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Volume 21 Issue 9 - Summer 2016

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It's combined June/July/August summer issue time with, we hope, enough between the covers to keep you dipping into it all through the coming lazy, hazy days. From Jazz Vans racing round "The Island" delivering pop-up brass breakouts at the roadside, to Bach flute ambushes strolling "The Grove, " to dozens of reasons to stay in the city. May yours be a summer where you find undiscovered musical treasures, and, better still, when, unexpectedly, the music finds you.

Beat by Beat | Mainly

Beat by Beat | Mainly Clubs, Mostly Jazz! Even Richer Than Usual BOB BEN It’s Toronto Jazz Festival time again! Time for a few great players from out of town to play with and among the vast pool of equally great Toronto players. It really is eye-opening to look at the listings for the Jazz Festival ( ) and realize just how many of the gigs listed are gigs that happen year round, and would continue happening, festival or no. When it comes to the jazz scene in this city, we truly have an embarrassment of riches. It’s just that around the end of June we get a little richer. And I will talk about all of that in just a minute, but first, it’s anecdote time. When I was in high school, I was a big progressive rock geek, which, I know, is utterly unsurprising because a lot of young jazz nerds started off that way. I don’t know why – maybe it was just the challenge – but I loved working out the time signatures of songs in which it wasn’t immediately obvious, or in which the number of beats changed from bar to bar. Of course, this is neither a ubiquitous nor an essential feature of progressive rock, nor is it one exclusive to the genre, but it attracted me nonetheless. And to be frank, while counting odd time signatures fascinated me in high school, I can think of few things more tedious now. My cousin, also a music geek, offered me a challenge one day. He played me a 20-second sample of bassist (not to be confused with the jazz trumpeter of the same name) Avishai Cohen’s Ever-Evolving Etude from his 2008 album Gently Disturbed, although I didn’t know the title at the time, nor would I have remembered the name. I wasn’t into jazz back then, much less what I was hearing here. It was unlike anything I’d ever heard before. It was unconventional, complex, difficult to parse. The bass and piano threw forth a fury of notes that seemed, to my untrained ear, to have the rhythmic logic and constancy of a person trying to kill a particularly evasive mosquito. It was chaotic, furious and wonderful. What kept it grounded for me were the pitches, satisfyingly tonal, and the timbre, new to my ear at the time, of bass and piano playing in unison, to which I am now much more accustomed. He asked what the time signature was. When I couldn’t figure it out, he said he’d be better off not knowing anyway; how can you enjoy it if you’re counting? Flash forward six or seven years. I’m in the final year of my music degree and the great New York drummer John Riley is making an appearance at our school. During a large portion of his lecture, Riley deconstructs the very excerpt my cousin had showed me years earlier. And so, I learned the answer. I gained a lot from that lecture, but to this day I cannot count the pulse of the Ever-Evolving Etude and certainly couldn’t notate it. Not on my life. And it really is better like that. As my ears grew (both figuratively and literally), I started to hear Cohen’s music differently. Although I always heard, and still hear, the progressive and fusion elements in it, I started to hear elements of Latin American music; when I hear a heavily syncopated vamp and complex, adventurous percussion, what else comes to mind but salsa? This is especially true on the album Unity, on which Antonio Sanchez, compared by some to an octopus for his remarkable limb independence, is responsible for the drumming. You can explore Cohen’s music for yourself, in preparation for his Toronto appearance on June 30 at the St. Lawrence Centre. There’s no shortage of out-of-towners I’m excited to see listed for the festival – among them Laila Biali, Phil Dwyer, Mark McLean’s Playground and Robert Glasper, the latter two of whom I’ve been lucky to see perform in person on more than one delightful occasion – but if I wrote about every single one, I would be here all night. Avishai Cohen I also must reluctantly mention that