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Volume 24 Issue 5 - February 2019

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In this issue: A prize that brings lustre to its laureates (and a laureate who brings lustre to the prize); Edwin Huizinga on the journey of Opera Atelier's "The Angel Speaks" from Versailles to the ROM; Danny Driver on playing piano in the moment; Remembering Neil Crory (a different kind of genius)' Year of the Boar, Indigeneity and Opera; all this and more in Volume 24 #5. Online in flip through, HERE and on the stands commencing Thursday Jan 31.

of Music, where he

of Music, where he studied with Jason Moran and Dave Liebman, amongst other notable names; now, as an adjunct professor in the music program at Memorial University, he is based in Newfoundland. Hoefner – part of the collective Subtone, whose album Moose Blues was reviewed in the November 2018 issue of The WholeNote – is an accomplished pianist, who performed in Toronto multiple times last year, as a leader, in trio settings, and as part of Subtone. His appearances at The Old Mill and The Jazz Room come as part of a threecity mini-tour and follow a performance at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre on February 19. Playing in trio format, he will be joined by drummer Nick Fraser and bassist Jim Vivian in Toronto, and by Fraser and bassist Andrew Downing in Waterloo. As his choice of collaborators suggests, Hoefner is a sensitive, communicative pianist, whose technical prowess is deployed in service to the music he makes; with a deft, modern touch, he is equally exciting playing ballads as he is playing up-tempo swing. He typically only makes a couple of trips to Ontario each year, so take advantage of this opportunity to hear one of Canada’s most exciting young resident pianists. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention at least one of February’s Valentine’s Day-themed shows, with the acknowledgment that Valentine’s Day can inspire very different emotions, depending on a person’s relationship status, tolerance for public displays of affection and appetite for subpar grocery-store milk-chocolate products. If you wish to celebrate your love – or if you don’t, but you’d like to enjoy an evening of excellent music (and also, perhaps, to glance spitefully at happy couples) – Jazz Bistro will feature the vocal duo of John Alcorn and Alex Samaras on February 14 th . Both singers are confident, experienced students of the Great American Songbook, and they have performed together at the Bistro on multiple occasions over the past few years. For those who definitely want to go out on February 14, but definitely do not want to see music with a specific Valentine’s Day theme: don’t worry, as there are some excellent options. Taking place on February 14 and 15 at Burdock Music Hall, Khari Wendell McClelland brings his brand-new show We Now Recognize, a new group of songs “that explores the power of apologies, the nature of community and the redemptive potential of music.” Touring five Canadian cities in February in celebration Khari Wendell McClelland of Black History Month, We Now Recognize is the follow-up to the Freedom Singer project, an album and documentary theatre musical created by McClelland, Andrew Kushnir, and Jodie Martinson. Freedom Singer is anchored by songs that recreate the music that “fugitive slaves carried [with them] on their journey north into Canada,” filtered through McClelland’s background in