PHONE 416-323-2232 | FAX 416-603-4791 Publisher/Editor In Chief | David Perlman Chairman of the Board | Allan Pulker EDITORIAL Managing Editor | Paul Ennis Recordings Editor | David Olds Social Media Editor | Sara Constant Listings Editor | John Sharpe Club Listings Editor | Bob Ben SALES, MARKETING & MEMBERSHIP Concerts & Events/Membership | Karen Ages Record Industry Sales/Marketing | Thom McKercher Directory Sales and Services | Adrienne Surtees Advertising/Production Support/Operations Jack Buell | Classified Ads | Website/Systems | Bryson Winchester Website/Systems Support | Kevin King Circulation/Subscriptions | Chris Malcolm SUBSCRIPTIONS per year + HST (9 issues) THANKS TO THIS MONTH’S CONTRIBUTORS Beat Columnists Hans de Groot, Jack MacQuarrie, Brian Chang, Paul Ennis, David Olds, David Podgorski, Ori Dagan, Wendalyn Bartley, Bob Ben mJ buell, Christopher Hoile, Andrew Timar Features David Jaeger, Wendalyn Bartley, David Perlman, Steve Wallace, Christina Petrowska Quilico CD Reviewers Alex Baran, Alison Melville, Allan Pulker, Andrew Timar, Bruce Surtees, Cathy Riches, Hans De Groot, Ivana Popovic, Janos Gardonyi, Ken Waxman, Michael Schulman, Réa Beaumont, Roger Knox, Stuart Broomer, Terry Robbins, Tiina Kiik Proofreading Vanessa Wells, Jennifer Liu, John Sharpe, Paul Ennis Listings David Perlman, Bob Ben, Tilly Kooyman, JennieLea McLeish, Ruth Atwood, Simone Desilets, Jennifer Liu Circulation Team Abram Bergen, Andrew Schaefer, Beth Bartley, Bob Jerome, Dagmar Sullivan, Dave Taylor, Garry Page, Gero Hajek, Jack Buell, Jeff Hogben, Joan Andrews, John Dodington, Lorna Nevison, Mark Clifford, Micah Herzog, Niamh Malcolm, Patrick Slimmon, Paul Ennis, Randy Weir, Robert Faulkner, Sharon Clark, Tiffany Johnson, Tom Sepp, Vicki Stainton, Wende Bartley Layout & Design Bryson Winchester an Ontario government agency un organisme du gouvernement de l’Ontario Upcoming Dates & Deadlines Free Event Listings Deadline 6pm Thursday October 8 Display Ad Reservations Deadline 6pm Thursday October 15 Classifieds Deadline 6pm Saturday October 24 Advertising Materials Due 6pm Monday October 19 Publication Date Tuesday October 27 (Online) Thursday October 29 (Print) Volume 21 No 3 covers November 1, 2015 to December 7, 2015 WholeNote Media Inc. accepts no responsibility or liability for claims made for any product or service reported on or advertised in this issue. 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Co-hosts David Perlman and Mary Lou Fallis 16 BLUE TH Annual PAGES PHILIP ELLIOTT Ask yourself: what will have changed irreversibly for the worse when our audiences can afford to live in a city, but the majority of the artists on its stages cannot? Three: Vote against candidates and parties whose policies suggest they think throwing money at studying problems is actually part of the solution. Or who base their campaigns on promises to make great new things from scratch without explaining how they will build on what is already there. Or who say that solutions for those in the arts, whose lives are built of bits and pieces, are different than for everyone else in the same boat. Amadeus Choir 30, 46 Amici Chamber Ensemble 40 Aradia Ensemble 33 Arts Media 56 ATMA 5, 59 Aurora Cultural Centre 42 Austrian Embassy, Ottawa 38 Christ Church Deer Park Jazz Vespers 34 Curtain Call Players 47 Dr. Rea Beaumont 59 Earwitness Productions 39 ECMA Ontario 55 Elmer Iseler Singers 40 Elora Festival & Singers 28, 49 Exultate Chamber Singers 29 Flato Markham Theatre 13 Greater Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra 38 Hannaford Street Silver Band 19, 56 Hymn Society, Southern Ont Chapter 54 I Furiosi Baroque Ensemble 43 INDEX OF ADVERTISERS Intl Resource Centre for Performing Artists 23 Kindred Spirits Orchestra 42 Li Delun Music Foundation 45 Living Arts Centre 4 Liz Parker 56 Long & McQuade 9 MasterPerforming 56 Mooredale Concerts 46 Mozart Project 33 Music at Metropolitan 13, 45 Music Gallery 17 Music Toronto 9, 38, 42 Musicians in Ordinary 44 Naxos 60, 64 New Music Concerts 20, 40 Nine Sparrows Arts Foundation / Yorkminster Park Baptist Church 28 Nocturnes in the City 15, 26 Noon at Met 37 Norm Pulker 56 NUMUS Concerts / InterArts Matrix 18 Opera York 46 Orchestra Toronto 40 ORGANIX 16, 42 And then vote. Twenty-year archive: Earlier in this rant I mentioned that what The WholeNote has done is to document the musical life of this thin strip of land for the past twenty years. As part of this 20th anniversary celebration, we are pleased to announce we have digitized our first 20 years. They are available for your nostalgic pleasure at Orpheus Choir 31 Ottawa Bach Choir 28 Pasquale Cheese 57 Pax Christi Chorale 31 Peter Mahon 32 Remenyi House of Music 8 Roy Thomson Hall 14, 25 Royal Conservatory 3, 44 Scarborough Philharmonic 43 St. James’ Cathedral 42 St. Michael’s Choir School 39 St. Michael’s Hospital 55 St. Olave’s Church 46 St. Philip’s Jazz Vespers 34 Steinway Piano Gallery 13 Sultans of String 45 Tafelmusik 2, 47 Tallis Choir 41 Tapestry New Opera 11 That Choir 30 Tim Brady 58 Tomasz Dabrowski 60 Toronto All-Star Big Band 41 Toronto Chamber Choir 46 Toronto Children’s Chorus 43 Toronto Consort 4 Toronto Early Music Centre 32 Toronto Operetta Theatre 27 Toronto Symphony Orchestra 76 TorQ Percussion Quartet 44 U of T Faculty of Music 15, 41 UJA Fed. Holocaust Education Week 12 Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus 43 Universal 59, 60 Vesnivka Choir 21 Western University, Don Wright Faculty of Music 48 Women’s Musical Club of Toronto 38 DON’T EVER STOP MUSIC IS FOR LIFE THE BLUE PAGES A rich resource for musicians and all lovers of live music, with detailed profiles of Southern Ontario’s live music makers and their 2015/16 seasons. PRINTED IN THIS ISSUE and updated year-round at Inquiries to THE CANARY PAGES The WholeNote’s annual guide to the extraordinary choral diversity of Southern Ontario. Find yourself the right choir anytime! Printed every year in May but searchable online year-round. Inquiries to THE GREEN PAGES GUIDE TO SUMMER MUSIC Our 2015 enhanced coverage remains online for year-round browsing and dreaming of next summer. Updated and printed in our Summer (June, July, and August, 2016) edition. Inquiries to Musical guides online, all the time resources Oct 1 - Nov 7, 2015 | 7

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