Rich Brown’s rinsethealgorithm, about whom I’ve written in the past, will be playing a reunion show at The Rex on Canada Day after four years apart. I say “reluctantly” because I hate crowds; my rates of happiness are generally inversely proportional to my proximity to strangers’ bodies. Yet I will, and must, bear it for the music: rinsethealgorithm is back, and everyone who wants to know must know. Downbeat at 8pm. Enjoy the festival, friends. Plan your routes carefully and buy your tickets early. May your ears be well-fed, and may your lines of vision be unobstructed. Bob Ben is The WholeNote’s jazz listings editor. He can be reached at D. In the Clubs (Mostly Jazz) 120 Diner 120 Church St. 416-792-7725 (full schedule) June 1 6pm Genevieve Marantette & Robert Scott; 8pm Lisa Particelli’s Girls’ Night Out Jazz Jam. June 2 6pm Ross MacIntyre & Kelly Jefferson; 9pm Nerissa Kay & Friends. June 3 6pm Sinners Choir. June 4 6pm Cohen, Cohen & Willett; 8:30pm Stevey Ross and the Blue Mambo Swing. June 5 5pm Peter Donato; 8:30pm Marilyn Lightstone. June 7 6pm Joey O’Neil; 8pm Arlene Paculan. June 8 6pm Genevieve Marantette & Robert Scott; 8pm Lisa Particelli’s Girls’ Night Out Jazz Jam. June 9 6pm Ross MacIntyre & Stu Harrison; 9pm Wonderfest. June 10 6pm Music Can Heal presents. June 11 6pm Heidi Lange. June 12 6pm Bella Canto; 8:30pm Carolyn Credico. June 14 6pm Megan Worthy; 8pm Marshall Jacklin. June 15 6pm Genevieve Marantette & Robert Scott; 8pm Lisa Particelli’s Girls’ Night Out Jazz Jam. June 16 6pm Ross MacIntyre & Mark Keiswetter. June 17 6pm Elvira Hopper Trio. June 18 6pm “Sistah’s Telling” with Sistah Louis and Friends. June 19 6pm Fathers’ Day with The Owls; 9pm Bless Your Purple Heart: Prince Tribute. June 21 6pm Christine Gaidies; 8pm Emilie Mover; 10pm Klezfactor. June 22 6pm Genevieve Marantette & Robert Scott; 8pm Lisa Particelli’s Girls’ Night Out Jazz Jam. June 23 6pm Ross MacIntyre & Sophia Perlman. June 24 6pm Gabi Epstein . June 25 12pm Debbie Fleming ; 5pm Kate Unger ; 8pm Ori Dagan ; 11pm Ryley Murray . June 26 12pm Shannon Butcher & Ross MacIntyre ; 5pm LJ Folk ; 8pm Lady Be Good . June 27 8pm Stu MacDonald ; 11pm Brownman Akoustic Trio . June 28 6pm Mel Côté ; 8pm Stacey MacIntyre . June 29 6pm Judith Lander ; 8pm Lisa Particelli’s Girls’ Night Out Jazz Jam. June 30 5pm The Ault Sisters ; 8pm Jacelyn Holmes ; 11pm Janet Whiteway . July 1 6pm Lisa Particelli ; 9pm Mandy Goodhandy’s Musical Cabaret . July 2 12pm Aucoin, Davidson, & Samaras . July 3 5pm Julie Michels & David Restivo ; 8pm Genevieve “Gigi” Marantette . Alleycatz 2409 Yonge St. 416-481-6865 All shows: 9pm unless otherwise indicated. Call for cover charge info. June 2, 4, 23, July 7 Wendy Robins The Quiet Storm. June 3, 11, 18, 24 Lady Kane. June 9 Solo & Duets Concert Series. June 10, July 2 Jamesking. June 16 John Nicholson Jazz Quartet. June 17 Taxi. June 25 Parkside Drive. June 30 Carlos Morgan & The Flow. July 1 Pussy Cats. Artword Artbar 15 Colbourne St., Hamilton. 905-543-8512 (full schedule) June 2 8pm Big Fat Greek Jewish Music Night feat. The Horables, and The Friends of Markos (general)/(students). June 3, 4 8pm Micah Barnes “New York Stories” (adv)/(door). June 9 8pm Doug Murphy (guitar) with Nicola Moore (voice), Mike Ricci (sax, flute), Oscar Galbraith (drums), Alana Gunn (bass), and more (general)/(students). June 10 8pm Chris Wallaces’ (drums) Many Names with Adrean Farrugia (piano), Artie Roth (bass). June 11 8pm Elizabeth Herrera Rodriguez. Bloom 2315 Bloor St. W. 416-767-1315 All shows: 19+. Call for reservations. June 30 7pm Fredy Suares (voice) with Jorge Maza (flute), Johan Urbizo (percussion), Roberto Riveron (bass) (includes dinner). Blue Goose Tavern, The 1 Blue Goose St. 416-255-2442 62 | June 1, 2016 - September 7, 2016 June 5 4pm Blues At the Goose with the Big Groove Rhythm Section feat. Adam Beer-Colacino & Joel Visentin. June 12 4pm Blues At the Goose with the Big Groove Rhythm Section feat. Morgan Davis & Al Lerman. Burdock 1184 Bloor St. W. 416-546-4033 (Full schedule) All shows: 9pm June 4 Young Guns Quartet w/ The Ault Sisters (adv)/(door). June 25 Matt Barker and the Trio (NYC) Album Release (adv)/(door). June 26 Adrian Underhill & Charlotte Cornfield (adv)/(door). June 28 Endangered Blood . June 30 Lazersuzan & The Starfires (adv)/(door). Castro’s Lounge 2116e Queen St. E. 416-699-8272 (full schedule) All shows: No cover/PWYC C’est What 67 Front St. E. (416) 867-9499 (full schedule) June 4, 25 3pm