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Volume 22 Issue 3 - November 2016

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FOR OPENERS | DAVID PERLMAN Yes Indeed, the Cat May Look at the King I reckon 150 to 200 relevant emails a day show up in my inbox, so it’s hard to say what the particular attributes are that make one stand particularly tall in the crowd. But this one did. IAMA: Part One “Given the scope of issues and ideas you explore across The WholeNote’s various platforms,” the writer said, “I wanted to let you know about an event taking place in November (10-12) - the International Artist Managers’ Association (IAMA) is holding its annual conference in Toronto.” This event, the writer went on to say, is usually held in Europe (this is only the second time it has been held in Canada), and attracts an impressive group of classical music industry leaders to tackle issues facing the industry. This year’s focus is “Diversity and Changing Societies,” and there are to be five main sessions: a keynote interview with Peter Oundjian, music director of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra; a session on the unique role of conservatories; a discussion of how artistic directors are programming their seasons given the changing demographics of their communities; a session on “creating and cultivating relationships, overcoming challenges to engage with communities”; and finally a session on “reaching people and engaging them on a more meaningful level through digital media.” Hmm. Given the scope of issues we regularly explore across The WholeNote’s various platforms, it does all sound interesting. But I’ll have to get back to it. I have a couple of items of “usual business” and a thank you or two to deal with first. Patreon If you’re a regular reader, print or otherwise, take special note. We’re counting on the fact that one way or another you will become increasingly aware, over the coming months, of the Patreon campaign we have just launched to enlist the ongoing support of readers who believe in, and benefit from, what we do. It’s all explained (rather succinctly, if I say so myself) in the little video on our Patreon page at, so I won’t repeat it here, except to say this is not a “keep the lights burning” crisis campaign. If anything it’s a “keep the lights burning later and longer” kind of campaign, so that we can accelerate the pace at which we are exploring and expanding the media we deliver our message in, and keep up with our readers’ ever-changing information-gathering preferences. And so that we can continue to expand both the geographic base of the community we serve, as well as, in our digital media, an everwidening range of musical practices and practitioners, reflective of our continually changing society. Slip of the tongue I do have to own up to one little slip of the tongue in that otherwise elegant-if-I-do-say-so-myself little video on the Patreon page. At some point in it, I talk about our “more than half a million free copies printed and distributed,” over the course of our 21 seasons. Make that 5.6 million, actually! Definitely more than half a million. Just thought I would point it out myself before some eagle-eyed reader sees the Patreon ad on p.12, and scolds me roundly. The WholeNote VOLUME 22 NO 3 | NOVEMBER 1 - DECEMBER 7, 2016 Centre for Social Innovation 720 Bathurst St., Suite 503, Toronto ON M5S 2R4 PHONE 416-323-2232 | FAX 416-603-4791 Publisher/Editor In Chief | David Perlman Chairman of the Board | Allan Pulker EDITORIAL Managing Editor | Paul Ennis Recordings Editor | David Olds Digital Media Editor | Sara Constant Listings Editor | John Sharpe Club Listings Editor | Bob Ben SALES, MARKETING & MEMBERSHIP Concerts & Events/Membership | Karen Ages Record Industry Sales/Marketing | Thom McKercher Advertising/Production Support/Operations Jack Buell | Classified Ads | Website/Systems | Bryson Winchester Website/Systems Support | Kevin King Circulation/Subscriptions | Chris Malcolm SUBSCRIPTIONS per year + HST (9 issues) THANKS TO THIS MONTH’S CONTRIBUTORS Beat Columnists Paul