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Volume 24 Issue 7 - April 2019

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Arraymusic, the Music Gallery and Native Women in the Arts join for a mini-festival celebrating the work of composer, performer and installation artist Raven Chacon; Music and Health looks at the role of Healing Arts Ontario in supporting concerts in care facilities; Kingston-based composer Marjan Mozetich's life and work are celebrated in film; "Forest Bathing" recontextualizes Schumann, Shostakovich and Hindemith; in Judy Loman's hands, the harp can sing; Mahler's Resurrection bursts the bounds of symphonic form; Ed Bickert, guitar master remembered. All this and more in our April issue, now online in flip-through here, and on stands commencing Friday March 29.

D. In the Clubs (Mostly

D. In the Clubs (Mostly Jazz) Apr 3 7pm Lisa Particelli’s Girls Night Out Jazz Jam. Apr 4 8:30pm Ben D’Cunha. Apr 5 9pm Amy McConnell / William Sperandei Quintet. Apr 6 9pm Amy McConnell / William Sperandei Quintet. Apr 7 7pm Jim Betts. Apr 11 9pm Low Overhead. Apr 12 8:30pm Charles Di Raimondo. Apr 13 8:30pm Charles Di Raimondo. Apr 14 7pm Linda Covello’s Tribute to Eve Cassidy. Apr 17 8pm Whiteley Wednesday. Apr 18 9pm Dan McCarthy Quartet. Apr 19 9pm Dan McCarthy Quartet. Apr 20 9pm Carmen Spada Trio feat. Jerry Weldon. Apr 23 8pm The Willows. Apr 24 8pm Janet Whiteway and Friends. Apr 25 8:30pm Whitney Ross-Barris. Apr 26 9pm Ilana Waldston and the Jazz n’ Laughs Band. Apr 27 9pm Ilana Waldston and the Jazz n’ Laughs Band. Apr 28 7pm Adi Braun. Jazz Room, The Located in the Huether Hotel, 59 King St. N., Waterloo. 226-476-1565 (full schedule) All shows: 8:30-11:30pm unless otherwise indicated. Attendees must be 19+. Cover charge varies (generally -) Apr 4 8pm Alysha Brilla. Apr 5 Jerzy Kaplanek Quartet. Apr 6 Rebecca Hennessy and FOG Brass Band. Apr 12 John Zadro Quartet. Apr 13 Kevin Breit and the Sisters Euclid. Apr 19 Carmen Spada Trio feat. Jerry Weldon. Apr 20 The Willows. Apr 26 Fern Lindzon. Apr 27 Igor Willcox Quartet. Lula Lounge 1585 Dundas St. W. 416-588-0307 (full schedule) Every Fri 7:30pm Afterwork Global Party Series free before 8pm; Every Fri 8:30pm Havana Club Fridays ; Every Sat 10:30pm Salsa Saturdays . Apr 3 7pm Of Glitches and Machines. Apr 4 6:30pm Three Holy Thursdays in Hell: Circles in Concert. Apr 7 9:45am, 1:45pm 12 th Annual MJMS Spring Recitals and Celebrations, 6:30pm 12 th Annual Benefit for Bennie. Apr 11 6:30pm Three Holy Thursdays in Hell: Circles in Concert. Apr 14 9:45am, 1:45pm 12 th Annual MJMS Spring Recitals and Celebrations. Apr 17 6:30pm The Big Sing. Apr 18 6:30pm Three Holy Thursdays in Hell: Circles in Concert. Apr 23 6pm Sid Ryan’s Book Launch – A Grander Vision. Apr 25 6pm Ray Montford. Apr 28 4pm Moses Revolution Concert & Fundraiser, Apr 30 6:30pm Speaker Slam: Body Beautiful. Manhattans Pizza Bistro & Music Club 951 Gordon St., Guelph 519-767-2440 (full schedule) Mezzetta Restaurant 681 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-658-5687 (full schedule) Every Wed 9 & 10:15pm Wednesday Concert Series. Monarch Tavern 12 Clinton St. 416-531-5833 (full schedule) Apr 1 8:30pm Bad Sports w/ First Base & Beef Boys. Apr 2 8pm Belleville-Ville. Apr 3 8:30pm Eliza Niemi of Mauno w/ Le Ren, LUKA. Apr 4 8:30pm The Faps w/ The Mature Themes, Secret Wars. Apr 5 9pm Standards / Milhouse. Apr 7 8:30pm