gospel, hip-hop and folk; We Now Recognize seems likely to occupy a similar space at the intersection of music, community, and social justice. MAINLY CLUBS, MOSTLY JAZZ QUICKPICKS !! FEB 7 AND 8, 9:45PM: Claire Daly with Adrean Farrugia, The Rex. New York-based baritone saxophonist Claire Daly visits The Rex for two nights, joined by pianist Adrean Farrugia, vocalist Sophia Perlman, bassist Mike Downes, and drummer Ernesto Cervini. !! FEB 14, 9PM: John Alcorn and Alex Samaras, Jazz Bistro. Two top interpreters of the Great American Songbook, appearing together in celebration of Valentine’s Day. !! FEB 14 AND 15, 6:30PM: Khari Wendell McClelland, Burdock Music Hall. Part of a Canadian tour in celebration of Black History Month, singer Khari Wendell McClelland brings his new project, We Now Recognize, to Burdock for two consecutive evenings. !! FEB 22, 8:30PM: Florian Hoefner Trio, The Jazz Room, Waterloo. From Germany, by way of New York, modern jazz pianist Florian Hoefner is joined by bassist Andrew Downing and drummer Nick Fraser for a night of communicative, meaningful music. Colin Story is a jazz guitarist, writer and teacher based in Toronto. He can be reached at, on Instagram and on Twitter. D. In the Clubs (Mostly Jazz) LP Release w/ Bird City. Feb 28 6:30pm and 9:30pm (two shows) Murray A. Lightburn. Cameron House 408 Queen St. W. 416-703-0811 Castro’s Lounge 2116 Queen St. E. 416-699-8272 (full schedule) All shows: No cover/PWYC C’est What 67 Front St. E. (416) 867-9499 (full schedule) All concerts are PWYC unless otherwise noted. Feb 1 9pm Blueswinder. Feb 2 3pm The Hot Five Jazzmakers, 9pm Jay Dee Band and Michelle Rubinov. Feb 9 3pm The Hot Five Jazzmakers. Feb 10 7pm Pale Criminal. Feb 16 3pm The Hot Five Jazzmakers. Feb 23 3pm The Boxcar Boys. Dora Keogh 141 Danforth Ave. 416-778-1804 Winterfolk XVII Blues and Roots Festival wristband Feb 23 1pm The Best of Dr. B’s Acoustic Medicine Show with Steve Raiken, Roger Zuraw, Josh Walker; 2pm Mike Weidman, Dougal Bichan, Bill Isen; 3pm Black Suit Devil; 4pm HOTCHA! & Shake the Bellows; 5pm Lynn Harrison presents The Bridge with the theme of Life Stores with Chloe Watkinson and others; 7pm Howard Gladstone; 8pm Vocal Jazzercise with Ori Dagan and Simone Morris; 9pm Mr. Rick; 10pm Cassie & Maggie; 11pm Alessia Cohle. Feb 24 1pm Brian Gladstone; 2pm Moscow Apartment; 3pm Sammy Duke; 4pm Lynda Kraar; 5pm Tragedy Ann; 6pm Dual Guitars and Yorkville Stories with Mike McKenna and Danny Marks; 7pm The Guitar Boys of Alderon with Noah Zacharin, Mr. Rick, and Brian Gladstone; 8pm Americana Pie with HOTCHA!, Mr. Rick and The Barrel Boys. See also The Black Swan and Mambo Lounge. Emmet Ray, The 924 College St. 416-792-4497 (full schedule) All shows: No cover/PWYC Grossman’s Tavern 379 Spadina Ave. 416-977-7000 (full schedule) All shows: No cover (unless otherwise noted). Every Sat 4:30pm The Happy Pals Dixieland Jazz Jam. Every Sun 4:30pm New Orleans Connection All Star Band; 10pm Sunday Jam with Bill Hedefine. Every Wed 10pm Action Sound Band w/ Leo Valvassori. Hirut Cafe and Restaurant 2050 Danforth Ave. 416-551-7560 Every Sunday 3pm Hirut Sundays Open Mic. First and Third Tuesday 8pm Fingerstyle Guitar Association. Dec 7 8pm Marty Harris Jazz Quintet. Dec 13 8pm Uptown Jazz Swing Band. Dec 14 8:30pm Jazz of the Americas w/ Don Naduriak and Friends. Dec 15 8pm Andrea Kuzmich presents: Holiday Spirit Cabaret. Dec 20 8pm John Findlay Holiday Jazz & Blues & Originals. Dec 22 8pm Bruce Cassidy Jazz Trio. Dec 28 