Ennis, Wendalyn Bartley, Christopher Hoile, David Podgorski, Hans de Groot, Andrew Timar, Jack MacQuarrie, Ori Dagan, mJ buell, Bob Ben Features David Perlman, Sara Constant, Andrew Timar, David Jaeger CD Reviewers Alex Baran, Andrew Timar, Anna Pidgorna, Bruce Surtees, Cathy Riches, David Olds, Dianne Wells, Elliot Wright, Hans de Groot, Ivana Popovic, Jack MacQuarrie, Janos Gardonyi, Ken Waxman, Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, Michael Schulman, Paul Steenhuisen, Raul da Gama, Richard Haskell, Robert Tomas, Roger Knox, Stuart Broomer, Terry Robbins, Tiina Kiik, Vanessa Wells, Barry Livingston Proofreading Vanessa Wells, Jennifer Liu, John Sharpe, Paul Ennis, Sara Constant Listings John Sharpe, Bob Ben, Tilly Kooyman, Ruth Atwood, Simone Desilets, Jennifer Liu, Katie White Circulation Team Abram Bergen, Beth Bartley / Mark Clifford, Bob Jerome, Dagmar Sullivan, Dave Taylor, Garry Page, Gero Hajek, Jack Buell, James Harris, John Dodington, Jeff Hogben, Jonathan Spencer, Lorna Nevison, Manuel Couto, Micah Herzog, Patrick Slimmon, Paul Ennis, Robert Faulkner, Sharon Clark, Tiffany Johnson, Tom Sepp, Vanita Butrsingkorn, Wende Bartley Layout & Design Bryson Winchester an Ontario government agency un organisme du gouvernement de l’Ontario Upcoming Dates & Deadlines Free Event Listings Deadline 6pm Tuesday November 8 Display Ad Reservations Deadline 6pm Tuesday November 15 Classifieds Deadline 6pm Friday November 25 Advertising Materials Due 6pm Friday November 18 Publication Date Tuesday November 29 (Online) Thursday December 1 (Print) Volume 22 No 4 covers December 1, 2016 - February 7, 2017 WholeNote Media Inc. accepts no responsibility or liability for claims made for any product or service reported on or advertised in this issue. 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Errors in Print Speaking of eagle-eyed readers, we have our share. And believe it or not, the agonies of having our errors pointed out to us are always outweighed by the pleasure of being made aware that people read our stuff carefully enough to notice. So, thank you, John Beckwith, for pointing out three in the October issue! First, in David Jaeger’s ongoing series of articles “CBC Radio Two: The Living Legacy” (see page 86 this issue, for the second installment), Murray Schafer’s 1974 North/White is described as being scored for full orchestra and snowblower, whereas, as our reader states, “the non-instrument in question was in fact a much louder one, a snowmobile.” Second, he points out that Marshall Pynkoski (Opera Atelier co-artistic director) is quoted in “On Opera” on p.22 as claiming that Opera Atelier’s inaugural production, Purcell's Dido and Aeneas, was “Canada’s first staged production” of this opera. “Staged productions of Dido took place in Toronto in 1974 (under the internationally known director Colin Graham) and before that in 1929 at Hart House Theatre.” And finally (mea culpa) Mr. Beckwith points out that, in my own choral feature on Mendelssohn’s Elijah, on p.14, the conductor of the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir, Noel Edison, is quoted as saying that his predecessor Elmer Iseler had programmed the work “several times.” “In fact he never did it as far as I can find out,” Beckwith writes. “I can recall, in the 80s when I worked with Iseler in the summer Music at Sharon series, I asked why as head of the Mendelssohn Choir he hadn’t performed any of the major Mendelssohn choral works. At Sharon, he conducted, at my suggestion and with my reduction of the orchestral score, half a program of excerpts from Mendelssohn’s other oratorio, St. Paul, and went on to present this piece in its entirety with the Mendelssohn Choir.” “But Elijah? Several times?” IAMA: Coda So now, as promised, let us cycle back to the first item in this “Opener,” the release about the upcoming IAMA conference in Toronto. The publicist who sent the heads-up about the conference certainly got it right in suggesting that the conference agenda would be of interest given “the scope of issues and ideas [we] explore across The WholeNote’s