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Volume 23 Issue 9 - June / July / August 2018

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PLANTING NOT PAVING! In this JUNE / JULY /AUGUST combined issue: Farewell interviews with TSO's Peter Oundjian and Stratford Summer Music's John Miller, along with "going places" chats with Luminato's Josephine Ridge, TD Jazz's Josh Grossman and Charm of Finches' Terry Lim. ) Plus a summer's worth of fruitful festival inquiry, in the city and on the road, in a feast of stories and our annual GREEN PAGES summer Directory.

Armand Garnet Ruffo.

Armand Garnet Ruffo. Festival of the Sound Ensemble: Mark Fewer, violin; Joel Quarrington, double bass; Guy Few, trumpet; Rachel Thomas, trombone; and others. GB.; 7:30: Museum Series: The Elora Singers Unplugged. W. ●●Jul 26 5:00: Choral Evensong. Elora Singers. SJ.; 7:30: Gesualdo Six in Recital. Owain Park, director. SJ. ●●Jul 27 7:30: Look Ahead: Robi Botos, Paul Novotny and Jackie Richardson. GB. ●●Jul 28 11:00am: Family Series: Platypus Theatre - How the Gimquat Found Her Song. W.; 1:00: André Laplante, Piano: In Recital. SJ.; 4:00: Rolston String Quartet: In Recital. SJ.; 7:30: Chantal Kreviazuk. GB. ●●Jul 29 11:00am: Sunday Service. SJ.; 3:00: The Majesty of Handel and Mozart. Claire de Sévigné, soprano; Elora Singers; Festival Orchestra; Mark Vuorinen, conductor. GB. Festival Classica May 25 to June 16 Saint-Lambert, South Shore of Montréal, Montréal, North Shore of Montréal, QC 888-801-9906 ●●May 25 7.30: Schubert and Puccini. Choir and Orchestra of the Société Philharmonique du Nouveau Monde; Michel Brousseau, conductor. ●●May 26 7:30: Celebrating Jacques Hétu. Soloists of the MSO. ●●May 29 7:00: Debussy Impressions. CORDÂME. ●●May 31 7:00: The Return of André Mathieu. JULY 20 TH – AUGUST 11 TH , 2018 Summer Festivals Jean-Philippe Sylvestre; piano; Orchestre Métropolitain, Alain Trudel, conductor. ●●Jun 1 7:00: Winterreise. Russell Braun, baritone; Carolyn Maule, piano; 8:00: Al’mira. Ensemble Al’mira (voice, flamenco guitar and oriental percussion); 9:00: Stradivarius and Bandoneon. Stéphane Tétreault and Denis Plante. ●●Jun 2 10am: Dodo et le fantôme d’à côté. Natalie Choquette, Ariane Lagacé, Alexandru Sura and soloists of the Orchestre Nouvelle Génération; 1pm: Schubert and Schumann, Contrasts and Contradictions. Marina Thibeault, viola; Janelle Fung, piano; 2pm: Violin Xtreme. Alexandre Da Costa; 3pm: Chamber Rolling Stones. Marc Djokic, violin; Stéphane Tétreault, cello; clarinettist Airat Ichmouratov, clarinet; Elvira Misbakhova, viola; 4:30pm: Flûte passion: Schubert. Nadia Labrie, flute; Mariane Patenaude, piano; 7pm: Canadian Guitar Quartet; 8pm: Libertango. Natalie Choquette, soprano; Dominic Boulianne, piano; Dominic Painchaud, cello. ●●Jun 3 10am: Dodo et le fantôme d’à côté. Natalie Choquette, Ariane Lagacé, Alexandru Sura and soloists of the Orchestre Nouvelle Génération; 1:30pm: Trios. Valérie Milot, harp; Antoine Bareil, violin, Stéphane Tétreault, cello; 3:30pm: Intimate Schubert. Alice Ader, piano. 