9pm Hirut Hoot Pre-New Year’s Eve Comedy. Jan 10 8pm Bright Lit, Big City. Jan 11 8:30pm Jazz of the Americas w/ Don Naduriak and friends. Jan 25 9pm Hirut Hoot Comedy. Home Smith Bar – See Old Mill, The Hugh’s Room 2261 Dundas St. W 416 533 5483 All shows at 8:30pm unless otherwise noted. See website for individual show prices. Feb 1 Western Swing Authority. Feb 2 8pm French Squeeze. Feb 5 10am Toronto Ravel Study, 8:30pm The Ward Cabaret. Feb 7 John McDermott Ft. Paul Langlois. Feb 8 John McDermott Ft. Dala. Feb 9 John McDermott Ft. Chad Matthews. Feb 11 MOXIE. Feb 12 Rory Block. Feb 14 Wintergarten Orchestra. Feb 15 Alfie Zappacosta. Feb 17 Willie Nile. Feb 18 Tim Booth’s Toronto Art Orchestra. Feb 22 Michael Jerome Browne w/ Harrison Kennedy. Feb 23 Van Morrison Tribute w/ Matt Weidinger. Feb 24 2pm Ken Whiteley’s Gospel Brunch, 8:30pm Don Ross: Louder Than Usual. Feb 25 Romani Jazz. Feb 26 Jeff Lang. Jazz Bistro, The 251 Victoria St. 416-363-5299 (full schedule) Feb 1, 2 9pm Irwin Hall. Feb 6 7pm Lisa Particelli’s GNO Jazz Jam. Feb 7 8:30pm Colin Hunter and The Anthony Terpstra Seventet. Feb 8, 9 8:30pm Colin Hunter and The Joe Sealy Quartet. Feb 12 7pm Christine & Tom Sing The Mildly Amusing Songs of Eli Pasic. Feb 14 9pm Valentine’s Day w/ John Alcorn and Alex Samaras. Jazz Room, The Located in the Huether Hotel, 59 King St. N., Waterloo. 226-476-1565 (full schedule) All shows: 8:30-11:30pm unless otherwise 58 | February 1 – March 7, 2019

indicated. Attendees must be 19+. Cover charge varies (generally -) Feb 1 Paul Mitchell and the Jitterbugs. Feb 2 William Sperandai Quintet. Feb 3 David Braid + Penderecki Quartet. Feb 7 Steve McDade Sextet. Feb 8 Glen Buhr and Margaret Sweatman + Penderecki Quartet. Feb 9 Robi Botos Trio. Feb 15 Derek Hines Quartet. Feb 16 Richard Whiteman Quartet. Feb 22 Florian Hoefner Trio. Feb 23 Steve D’Angelo Quintet. Lula Lounge 1585 Dundas St. W. 416-588-0307 (full schedule) Every Fri 7:30pm Afterwork Global Party Series free before 8pm; Every Fri 10:30pm Havana Club Fridays ; Every Sat 10:30pm Salsa Saturdays . Feb 4 6:30pm Launch of Socialist Register 2019: The World Turned Upside Down. Feb 5 6:30pm Book Launch: Managing Without Growth. Feb 7 6:30pm Lorraine Klaasen w/ Special Guests. Feb 10 12pm Lula’s Drag Brunch Extravaganza. Feb 10 6:30pm The Heart of a Man. Feb 11 6:30pm The Jazz- Poetry Exchange. Feb 12, 13 6:30pm Spectacle Cabaret. Feb 14 Valentine’s Day w/ Payadora Tango Ensemble + special guest Elbio Fernandez. Feb 17 7pm The Salida Project CD Release Party. Feb 19 6:30pm Richard Herfeld and Sascha Kommer: An Evening of The American Songbook. Feb 23 12pm African Dancing and Drumming Workshop In French (free). Feb 24 4pm Projeto Forrobodó. Mambo Lounge 120 Danforth Ave. 416-778-7004. Winterfolk XVII Blues and Roots Festival wristband Feb 22 7pm Black Suit Devil; 8pm Maggie & Mr. Rogers; 9pm Emilyn Stam & John David Williams; 10pm Alana & Leigh Cline; 11pm Simone Morris. Feb 23 1pm David McLachlan; 2pm Sammy Duke; 3pm Moscow Apartment; 4pm Steve Raiken; 5pm Tragedy Ann; 6pm Doris Folkens; 7pm Evaristo Machado; 8pm Donné Roberts; 9pm Alfie Smith; 10pm Lynda Kraar; 11pm Glen Hornblast; Feb 24 1pm Peter Verity; 2pm Harpin’ Norm Lucien; 3pm Ken Yoshioka & Donné Roberts; 4pm Howard Gladstone; 5pm TBA; 6pm Sue & Dwight; 7pm Ori Dagan; 8pm The Lifers; 9pm Q&A with Tony Quarrington and Zoe Adams. See also The Black Swan and Dora Keogh. Manhattans Pizza Bistro & Music Club 951 Gordon St., Guelph 519-767-2440 (full