The Hot Five Jazzmakers. June 11 3pm The Boxcar Boys. De Sotos 1079 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-651-2109 (full schedule) Every Sun 11am Sunday Live Jazz Brunch No cover. Emmet Ray, The 924 College St. 416-792-4497 (full schedule) All shows: No cover/PWYC June 2 9pm Bossa Tres: Victor Monsiváis (guitar), Abbey Sholzberg (bass). June 5 8:30pm Snaggle. Fat City Blues 890 College St. 647-345-8282 Gate 403 403 Roncesvalles Ave. 416-588-2930 All shows: PWYC. June 1 5pm Donghwan Moon Jazz Band; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. June 2 5pm Bruce Chapman Blues Duo with feature guests; 9pm Darcy Windover Band. June 3 5pm Denise Leslie Jazz Band; 9pm The Pearl Motel. June 4 5pm Bill Heffernan and His Friends; 9pm “Keiko” Jazz Band. June 5 5pm Grateful Sunday feat. Trevor Cape and The Field; 9pm The Ault Sisters. June 6 5pm Mike and Jill Daley Jazz Duo; 9pm Noah Franche-Nolan Jazz Trio. June 7 5pm Vivia Kay and Kavin Barrett Jazz Duo; 9pm Tim Shia: The Victoria Bridge Preservation Society. June 8 5pm Michelle Rumball with friend; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. June 9 5pm Amber Leigh Jazz Trio; 9pm Kevin Laliberté Jazz & Flamenco Trio. June 10 5pm Vienna D’Amato Hall Jazz Trio; 9pm Jerry Quintyne Jazz Band. June 11 5pm Bill Heffernan and His Friends; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Quartet. June 12 5pm Hello Darlings; 9pm Peter Kauffman Jazz Trio. June 13 5pm Byung-Gul Jung Jazz Band; 9pm Chris Staig Trio. June 14 5pm Grant Lyle Blues Music; 9pm Jacob Damelin Jazz Quartet. June 15 5pm Rick Maltese: Rick’s Three in One; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. June 16 5pm Concord Jazz Quintet; 9pm Kristin Lindell Jazz Band. June 17 5pm Ken Taylor: Fixin’s Jazz Trio; 9pm John Wayne Swingtet. June 18 5pm Bill Heffernan and His Friends; 9pm Sweet Derrick Blues Band. June 19 5pm Jeff Taylor and The SLT; 9pm “Wishing on Star” from New York. June 20 5pm “Wishing on Star” from New York; 9pm Linda Carone Vintage Jazz ‘n’ Blues. June 21 5pm Sarah Kennedy and Matt Pines Jazz Duo; 9pm Jimmy Byron Band. June 22 5pm Malcolm Levin Jazz Trio; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. June 23 5pm G street Jazz Trio; 9pm Tiffany Hanus Jazz Band. June 24 5pm Whitney Ross-Barris Jazz Band; 9pm Fraser Melvin Blues Band. June 25 5pm Bill Heffernan and His Friends; 9pm Donné Roberts Band. June 26 5pm Six Points Jazz Orchestra; 9pm Root Down Trio. June 27 5pm Mark Rainey Jazz Band; 9pm G street Jazz Trio. June 28 5pm Carter Brodkorb Jazz Quintet; 9pm Kalya Ramu Jazz Band. June 29 5pm Sam Broverman Jazz Duo; 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. June 30 5pm L.A. Turcotte: Sultans of Soul; 9pm Amber Leigh Jazz Trio. July 1 5pm Joanne Morra & The France St. Jazz Ensemble; 9pm The Spirit of Jazz feat. Nina Richmond. July 2 5pm Bill Heffernan and His Friends; 9pm Melissa Boyce Jazz & Blues Band. July 3 5pm Grateful Sunday feat. Trevor Cape and The Field; 9pm The Ault Sisters. July 4 5pm Mike and Jill Daley Jazz Duo; 9pm Drew Austin Jazz Band. July 6 9pm Julian Fauth Blues Night. July 7 5pm Bruce Chapman Blues Duo with feature guests; 9pm Darcy Windover Band. Grossman’s Tavern 379 Spadina Ave. 416-977-7000 (full schedule) All shows: No cover (unless otherwise noted). Every Sat The Happy Pals Dixieland jazz jam. Every Sun 10pm The National Blues Jam with Brian Cober. Every Wed 10pm Bruce Domoney. Harlem Restaurant 67 Richmond St. E. 416-368-1920 (full schedule) All shows: 7:30-11pm (unless otherwise noted). Call for cover charge info. June 24 The Beetet with Neil Brathwaite (sax), Don Pham (drums), Eric Boucher (keyboard), Clark Johnston (bass) . June 25 Gyles . June 27 Neil Brathwaite. July 1 The Simone Morris (voice) Trio with Mike Freedman (guitar), Mike Pelletier (bass) . July 2 Avani: Neil Brathwaite (sax), Anwar Khurshid (sitar), Waleed Abdulhamid (bass), Rich Greenspoon (drums), Eric Boucher (keys) . Hirut Cafe and Restaurant 2050 Danforth Ave. 416-551-7560 Every Sun 3pm Open Mic with Nicola Vaughan: folk/country/jazz/world/r&b PWYC. June 7, 21 8pm Finger Style Guitar Association PWYC. June 10 8pm Don Naduriak (keys) Quintet with Bob Rice (drums), John “JJ” Johnson (sax), George Koller (bass), Joaquin Hidalgo (drums) PWYC. June 24 9pm Hirut Hoot Cabaret . Home Smith Bar – See Old Mill, The Hugh’s Room 2261 Dundas St. W. 416-531-6604 June 1, 2016 - September 7, 2016 | 63

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