3:30pm: Mathieu’s Unpublished Chamber Music. Stéphane Tétreault, cello; Elvira Misbakhova, viola; Andrea Tyniec, violin; Marc Djokic, violin; Jean-Philippe Sylvestre, piano; 8pm: Handel Love Duets. Suzie Leblanc, soprano; Daniel Taylor, countertenor; Orchestre symphonique de Longueuil; Marc David, conductor. PARRY SOUND, ONTARIO CLASSICAL & JAZZ CONCERTS • CRUISES • TALKS JAMES CAMPBELL, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR 60 EVENTS • 70 MUSICIANS • 20 ENSEMBLES Including Canadian Guitar Quartet, Charles Richard-Hamelin, Elmer Iseler Singers, Elora Festival Singers, Ensemble Made in Canada, Gryphon Trio, Hogtown Syncopators, Jonathan Crow, Lafayette String Quartet, New Zealand String Quartet, Penderecki String Quartet, Slocan Ramblers, Stewart Goodyear & many, many more! SWING, BLUEGRASS & JAZZ ISLAND QUEEN CRUISES 1.866.364.0061 ●●Jun 5 7pm: Sacred music and Discoveries. La Petite Bande de Montréal; Orchestre de chambre de la Montérégie; Martin Dagenais, conductor. ●●Jun 6 7pm: Polyphony of the Alps. Corou de Berra. ●●Jun 8 7pm: Pelléas et Mélisande (Concert version). Orchestre de la Francophonie; La Petite Bande de Montréal vocal ensemble and soloists. ●●Jun 10 4pm: Recital. Song cycle finalists. ●●Jun 12 7pm: Concerto de Québec. Dedicated to André Mathieu. Orchestre Métropolitain; Alain Trudel, conductor. ●●Jun 14: 4pm: A Pianothon of Virtuosos! Jean-Philippe Sylvestre, Philippe Prud’homme, Matt Herskowitz, Ammiel Bushakevitz and Delphine Bardin, piano. ●●Free outdoor concerts: Jun 1, 2, 3, 16 Festival Montréal Baroque June 21 to 24 Montréal, QC 514-845-7171 Listings not available at time of publication. For general description, see Green Pages. Festival of the Sound July 20 to August 11 Parry Sound, ON 705-746-2410 IQ - Island Queen Cruise Ship, 9 Bay St., Parry Sound. SC - Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts, 2 Bay St., Parry Sound. SV - Seguin Valley Golf Club, 144 Badger Rd., Parry Sound. ●●Jul 20 7:30: Gala Opening Concert: Times of Trouble, Times of Joy. Mark Fewer, violin; James Campbell, clarinet; Guy Few, trumpet; James McKay, bassoon; Larry Beckwith, conductor & actor; and others. SC. ●●Jul 22 2:30: Chamberfest at 25: Times of Trouble, Times of Joy. Gryphon Trio: Annalee Patipatanakoon, violin; Roman Borys, cello; Jamie Parker, piano. SC.; 7:30: Elmer Iseler Singers: Times of Trouble, Times of Joy. Lydia Adams, conductor. SC. ●●Jul 23 6:00: Island Queen Cruise: Swing. Hogtown Syncopators: Terra Hazelton, vocals & percussion; Drew Jurecka, vocals & violin; Jay Danley, guitar & vocals; Richard Whiteman, piano; James Thompson, bass. IQ.; 7:30: Sounding Thunder. Text by Armand Garnet Ruffo. James Campbell, clarinet; Musicians from Festival of the Sound. SC. ●●Jul 24 3:30: Young Ears - A Look Into The Future: National Youth Orchestra. Chamber music groups from the NYO; Jonathan Mak, piano. SC.; 7:30: A Look Into The Future. National Youth Orchestra of Canada; Jonathan Darlington, conductor. SC. ●●Jul 25 3:30: Bach – Debussy. Rolf Gjelsten, cello; Cameron Crozman, cello; Glen Montgomery, piano; New Zealand String Quartet. SC.; 7:30: Chopin Concertos I. Charles Richard-Hamelin, piano; Elissa Lee, violin; Monique Lapins, violin; Sharon Wei, viola; Cameron Crozman, cello; New Zealand String Quartet. SC. ●●Jul 