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Volume 22 Issue 9 - Summer 2017

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CBC Radio's Lost Horizon; Pinocchio as Po-Mo Operatic Poster Boy; Meet the Curators (Crow, Bernstein, Ridge); a Global Music Orchestra is born; and festivals, festivals, festivals in our 13th annual summer music Green Pages. All this and more in our three-month June-through August summer special issue, now available in flipthrough HERE and on the stands commencing Thursday June 1.

S - St. Andrew

S - St. Andrew by-the-Lake Anglican Church, Cibola Ave., Toronto Island T - Three Dog Winery, 1920 Fish Lake Rd., Picton. ●●Jun 26 7:00: Classical(ly) Unbound on Ward’s Island. Yosuke Kawasaki, violin; Jessica Linnebach, violin; Joanna G’froerer, flute; Rachel Krehm, soprano; Evan Mitchell, conductor. SA. ●●Aug 18 7:30: A Voice in the Rafters. Krisztina Szabó, mezzo; Yosuke Kawasaki, violin; Yehonaten Berick, viola; Rachel Mercer, cello; Joanna G’froere, flute. G. ●●Aug 19 7:30: Folk Celebration on Steinway. Jessica Linnebach, violin; Vadim Serebryany, piano; Rachel Mercer, cello; Joanna G’froerer, flute. H. ●●Aug 20 2:00: Solo-plus Frolicks I (harmonium reigns). Jonathan Krehm, clarinet; Yosuke Kawasaki, violin; Jessica Linnebach, violin; Rachel Mercer, cello. M. ●●Aug 24 5:00: Brass Burst. Karen Donnelly, trumpet; Steven van Gulik, trumpet; David Bell, trombone; Sarah Johnson, tuba. T. ●●Aug 25 7:30: Ironwood: Quartet Gems. Jessica Linnebach, violin; Carissa Klopoushak, violin; David Marks, viola; Julia MacLaine, cello. G. ●●Aug 26 7:30: Sextet Disrupted. Joanna G’froerer, flute; Yosuke Kawasaki, violin; Jessica Linnebach, violin; Carissa Klopoushak, viola; Julia MacLaine, cello. H. ●●Aug 27 2:00: Solo-plus Frolicks II (persuade & influence [classically]). Joanna G’froerer, flute; Yosuke Kawasaki, violin; David Marks, viola; Fanny Bray, cello; Ironwood Quartet. M. Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival July 12 to 16 Brandon, Erickson and Riding Mountain National Park, AB 204-571-6547 or 204-727-9631 E - Erickson Lutheran Church, 30 Third St. SW, Erickson L - Lorne Watson Recital Hall, Brandon University, School of Music, 270-18th St., Brandon. M - Martese at the Marina, Main Beach, Wasagaming (Clear Lake), Riding Mountain National Park. Summer Festivals Daniel Tselyakov Piano July 12, 7:30pm W - Wasagaming Community Arts Gallery, 110 Wasagaming Dr., Wasagaming (Clear Lake), Riding Mountain National Park. ●●Jul 12 7:30: Opening Night: Daniel Tselyakov and Alexander Tselyakov in Recital. Works by Bach, Chopin, Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev. L. ●●Jul 13 7:30: Concert 2: Chamber Masterworks. Alexander Tselyakov, piano; Peter Stoll, clarinet; Oleg Pokhanovski, violin; Rodica Jeffrey, violin; Leslo Baroczi, viola; Brian Yoon, cello. L. ●●Jul 14 7:30: Concert 3: Jazz Concert. Greg Gatien, saxophone; Daniel Tselyakov, piano; Dean McNeill, trumpet; Shannon Kristjanson, saxophone, flute