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Volume 23 Issue 2 - October 2017

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In this issue: several local artists reflect on the memory of composer Claude Vivier, as they prepare to perform his music; Vancouver gets ready to host international festival ISCM World New Music Days, which is coming to Canada for the second time since its inception in 1923; one of the founders of Artword Artbar, one of Hamilton’s staple music venues, on the eve of the 5th annual Steel City Jazz Festival, muses on keeping urban music venues alive; and a conversation with pianist Benjamin Grosvenor, as he prepares for an ambitious recital in Toronto. These and other stories, in our October 2017 issue of the magazine.


Sunday October 15, 2017 8:00pm Concert | 7:15pm Pre-Concert Chat | Koerner Hall Eternal Light ESPRIT ORCHESTRA Alex Pauk, Founding Music Director & Conductor Season Sponsor Concert Sponsor Subscribe Koerner Hall Box Office 416 408 0208

2302_OctCover.indd 1 PRICELESS Vol 23 No 2 2017-09-21 5:46 PM Volume 23 No 2 | October 2017 ON OUR COVER Since his unexpected death in 1983, the memory of composer Claude Vivier, and the haunting music that he created, has loomed large over the Canadian music scene. In a rare turn of events, this year in Toronto there will be four different presentations of his music. The players involved all insist it’s just a coincidence. FEATURES 18th Annual BLUE PAGES Alex Ivanovici in Claude Vivier's Musik für das Ende 7 OPENER | A is for Abecedarium | DAVID PERLMAN 8 ON OUR COVER | UNVANISHING: The Musical Life of Claude Vivier | SARA CONSTANT 10 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS | Pianist Benjamin Grosvenor | PAUL ENNIS OCTOBER 2017 CONCERT LISTINGS FEATURES | REVIEWS FEATURE Claude Vivier composer Q&A Benjamin Grosvenor pianist MAINLY CLUBS Artword Artbar But bottom line: by chance or otherwise, even three and a half decades after his death, something about Vivier’s work – and the world he drew from to create it – still sounds intimate, relevant, and intensely alive. PHOTO: LAWRENCE CHERNEY 12 WELCOME TO VANCOUVER! | ISCM Festival Returns to Canada | DAVID JAEGER 14 NINE SPARROWS | Yorkminster Roost | ROGER KNOX 16 MAINLY CLUBS (MOSTLY JAZZ) | Steel City’s Artword Art Bar | DAVID PERLMAN 57 WE ARE ALL MUSIC’S CHILDREN | MJ BUELL ACD2 2738 Experience the poignant and festive world of klezmer music. ACD2 2684 JUST RELEASED! “Jalbert’s piano playing is remarkable for its sweep, confidence, sensitivity, power and color, what more can we ask?” - FANFARE TO BE RELEASED ON OCTOBER 6, 2017 10 G R I G O R I A N . C O M

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