26 1:30: Bach – Dvořák. Rolf Gjelsten, cello; Sharon Wei, viola; Cameron Crozman, cello; New Zealand String Quartet. SC.; 3:30: Bach – Schubert. Rachel Mercer, cello; James Campbell, clarinet; New Zealand String Quartet. SC.; 7:30: Chopin Concertos II. Charles Richard-Hamelin, piano; Ensemble Made in Canada; New Zealand String Quartet. SC. ●●Jul 27 1:30: Bach - Schumann. Rachel Mercer, cello; Charles Richard-Hamelin, piano. SC.; 3:30: Bach - Brahms. Cameron Crozman, cello; Ensemble Made in Canada. SC.; 7:30: Inspired by Folk Music. Patricia O’Callaghan, vocals; James Campbell, clarinet; Graham Campbell, guitar; Cameron Crozman, cello; Bob Mills, double bass; and others. SC. ●●Jul 28 7:00: The StepCrew. Celtic dance. SC. ●●Jul 29 1:30: James Keelaghan: Live in Concert. SC.; 6:00: Folk on The Island Queen. The Slocan Ramblers. IQ. ●●Jul 31 1:30: The Magic of Schubert. Leslie Fagan, soprano; Leopoldo Erice, piano; Lafayette String Quartet. SC.; 3:30: Beethoven and Grieg. Leopoldo Erice, piano; Penderecki String Quartet. SC.; 7:30: The Genius of J.S. Bach. Elora Festival Singers; Elora Festival Baroque Orchestra. ●●Aug 01 11:00am: Mozart in Paradise. James Mason, oboe; Julie Baumgartel, violin; Yariv Aloni, viola; Penderecki String Quartet; Lafayette String Quartet. SC. ●●Aug 01 3:30: Festival Baroque. SC.; 7:30: Beethoven, Mendelssohn & Mozart. Leslie Fagan, soprano; Yehonatan Berick, violin; Penderecki String Quartet; Festival Chamber Orchestra. SC. ●●Aug 02 1:30: Your Daughter Fanny. Caroline Schiller, soprano; Duo Concertante; James Mason, oboe; Julie Baumgartel, violin; Yariv Aloni, viola; Pamela Highbaugh Aloni, cello. SC.; 3:30: Brahms and Ravel. Lafayette String Quartet; Yariv Aloni, viola; Yehonatan Berick, violin, Leopoldo Erice, piano. SC.; 7:30: Russian Masters. Stewart Goodyear, piano; Penderecki String Quartet; Lafayette String Quartet; Festival Chamber Orchestra. SC. ●●Aug 03 1:30: Brahms Masterworks. Yehonatan Berick, violin; Leopoldo Erice, piano; Stewart Goodyear, piano; Penderecki String Quartet. SC.; 7:30: Songbook. Patricia O’Callaghan, vocals; Penderecki String Quartet; and others. SC. ●●Aug 04 7:30: Jazz Canada with Strings. Dave Young Trio; Penderecki String Quartet; Noah Franche-Nolan, piano. SC. ●●Aug 05 2:30: Gene at 90. Gene DiNovi, piano; James Campbell, clarinet; Drew Jurecka, violin; Dave Young, bass. SC.; 7:30: Swing Hits. Toronto All-Star Big Band. SC. ●●Aug 06 6:00: Island Queen Cruise: Jazz Standards. Koszorus Krisztina “Koszika”, singer-songwriter; Dave Young, double bass; Kevin Turcotte, trumpet; William Carn, trombone; Dave Restivo, piano; and others. IQ. ●●Aug 07 1:30: Two Bass Hit. Joel Quarrington, double bass; Dave Young, double bass; John Novacek, piano. SC.; 3:30: Brahms, Haydn & Schumann. Jonathan Crow, violin; Gabriel Radford, horn; Philip Chiu, piano; Tiberius String Quartet. SC.; 7:30: Schubert, Mozart & Brahms. James Campbell, clarinet; Gabriel Radford, horn; Jonathan Crow, violin; Joel Quarrington, bass; Philip Chiu, piano; and others. SC. ●●Aug 08 1:30: The Rondo. Bergmann Piano Duo and surprise guests. SC.; 3:30: The Russian Soul. Cheng² Duo. SC.; 7:30: Mozart, Brahms & Schubert. Bergmann Piano Duo; Cheng² Duo; James Campbell, clarinet; 46 | June 1 - September 7, 2018