various platforms.” You don’t have to look very much further than this month’s issue for evidence of that. Starting with the Keynote interview with the TSO’s outgoing music director, Peter Oundjian, it will be fascinating to hear how he filters the items on the conference agenda through the lens of his ten year tenure here as the TSO’s music director. As music director he has not, as some of his predecessors have done, taken a top-of-the-culturalpyramid approach to the TSO’s place in the artistic life of the town. In terms of lessons learned and hoped-for legacy, what might he say? “The unique role of conservatories” could also be an interesting topic. Ivars Taurins (Conversations TheWholeNote podcast, October 11) had some quite trenchant things to say about an academic environment hyper-focused on preparing people for solo performance careers. And the series launched in this issue on Music and Health (“Musician, Heal Thyself!” p.65) promises a searching look, over time, at issues relating to musicians’ health and wellbeing that currently receive as little attention at some music faculties and conservatories as courses on business ethics do in all too many MBA programs. As for the other sessions: programming for changing demographics, engaging with communities and “reaching people on a more meaningful level through digital media” are the nitty-gritty issues facing us too. So it will be interesting to hear what a gathering of “classical music industry leaders” has to say on the subject. And just as interesting to observe who they are interested in listening to. INDEX OF ADVERTISERS Academy Concert Series 41 Adam Sherkin 38, 49 All Saints Kingsway Anglican Church 19, 39 Analekta 71, 73 Annex Singers 23 Arcady 47 ArtsMediaProjects 63 ATMA 5, 73 Aurora Cultural Centre 41 Bach Children’s Chorus/Chamber Youth Choir 25 Bassoon Out Loud / Nadina Mackie Jackson 28, 42, 53 Canadian Art Song Project / Syrinx Concerts 44 Canadian Opera Company 57 Canadian Children’s Opera Company 48 Canadian Hungarian Association for Music Performance 44 Canadian Men’s Chorus 24 Cantemus Singers 50 Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra 33, 42 Christ Church Deer Park Jazz Vespers 60 Continuum Contemporary Music 42 Don Wright Fac Mus Western U 55 Dublin Street United Church 56 Elmer Iseler Singers 25 Ensemble Vivant 13, 56, 57 Esprit Orchestra 4, 46 Etobicoke Philharmonic 48 Exultate Chamber Singers 53 Femme Cachee Productions 73 Flute Street 46 Georgetown Bach Chorale 45 Greater Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra 47 Horizon Tax 63 International Resource Centre for Performing Artists 20, 61 Isabel Overton Bader Canadian Violin Competition 36 Jubilate Singers 48 Justin Time Records 71 Kris Davis Radley 75 Lawrence Park Community Church / Fridays @8 41 Louis Simão 75 Mississauga Festival Choir 51 Mississauga Symphony 17, 46 Mooredale Concerts 52 Music at Metropolitan 23, 40 Music at Metropolitan - Noon at Met 37 Music at St. Andrew’s 51 Music Toronto 9, 14, 40, 43, 49 MUSICATA - Hamilton’s Voices 56 Nagata Shachu 26, 39 New Music Concerts 21, 51 Newmarket Citizens’ Band 50 Nine Sparrows Arts Foundation 38 Oakham House Choir 51 Off Centre Music Salon 42 Opera York 58 ORIANA Women’s Choir 52 Orpheus Choir 45 Oxingale Productions 69 Pasquale Bros. Downtown 62 Pax Christi Chorale 25, 38 Rhodes Piano 63 Roy Thomson Hall 23, 32, 33, 43 Royal Conservatory 3, 41 Sony Centre 26 Soundstreams 86 St. Michael’s Choir School 50 St. Olave’s Church 48 Stand Up Guy 63 Steinway Piano Gallery 15 Tafelmusik 2, 37, 50 Talisker Players 11 Tallis Choir 50 That Choir 22, 40 Thin Edge New Music Collective 44 Toronto Classical Singers 52 Toronto Consort 13, 29, 41 Toronto Masque Theatre 44, 45, 46 Toronto Mendelssohn Choir 39, 53 Toronto Operetta Theatre 39 Toronto Symphony 44, 48, 88 U of T Faculty of Music 31, 45, 62 Universal Music 73, 75 Voicebox - Opera in Concert 30 Weston Silver Band 39 Women’s Musical Club of Toronto 47 Yorkminster Park Baptist Church 24, 35, 51 November 1, 2016 - December 7, 2016 | 7

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