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Volume 22 Issue 9 - Summer 2017

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CBC Radio's Lost Horizon; Pinocchio as Po-Mo Operatic Poster Boy; Meet the Curators (Crow, Bernstein, Ridge); a Global Music Orchestra is born; and festivals, festivals, festivals in our 13th annual summer music Green Pages. All this and more in our three-month June-through August summer special issue, now available in flipthrough HERE and on the stands commencing Thursday June 1.

How CBC Radio Used To

How CBC Radio Used To Share Canadian Music with the World continued from page 8 was ranked third in the world amongst recommended works. It was subsequently broadcast in 23 countries. I lived for a year off the royalties. As a result of the IRC it was also performed by the ORF Austrian Radio Philharmonic, conducted by Arturo Tamayo, at the 1999 Musikprotokoll Festival in Graz, where I was a guest composer. They also commissioned a related piece, Bread, which was premiered by Klangforum Wien. Both pieces were also broadcast in a feature program they did about my music.” Such was the potential impact of an appearance at the IRC, for a young composer. Works by Canadians continued to win recognition at the IRC. Chris Paul Harman (1991), Brian Current (2002) and Abigail Richardson-Schulte (2004) were all selected as winners, much like Steven Gellman, years earlier, in the young composers’ category. Current’s work For the Time Being had a live performance at the Warsaw Autumn festival resulting from his selection, and Richardson-Schulte was offered a commission from Radio France after her trio ...dissolve... was selected. Chris Paul Harman wrote that “in 1991 and 1994, I was fortunate to have had broadcasts of my works Iridescence and Concerto for Oboe and Strings in several European and Asian countries – my first international exposure – as a result of the CBC’s participation in the IRC. More pragmatically, at a time when I did not have a regular income, the royalties from these broadcasts largely defrayed the cost of living for several months.” Naturally, these successful submissions made positive impressions with the IRC delegates, who began to see the CBC as a broadcaster committed to developing its country’s creative artists. In 2002, I was elected President of the Rostrum. Alex Pauk, Founding Music Director & Conductor October 15 2017 “Wonder ... was subsequently broadcast in 23 countries. I lived for a year off the royalties.” Paul Steenhuisen My colleague, Sandra Thacker, whose productions from the Winnipeg Symphony’s New Music Festival (NMF) had become a cornerstone of Two New Hours programming, became the CBC’s delegate. For her first session as delegate, Thacker presented one of her NMF productions, Inuit Games by T. Patrick Carrabré, a work that featured two katajjaq throat singers with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. The IRC delegates were impressed, and voted to recommend Inuit Games to the top-ten list of works. Carrabré wrote, “When Inuit Games became a recommended work at the IRC, it opened up a whole new world of listeners, both for my music and for katajjaq singing.” I served six years as IRC President. We held the 2008 session, my final, in Dublin, as guests of RTÉ, the public broadcasting service of the Irish Republic. It was the only time the Rostrum was held outside of Continental Europe. Sandra Thacker presented a CBC-commissioned work by Nicole Lizée, This Will Not Be Televised, another production from the NMF. Lizée’s work was voted to the top-ten list of works presented that year. “Being named to the 2008 IRC Top 10 List was definitely a pivotal moment in my career,” she told me. “Programmers from Europe and the U.S. were soon contacting me personally and recommending my work to other programmers and artistic directors, leading to major commissions and collaborations. I consider this event to have been instrumental in pushing my career forward.” The IRC will celebrate its 65th anniversary next May in Budapest. CBC Radio no longer participates. David Jaeger is a composer, producer and broadcaster based in Toronto. 35th ANNIVERSARY SEASON November 19 2017 Get your subscription starting June 12th! February 11 2018 April 15 2018 92 | June 1, 2017 - September 7, 2017

2017. 2018 @ AWE INSPIRING. CREATIVITY PERFORMANCE LEARNING INNOVATION COMMUNITY CELEBRATION EXPLORATION & COLLABORATION KINGSTON ONTARIO NEW! THE INNOVATORS Alon Nashman and Aleš Brežina: Charlotte: A Tri-Coloured Play with Music (concert version) The Bicycle Opera Project: Sweat Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie: Dollhouse NEW! BAROQUE AND BEYOND Arion Baroque Orchestra & Dmitry Sinkovsky Constantinople & Suzie LeBlanc Angela Hewitt NEW! ART + MUSIC Ernestine Tahedl Art Exhibit — ROMANTICISM ENSEMBLES Royal Conservatory Orchestra with Gabor Takacs-Nagy & Leon Bernsdorf Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra & Kristian Bezuidenhout London Handel Players National Arts Centre Orchestra with Alexander Shelley Soundstreams Canada Camerata RCO SOLOISTS Felix Hell & R.H. Thomson Duo Kleinhapl & Woyke Louis Lortie Charles Richard-Hamelin COC Ensemble Studio JAZZ Swing Shift Big Band Taurey Butler Trio Rémi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble GLOBAL Lemon Bucket Orkestra Ten Strings and a Goatskin New Canadian Global Music Orchestra NEW! CHILDREN’S SERIES Shoestring Opera Emerita Emerencia THE ISABEL HUMAN RIGHTS ARTS FESTIVAL NEW! QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY M.A. IN ARTS LEADERSHIP AND ARTS MANAGEMENT GRADUATE DIPLOMA PROGRAMS: HOTEL SPONSOR MEDIA SPONSOR | 613.533.2424 Subscriptions available April 3rd. Single tickets available August 28th.

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