and vocals; Jordan Panko, bass. W. ●●Jul 15 10:30am: Coffee Concert: Serious Fun! Alexander Tselyakov, piano; Daniel Tselyakov, piano; Peter Stoll, clarinet; Oleg Pokhanovski, violin; Rodica Jeffrey, violin; and others. E. ●●Jul 15 8:30: Jazz Cruise Concert. Greg Gatien, saxophone; Dean McNeill, trumpet; Graydon Cramer, percussion; Shannon Kristjanson, saxophone, flute and vocals; Jordan Panko, bass. M. ●●Jul 16 3:00: Festival Grand Finale. Alexander Tselyakov, piano; Oleg Pokhanovski, violin; Laslo Baroczi, viola; Brian Yoon, cello. E. Elora Festival July 14 to 30 Elora and Fergus, ON 519-846-0331 or 1-888-747-7550 E - Elora Public School, 288 Mill St. E., Elora. GB - Gambrel Barn, Corner of Country Rd.s 7 and 21, Elora GR - Grand River Raceway, 7445 Wellington County Rd. 21, Elora. K - Knox Presbyterian Church, 51 Church St., Elora. S - St John’s Anglican Church, 33 Henderson St., Elora. W - Wellington County Museum, 0536 Wellington Rd. 18, Fergus. ●●Jul 14 7:00: Night of the Proms. Elora Festival Singers; Toronto Mendelssohn Choir; full orchestra; Bramwell Tovey, conductor. GB. ●●Jul 15 1:00: Angela Hewitt. Bach: Goldberg Variations. S. ●●Jul 15 3:30: Cecilia String Quartet. Schubert: Death and the Maiden. Guest: Lawrence Wiliford, tenor. S. ●●Jul 15 7:00: Susan Aglukark. GB. ●●Jul 15 9:15: Starlight Series: Joni NehRita. Jamaican-Canadian soul/jazz artist. GR. ●●Jul 16 2:00: Karina Gauvin, soprano. S. ●●Jul 16 4:00: Saint Nicolas Cantata. Lawrence Wiliford, tenor; Guelph Youth Singers; Elora Singers; Festival Orchestra. S. ●●Jul 16 7:00: Cameron Crozman, Cello. Arrangements of works by Wagner, Fauré, Brahms and Poulenc. W. ●●Jul 19 7:00: National Youth Choir with the Elora Singers. K. ●●Jul 20 7:00: Emily D’Angelo, mezzo. S. ●●Jul 21 4:00: Elora Festival Kids Camp: The Lion King KIDS. E. ●●Jul 21 7:00: J.S. and C.P.E. Bach: Magnificats. Zach Finkelstein, tenor; Michael York, bass; Trinity College Choir (England); Elora Singers. GB. Pre-concert chat. ●●Jul 22 1:00: Primadonna Choralis. Mary Lou Fallis, soprano; Peter Tiefenbach, piano. S. ●●Jul 22 3:30: Penderecki String Quartet with Dave Young Trio. S. ●●Jul 22 8:00: Gordon Lightfoot. GB. ●●Jul 23 2:00: Bach: Brandenburgs and Cantata. The Elora Singers; Festival Orchestra. K. ●●Jul 23 4:00: Trinity College Choir in Concert. Works by Pärt, Byrd, Purcell and others. GB. ●●Jul 23 7:00: Goldberg Variations for String Trio. Bérard-Filner-Janzen String Trio. W. ●●Jul 27 7:00: Pergolesi: Stabat Mater and Purcell: Dido and Aeneas. Daniel Taylor, countertenor; Elora Singers; Festival Orchestra. S. ●●Jul 28 7:00: Cantus: No Greater Love Than This. Choral works by Hoiby, Chilcott, Billings, Lennon, Dvořák and Janáček. GB. ●●Jul 29 1:00: Charles Richard-Hamelin, piano. S. ●●Jul 29 3:30: Jonathan Crow: Virtuosic Violin. Works by Debussy, Willan, Ravel and others. S. ●●Jul 29 7:00: With Glowing Hearts. Elora Singers. Guests: Richard Margison, tenor; Martha Henry, actress/narrator; Jackie