schedule) All shows: PWYC. Every Tue Open Stage hosted by Paul and Jamie. Mây Cafe 876 Dundas St. W. 647-607-2032 (full schedule) Mezzetta Restaurant 681 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-658-5687 (full schedule) Every Wed 9 & 10:15pm Wednesday Concert Series. Monarch Tavern 12 Clinton St. 416-531-5833 D. In the Clubs (Mostly Jazz) (full schedule) Feb 1 8:30pm The Lay Awakes w/ Drew Brown, David Krystal. Feb 5 8pm Belleville- Ville. Feb 11 7:30pm Martin Loomer & His Orange Devils Orchestra. Feb 15 9pm Yellow Magnolia, Feather Weight, Hollow Graves. N’awlins Jazz Bar & Dining 299 King St. W. 416-595-1958 All shows: No cover/PWYC. Every Tue 6:30pm Stacie McGregor. Every Wed 7pm The Jim Heineman Trio. Every Thur 8pm Nothin’ But the Blues with Joe Bowden. Every Fri & Sat 8:30pm N’awlins All Star Band; Every Sun 7pm Brooke Blackburn. Nice Bistro, The 117 Brock St. N., Whitby. 905-668-8839 (full schedule) Live jazz and dinner, per person. Dinner from 6pm and music from 7pm to 9pm. Feb 13 Paper Moon Duo (Tony Quarrington & Zoey Adam). Old Mill, The 21 Old Mill Rd. 416-236-2641 (full schedule) The Home Smith Bar: No reservations. No cover. food/drink minimum. All shows: 7:30-10:30pm unless otherwise listed. Feb 1 Canadian Jazz Quartet & Friends. Feb 2 Eliana Cuevas Trio. Feb 5 Gene DiNovi. Feb 6 Avery Cantello Blues Band. Feb 7 John Sherwood Quartet. Feb 8 Genevieve Marentette Trio. Feb 9 Brian Blain’s Blues Campfire Jam. Feb 13 John MacLeod + 3. Feb 14 Cal Dodd & The Tom Szczesniak Trio. Feb 15 Steve Amirault Trio. Feb 16 Neil Swainson Trio. Feb 20 Florian Hoefner Trio. Feb 22 Kathleen Gorman Quartet. Feb 23 Griffith/Hiltz Quartet. Feb 27 Russ Little Quartet. Feb 28 Bob DeAngelis & Friends. Only Café, The 972 Danforth Ave. 416-463-7843 (full schedule) Pilot Tavern, The 22 Cumberland Ave. 416-923-5716 All shows: 3pm. No cover. Feb 2 Jim Gelcer Quartet. Feb 9 Jake Koffman Quartet. Feb 16 Steve Amirault Quartet. Feb 23 Landen Vieira Quartet. Poetry Jazz Café 224 Augusta Ave. 416-599-5299 (full schedule) Reposado Bar & Lounge 136 Ossington Ave. 416-532-6474 (full schedule) Reservoir Lounge, The 52 Wellington St. E. 416-955-0887 (full schedule). Every Tue & Sat, 8:45pm Tyler Yarema and his Rhythm. Every Wed 9pm The Digs. Every Thurs 9:45pm Stacey Kaniuk. Every Fri 9:45pm Dee Dee and the Dirty Martinis. Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar, The 194 Queen St. W. 416-598-2475 (full schedule) Call for cover charge info. Feb 1 4pm Hogtown Syncopators, 6:30pm Amanda Tosoff, 9:45pm Raoul and the BIG- GER Time. Feb 2 12pm Sinners Choir, 3:30pm Paul Reddick Blues, 7pm Neon Eagle, 9:45pm Dave Young / Terry Promane Octet. Feb 3 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz Band, 3:30pm Club Django, 7pm Boogaloo Squad, 9:30pm Tim Hamel Quintet. Feb 4 6:30pm U of T Jazz Ensembles, 9:30pm Mike Murley & The Jazz Mechanics. Feb 5 6:30pm Lauren Falls Quartet, 9:30pm Bill Todd Trio. Feb 6 6:30pm Trevor Giancola Quartet, 9:30pm Nick Teehan Group. Feb 7 6:30pm Noam Lemish Trio +, 9:45pm Claire Daly w/ Adrean Farrugia. Feb 8 4pm Hogtown Syncopators, 6:30pm Amanda Tosoff, 9:45pm Claire Daly w/ Adrean Farrugia. Feb 9 12pm Sinners Choir, 3:30pm Laura Hubert Group, 7pm Neon Eagle, 9:45pm Howard Moore & The Vipers. Feb 10 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz Band, 3:30pm Red Hot Ramble, 7pm Boogaloo Squad, 9:30pm Ethio- Jazz Project. Feb 11 6:30pm U of T Jazz Ensembles, 9:30pm Ben Edgecombe & Super Breakfast. Feb 12 6:30pm