Tiberius String Quartet. SC. ●●Aug 09 1:30: The Sonata. Suzanne Shulman, flute; James Campbell, clarinet; John Novacek, piano; Cheng² Duo. SC.; 3:30: Canadian Guitar Quartet. Canadian Guitar Quartet; Suzanne Shulman, flute; James Campbell, clarinet. SC.; 7:30: Haydn, Brahms & Dvořák. Koszorus Krisztina “Koszika”, vocalist; Suzanne Shulman, flute; John Novacek, piano; Cheng² Duo; Tiberius String Quartet; Canadian Guitar Quartet. SC. ●●Aug 10 1:30: A Musical Offering. Canadian Guitar Quartet; Suzanne Shulman, flute; Tibor Molnár, violin. SC.; 3:30: Great Melodies for Piano. Marcel and Elizabeth Bergmann, Silvie Cheng, John Novacek, pianos. SC.; 7:30: Tonight, Tonight. Leslie Fagan, soprano; Koszika, vocalist; Canadian Guitar Quartet; Festival Ensemble. SC. ●●Aug 11 7:30: National Academy Orchestra. John Novacek, piano; National Academy Orchestra of Canada; Boris Brott, conductor. SC. The Forest Festival Aug 15 - Aug 19, 2018 7 INCREDIBLE SHOWS! in 5 AMAZING DAYS! August 15 to 19 Haliburton, ON 800-631-2198 B - Bone Lake Amphitheatre, 1095 Redkenn Rd, Haliburton. L - The Logging Museum, 1095 Redkenn Rd, Haliburton. ●●Aug 15 8:00: Susan Aglukark. B. ●●Aug 16 8:00: Sarah Harmer. B. ●●Aug 17 8:00: Cowboy Junkies. L. ● ● Aug 18 2:00: Rob Lutes. L.; 8:00: Sultans of String. L. ●●Aug 19 2:00: BMC Organ Trio Featuring Ian Hendrickson-Smith. L.; 8:00: Leahy. B. Guelph Jazz Festival September 12 to 16 Guelph, ON 519-763-4952 Listings not available at time of publication. For general description, see Green Pages. Heritage Music Festival August 8 to 12 Shelburne, ON 519-941-1114 CD - Centre Dufferin Recreation Complex, 200 Fiddle Park Lane, Shelburne. FP – Fiddle Park, 515677 County Rd. 11, Shelburne. ●●Aug 08 7:00: Country Jamboree with Greg Holmes. All ages welcome. CD. ●●Aug 09 7:30: The Beckett Family. CD. ●●Aug 10 7:30: The Trews with The Pop Machine. CD. ●●Aug 11 10:00am: 68th Canadian Open Old Time Fiddle Championship - Playdowns. CD. ●●Aug 11 2:30: Bands and Brews in the Fiddle Park. FP. ●●Aug 11 6:30: 68th Canadian Open Old Time Fiddle Championship - Finals. CD. ●●Aug 12 10:00am: Non-denominational Church Service. The Barrel Boys; Shelburne Fiddlers. Religious service. CD. Highlands Opera Studio July 26 to August 27 Haliburton, ON 855-455-5533 MU - Minden United Church, 21 Newcastle St., Minden. NL - Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion, 5358 County Rd. 21, Haliburton. SG - St. George’s Anglican Church (Haliburton), 617 Mountain St., Haliburton. ●●Aug 01 8:00: From Opera to Broadway. SG. ● ● Aug 04 8:00: More Opera to Broadway. MU. ●●Aug 09 8:00: Celebrations! Honouring Leonard Bernstein, Gioachino Rossini, and others! SG. ●●Aug 16 7:00: The Glove & The Troublemaker. Music by Tibor Polgar. Opens Aug 16, 7pm. Also Aug 17. NL. ●●Aug 20 8:00: Alumni Concert. SG. ●●Aug 24 7:30: La bohème. Also Aug 25(7:30); 26(2:00); 27(7:30). NL. 2018 Honens International Piano Competition Aug 30 to Sep 8 Calgary, AB 403-299-0130 Listings not available at time of publication. For general description, see Green Pages. Hugh’s Room Live Summer Nights Festival