Richardson, vocals; and others. GB. ●●Jul 29 9:15: Starlight Series: Melissa Lauren. Tribute to songs of Richard Rodgers. GR. ●●Jul 30 2:00: Folksongs! Canada & Beyond. Elora Singers. Guest: Patricia O’Callaghan, soprano. GB. ●●Jul 30 4:00: Hymn Tastings. Audience singalong with favourite hymns. Elora Singers. S. Festival of the Sound Jul 21 to Aug 13 Parry Sound, ON 705-746-2410/1-866-364-0061 IQ - Island Queen Cruise Ship, 9 Bay St., Parry Sound N - North Shore Rugged Hiking Trail, 11A Salt Dock Rd., Parry Sound. SA - St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 58 Seguin St., Parry Sound. SC - Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts, 2 Bay St., Parry Sound. SJ - St. James United Church, 24 Mary St., Parry Sound. SV - Seguin Valley Golf Club, 133 Badger Rd., Seguin. ●●Jul 21 7:30: Opening Concert: Our Paradise. SC. ●●Jul 22 5:30: The Birthday Party. SC. Fundraising dinner. ●●Jul 23 3:00: Tom Thomson Pilgrimage. N. ●●Jul 23 7:30: Canadian Brass. SC. ●●Jul 24 6:00: Brass on the Bay Cruise. IQ. ●●Jul 25 7:30: Trinity College Choir. SC. ●●Jul 26 1:30: Bach & Brahms. SC. ●●Jul 26 3:30: Prodigy to Master I: Alexander Tselyakov, piano. SC. ●●Jul 26 7:30: Prodigy to Master II: New Zealand Quartet and others. SC. ●●Jul 27 1:30: Scheherazade: Swiss Piano Trio. SC. ●●Jul 27 3:30: Prodigy to Master III: Martin Roscoe and Cameron Crozman. SC. ●●Jul 27 7:30: Prodigy to Master IV: James Campbell, Penderecki Quartet, and others. SC. ●●Jul 28 1:30: Prodigy to Master V: Alexander Tselyakov and Penderecki Quartet. SC. ●●Jul 28 3:30: Prodigy to Master VI: Swiss Piano Trio and New Zealand Quartet. SC. ●●Jul 28 7:30: Prodigy to Master VII: New Zealand Quartet, Penderecki Quartet, and others. SC. ●●Jul 29 7:30: Classic Broadway. SC. ●●Jul 30 2:30: Canadian National Brass Project. SC. ●●Jul 30 6:00: Celtic Magic Cruise. IQ. ●●Aug 01 1:30: Beethoven in the Afternoon: Leopold Erice and Atis Bankas. SC. ●●Aug 01 3:30: Afternoon at St. Andrew’s: Canadian Guitar Quartet. SA. ●●Aug 01 7:30: Missing Pages by Tom Allen. SC. ●●Aug 02 11:00am: Baroque for Flute, Guitar & Harp. ●●Aug 02 3:30: French Musica. SC. ●●Aug 02 7:30: Guitar, Strings and Flute. SC. ●●Aug 03 1:30: Time Travel I: 21st Century. SC. ●●Aug 03 3:30: Time Travel II: 1797-1834. SC. ●●Aug 03 7:30: Glenn Gould: Stewart Goodyear, piano. SC. ●●Aug 04 1:30: Afternoon at St. James. SJ. ●●Aug 04 7:30: Leonard Cohen and More. SC. ●●Aug 05 7:30: Oscar Peterson. SC. ●●Aug 06 2:30: Phil Nimmons. SC. ●●Aug 06 7:30: Guy Lombardo and Mart Kenney: Toronto All-Star Big Band. SC. ●●Aug 07 6:00: Jazz Cruise. IQ. ●●Aug 08 7:30: Gino Quilico: Great Voices of Canada. SC. ●●Aug 09 1:30: Canadian Songbook: Russell 44 | June 1, 2017 - September 7, 2017