Lauren Falls Quartet, 9:30pm Classic Rex Jazz Jam. Feb 13 6:30pm Trevor Giancola Quartet, 9:30pm Tom Richards’ The Big Butter & Egg Men. Feb 14 6:30pm Noam Lemish Trio +, 9:30pm Marika Galea Group. Feb 15 4pm Hogtown Syncopators, 6:30pm Amanda Tosoff, 9:45pm Griffith/Hiltz Trio. Feb 16 12pm Sinners Choir, 3:30pm George Lake Big Band, 7pm Neon Eagle, 9:45pm Jeremy Ledbetter. Feb 17 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz Band, 3:30pm Red Hot Ramble, 7pm Boogaloo Squad, 9:30pm Ethio-Jazz Project. Feb 18 6:30pm U of T Jazz Ensembles, 9:30pm Chris Hunt Tentet +2. Feb 19 9:30pm Classic Rex Jazz Jam. Feb 20 6:30pm Trevor Giancola Quartet, 9:30pm Kurt Nielsen Trio. Feb 21 6:30pm Noam Lemish Trio +, 9:45pm Dave Turner Quartet. Feb 22 4pm Hogtown Syncopators, 6:30pm Amanda Tosoff, 9:45pm Dave Turner Quartet. Feb 23 12pm Sinners Choir, 3:30pm Competitions ●●Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto. CCC Toronto Piano and Violin Competition 2019. Competition dates: Feb 21-28. Gala Concert and Award Ceremony at 2pm on E. The ETCeteras Conor Gains, 7pm Neon Eagle, 9:30pm Bernie Senensky Group. Feb 24 12pm Excelsior Dixieland Jazz Band, 3:30pm Heavy on the Willie, 7pm Boogaloo Squad, 9:30pm Barry Romberg Quartet. Feb 25 6:30pm U of T Jazz Ensembles, 9:30pm John MacLeod’s Rex Hotel Orchestra. Feb 26 6:30pm Lauren Falls Quartet, 9:30pm Classic Rex Jazz Jam. Feb 27 6:30pm Trevor Giancola Quartet, 9:30pm Vaughan Misener Trio. Feb 28 6:30pm Noam Lemish Trio +, 9:30pm Suyun Kim Memorial Concert & Humber Fundraiser. Salty Dog Bar & Grill, The 1980 Queen St. E. 416-849-5064 (full schedule) Every Tue 7-10pm Jazz Night. Every Thu 8:30pm Karaoke. Every Fri 9:30pm Blues Jam - house band with weekly featured guest. Every Sat 3pm Salty Dog Saturday Matinée. Sauce on Danforth 1376 Danforth Ave. 647-748-1376 All shows: No cover. Every Mon 9pm Gareth Parry’s Book Club. Every Tue 6pm Julian Fauth. Every Wed Paul Reddick & Friends. Every Thu 8pm Steve Koven and Artie Roth. Sat and Sun Matinees 4pm various performers. The Senator WineBar 249 Victoria St 416 364-7517 (full schedule) All shows with cover charge ( after 10pm arrival, free after 11pm arrival) Tranzac 292 Brunswick Ave. 416-923-8137 (full schedule) 3-4 shows daily, various styles, in four different performance spaces. Mostly PWYC. Kingston. (Snow date March 2nd, in case of storm.) Transport available from downtown Kingston. Tickets , available on Snapd, at Novel Idea, St George’s Cathedral Office, Long & McQuade, and through our website: Information from the website or by email at or by phone at 613-767-7245. Lectures, Salons and Symposia ●●Feb 01 3:30: Don Wright Faculty of Music. Music Graduate Colloquium. Eva Saether, Lund University, Sweden. “Habitus Crises, Politics of Diversity, and Sensuous Scholarship: When Music Asks the Questions.” Talbot College, Room 101. For FAQ, parking and other useful patron information visit events/useful-information.html. Western University, London. Admission is free, and all are welcome to attend. ●●Feb 01 5:00: Canadian Opera Company. Youth Opera Lab: Costumes and Wigs. For teens and young adults aged 16 to 24 offering an opportunity to dissect and explore an opera being presented on the COC’s mainstage. Led by opera educator Bryna Berezowska and special guests, participants will focus on the costumes and wigs that appear in the COC’s production of Così fan tutte. No February 1 – March 7, 2019 | 59

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