June 15 to August 25 Toronto, ON 416-533-5483 See detailed listings in Section D – In the Clubs. Huntsville Festival of the Arts July 6 to August 17 Huntsville, ON 705-789-4975 All concerts are at 8pm. Algonquin Theatre, 37 Main St. E., Huntsville: ●●Jul 6: Next Generation Leahy ●●Jul 7: Madison Violet ●●Jul 11: ONES Beatles Tribute ●●Jul 14: Kyung-A Lee ●●Jul 18: Downchild Blues Band ●●Jul 19: Jim Witter ●●Jul 20 & 21: Brilliance ●●Jul 25: Jim Cuddy ●●Jul 27: Remembering Stuart McLean ●●Aug 2: Micah Barnes at The Sands ●●Aug 3: Michael Kaeshammer ●●Aug 4: Oscar Peterson Tribute ●●Aug 8: Mad Dogs & Englishmen ●●Aug 10: Whitehorse ● ● Aug 15: Doc Walker ●●Aug 16: Goitse ●●Aug 17: Matt Andersen Deerhurst Resort, 1235 Deerhurst Dr., Huntsville: ●●Jul 13: CHOIR!CHOIR!CHOIR! ●●Aug 9: Alan Doyle Kensington Market Jazz Festival September 14 to 16 Toronto, ON 347-789-2034 Listings not available at time of publication. For general description, see Green Pages. Kincardine Summer Music Festival August 12 to 17 Kincardine, ON 519-396-9716 All concerts at 7:30pm K – Knox Presbyterian Church, 345 Durham St., Kincardine L – Royal Canadian Legion, MacDonald Branch 183, 219 Lambton St., Kincardine ●●Aug 13: Mike Downes Quartet. K. ●●Aug 14: Whiskey Jack. K. ● ● ● ● Aug 15: All Day Breakfast String Band. L. ● Aug 16: Andrea Tyniec: Solo Violin Recital. K. ● Aug 17: Heavyweights Brass Band. K. Leith Summer Festival June 30 to August 25 Leith, ON 519-371-5316 All concerts are at Historic Leith Church, 419134 Tom Thomson Lane, Leith. ●●Jun 30 7:30: In Concert. A mix of classical, opera, torch songs and theatre music. Julie Nesrallah, mezzo; Robert Kortgaard, piano. ●●Jul 14 7:00: In Concert. Paul Novotny, bass; Robi Botos, piano. ●●Jul 28 7:00: Chamber Music Concert. Penderecki String Quartet. ●●Aug 11 7:30: Chamber Music Concert. Jonathan Crow, violin; Philip Chiu, piano; Gabriel Radford, horn. ●●Aug 25 7:30: Ensemble Made in Canada. May 31 to June 10 Toronto, ON 416-588-0307 LULAWORLD See detailed listings in Section D – In the Clubs. Markham Village Music Festival June 15, 16, 17 Markham, ON 647-983-9054 Listings not available at time of publication. For general description, see Green Pages. Montreal Chamber Music Festival June 1 to 17 Montreal, QC 514-489-7444 Listings not available at time of publication. For general description, see Green Pages. Music at Port Milford July 21 to August 11 Prince Edward County, ON 613-476-7735 CR - 89 Colliers Rd., Milford. SM - St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church, 335 Main St., Picton ●●Jul 21 10:00am: MPM Takes to the Streets! Various streets in Picton ●●Jul 21 7:30: Tokai String Quartet with Angela Park, Piano. SM. ●●Jul 22 2:00: Sunday Student Matinee: On the Deck. CR. ●●Jul 29 2:00: Sunday Student Matinee. SM. ●●Aug 04 7:30: Harlem String Quartet. SM. ●●Aug 05 2:00: Sunday Student Matinee: On the Deck. CR. ●●Aug 11 7:30: Port Milford Ensemble. SM. Music From Scratch August 27 to 31 Toronto, ON 416-961-6601 x207 Listings not available at time of publication. For general description, see Green Pages. June 1 - September 7, 2018 | 47

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