Braun, Leslie Fagan, and others. SC. ●●Aug 09 3:30: Beethoven in the Afternoon. SC. ●●Aug 09 7:30: Three Great Sonatas: Charles Richard-Hamelin, Martin Beaver, and others. SC. ●●Aug 10 1:30: Music of World War I. SC. ●●Aug 10 3:30: Music of World War II. SC. ●●Aug 10 7:30: Virtuosity: Music for String Ensembles. SC. ●●Aug 11 1:30: Painted Sound: An Ojibway Tale. SC. ●●Aug 11 7:30: Hallelujah: Honouring Elmer Iseler. SC. ●●Aug 12 7:30: Last Night of the Proms. SC. ●●Aug 13 1:00: Music of the High Tea. SC. Guelph Jazz Festival Sept 13 to 17 Guelph, ON 705-789-4975 Listings not available at time of publication. For general description, see Green Pages. Harbourfront Centre Jun 27 to Aug 31 Toronto, ON 416-973-4000 Summer Music in the Garden. Toronto Music Garden, 479 Queens Quay W. Free. ●●Jun 29 7:00: Elinor Frey Plays Bach and Smith. ●●Jul 02 4:00: Trillium Brass: Happy 150th, Canada! ●●Jul 09 4:00: Michael Taylor: Obstinate Beauty. ●●Jul 06 7:00: Christine Tassan et Les imposteures: When Felix Met Django. ●●Jul 13 7:00: Cecilia String Quartet: Song of the Lark, Dances of Death. ●●Jul 20 7:00: New Zealand String Quartet: Old Masters, New Directions. ●●Jul 23 4:00: Ghielmi-Frey Duo: Berlin Sonatas. ●●Jul 27 7:00: Nagata Shachu: Drumming Across Borders. ●●Jul 30 4:00: Tio Chorinho: Brazilian Soul Music. ●●Aug 03 7:00: An Evening with Calum Graham, guitar. ●●Aug 10 7:00: Fiddling for the 21st Century – Eh?! ●●Aug 13 4:00: Aruna Narayan and Vineet Viyas: Ragas in the Garden. ●●Aug 17 7:00: Taktus: Mirrored Glass. ●●Aug 20 4:00: Vincent Lauzer and Madeleine Owen: Passagi. ●●Aug 24 7:00: Edward Huizinga and William Coulter: Fire and Grace. ●●Aug 27 4:00: Fin de Fiesta: Andalucia! ●●Aug 31 7:00: Gardens of Shiraz. Also at Harbourfront Centre this summer: ●●June 27: Here in the 6ix: Celebrate Multiculturalism Day ●●June 30-July 6: Our Home on Native Land ●●July 7-9: Prairies to Pacific ●●July 14-16: Shield to Shore ●●July 21-23: Northern Passages ●●July 27-30: Tirgan Festival ●●Aug 4-7: Island Soul ●●Aug 11-13: Habari Africa Festival ●●Aug 18-20: Beats, Breaks & Culture ●●Sep 1 to 4 Hot & Spicy Food Festival Highlands Opera Studio WIIKONDIWIN (Feast) FIRST WORKSHOP PERFORMANCE! AUGUST 19 | Haliburton Aug 3 to 31 Haliburton and Minden, ON 1-855-457-9933 M - Minden United Church, 21 Newcastle St., Minden. N - Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion, 5358 County Rd. 21, Haliburton. SG - St. George’s Anglican Church, 617 Mountain St., Haliburton. ●●Aug 09 8:00: From Opera to Broadway. SG. ●●Aug 12 8:00: More Opera to Broadway. M. ●●Aug 16 8:00: Celebrations! Canada 150. SG. ●●Aug 19 8:00: Wiikondiwin (Feast/Feasting). Semi-staged workshop. Music by Barbara Croall. N. ●●Aug 23 8:00: Alumni Concert. Opera and musical theatre selections. SG. ●●Aug 27 2:00: Cosi Fan Tutte. Music by Mozart, libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte. N. Also Aug 29-31(all 7:30). COSI FAN TUTTE AUG 27 & 29 – 31 | Haliburton Sept 7 to 10 Calgary, AB 403-299-0140 Honens Festival Come to Canada’s Capital to CELEBRATE! JULY 4-17 75 Concerts! Sarah Chang 4 613.241.0777 Kronos Quartet 5 Garrick Ohlsson 8 June 1, 2017 - September 7, 2017 | 45

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