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Volume 23 Issue 8 - May 2018

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In this issue: our sixteenth annual Choral Canary Pages; coverage of 21C, Estonian Music Week and the 3rd Toronto Bach Festival (three festivals that aren’t waiting for summer!); and features galore: “Final Finales” for Larry Beckwith’s Toronto Masque Theatre and for David Fallis as artistic director of Toronto Consort; four conductors on the challenges of choral conducting; operatic Hockey Noir; violinist Stephen Sitarski’s perspective on addressing depression; remembering bandleader, composer and saxophonist Paul Cram. These and other stories, in our May 2018 edition of the magazine.

May 24

May 24 29, 2018 in Toronto Estonia’s best musical talent to be showcased along with leading Canadian artists, taking place in Toronto’s finest venues. featuring: AVARUS ENSEMBLE ESTONIAN VOICES MAARJA NUUT & HH KRISTJAN RANDALU TRIO KADRI VOORAND QUARTET MARTIN KUUSKMANN VOX CLAMANTIS ELIZABETH SHEPHERD Genevieve Marentette and Ted Quinlan JUSTIN GRAY & SYNTHESIS KAILI KINNON KARA-LIS COVERDALE QUARTETTO GELATO ROSIE LINDAU and TIINA KIIK Estonian Music Week is part of the official Canadian EV100 celebrations of Estonia’s 100 th year of independence

2308_MayCover.indd 2 PRICELESS Vol 23 No 8 2018-04-19 5:33 PM Volume 23 No 8 | May 2018 ON OUR COVER MAY 2018 CONCERT LISTINGS FEATURES | REVIEWS INSIDE: 16th Annual Choral Canary Pages Directory BACH HOMECOMING: MUSICAL HEALTH: Organist Rachel Mahon Stephen Sitarski, violin TORONTO CONSORT: HAIL AND FAREWELL: The Beat Goes On Toronto Masque Theatre PHOTO: SHUTTERSTOCK FEATURES The cover of our Canary Pages Choral directory doesn’t single out one particular choir from among the many who tell their stories here. And we decided this month not to single out, on our front cover, any one story from the many in this issue. For all kinds of reasons, this feels like a really good time to remind ourselves and you, our readers, that the real story of music in our city is the story of all of us, musicians and music lovers alike. Symbolically we are all on this cover because we all play a part in keeping our music city real. ACD2 2781 Confidences Caroline Celinas | olVier Godin art songs by ravel, debussy, schumann, Fleming New Release! May 4, 2018 7 OPENER | And the Winning Competition is … | DAVID PERLMAN 9 FEATURE | Bach Homecoming: Organist Rachel Mahon | MATTHEW WHITFIELD 11 FEATURE | The Icing on the Choral Conductor’s Cake | BRIAN CHANG 14 FEATURE | Mysteries and Miracles of the Virtuoso Voice | DAVID JAEGER 16 FEATURE | Comings & Goings: Toronto Consort and Toronto Masque Theatre | DAVID PERLMAN 18 FEATURE| The Sound’s the Thing: One Little Goat Theatre's Adam Seelig | JENNIFER PARR 20 MUSIC AND HEALTH | Addressing Depression: Stephen Sitarski, violin | VIVIEN FELLEGI 65 WE ARE ALL MUSIC’S CHILDEN | May’s Child: Andrea Ludwig | MJ BUELL 83 LOOKING BACK | Risk and Promise: Paul Cram (1952- 2018) | STUART BROOMER 4 CDs ACD2 2741 Gabriel Fauré: Complete Melodies for Voice and Piano Helene GuilMette, Julie boulianne, antonio FiGueroa, MarC bouCHer and oliVier Godin New Release! May 18, 2018 10 G R I G O R I A N . C O M

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