Bart // Mother Tongues / Carinae. Apr 8 7:30pm Martin Loomer & His Orange Devils Orchestra. Apr 10 8:30pm Motherhood w/ Tange, GirlOnGirl. Apr 11 9pm Moon King w/ Nyssa, Praises. Apr 12 8:30pm Aaron Lee Tasjan. Apr 14 8pm New Candys w/ Crazy Bones, The Blue Lights. Apr 15 7:30pm KOLARS. Apr 17 8pm Floss / Substrata / Low Kites. Apr 18 8:30pm Freedom Baby /// Waxlimbs // Animatist / Bingo Day. Apr 19 9pm Bat House w. Labradoodle, Spoils, HomeEc. Apr 23 8pm Bayonne. Apr 26 9pm Urkimsher w/ Bunny, Dorothea Paas. Apr 27 8pm Sarah Squirm presents Helltrap Nightmare w/ Mister Wallace. Apr 28 8:30pm Valley Maker. N’awlins Jazz Bar & Dining 299 King St. W. 416-595-1958 All shows: No cover/PWYC. Every Tue 6:30pm Stacie McGregor. Every Wed 7pm The Jim Heineman Trio. Every Thur 8pm Nothin’ But the Blues with Joe Bowden. Every Fri & Sat 8:30pm N’awlins All Star Featuring some of Toronto’s best jazz musicians with a brief reflection by Jazz Vespers Clergy Sunday, April 14 at 4:30pm Rob Piltch (guitar), Neil Swainson (bass) Sunday, April 28 at 4:30pm Tribute to Art Blakey With the Brian Barlow Quintet COMING SOON Our 20th Anniversary celebrations. Christ Church Deer Park, 1570 Yonge St. (north of St. Clair at Heath St.) Admission is free; donations are welcome. 416-920-5211 Band; Every Sun 7pm Brooke Blackburn. Nice Bistro, The 117 Brock St. N., Whitby. 905-668-8839 (full schedule) Live jazz and dinner, .00 per person. Dinner from 6pm and music from 7pm to 9pm. Apr 10 Farrucas Latino Duo Old Mill, The 21 Old Mill Rd. 416-236-2641 (full schedule) The Home Smith Bar: No reservations. No cover. food/drink minimum. All shows: 7:30-10:30pm unless otherwise listed. Apr 2 Gene DiNovi. Apr 3 Ross Woolridge Trio. Apr 4 Lara Solnicki Trio. Apr 5 Canadian Jazz Quartet & Friends. Apr 6 Zoe Chilco Quartet. Apr 10 John Mac- Leod + 4. Apr 11 Adrean Farrugia’s Jazz Party w/ Yvette Tollar. Apr 12 Michele Mele Trio. Apr 13 Brian Blain’s Blues Campfire Jam. Apr 17 Virginia & Kirk MacDonald Quartet. Apr 18 Bob DeAngelis and Friends. Apr 20 Mark Kelso Quartet. Apr 24 Russ Little Quartet. Apr 25 TranzitionzJazz. Apr 26 Josh Grossman’s Tiny Big Band. Apr 27 Tom Reynolds Trio. Only Café, The 972 Danforth Ave. 416-463-7843 (full schedule) Pilot Tavern, The 22 Cumberland Ave. 416-923-5716 All shows: 3pm. No cover. Apr 6 Alexis Baro Quartet. Apr 13 Sugar Daddies. Apr 20 Jon Gordon – Luis Deniz Quintet. Apr 27 Terry Logan Quartet. Poetry Jazz Café 224 Augusta Ave. 416-599-5299 (full schedule) Reposado Bar & Lounge 136 Ossington Ave. 416-532-6474 (full schedule) Reservoir Lounge, The 52 Wellington St. E. 416-955-0887 (full schedule). Every Tue & Sat, 8:45pm Tyler Yarema and his Rhythm. Every Wed 9pm The Digs. Every Thurs 9:45pm Stacey Kaniuk. Every Fri 9:45pm Dee Dee and the Dirty Martinis. Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar, The 194 Queen St. W. 416-598-2475 (full schedule) Call for cover charge info. Apr 1 6:30pm U of T Jazz Ensembles, 9:30pm Mike Malone & The Writers Jazz Orchestra. Apr 2 6:30pm Playdate, 9:30pm Classic Rex Jazz Jam. Apr 3 6:30pm Jake Koffman Quartet, 9:30pm Moderation Station. Apr 4 6:30pm Angela Turone & Chris Platt Duo +, 9:30pm Lorne Lofsky Quartet. Apr 5 4pm Hogtown Syncopators, 6:30pm Lester McLean Trio, 9:45pm Lorne Lofsky Quartet. Apr 6 12pm Sinners Choir, 3:30pm Swing Shift Big Band, 7pm Neon Eagle, 9:45pm Alex Goodman Quartet. Apr 7 12pm Louisiana Havana Dixieland, 3:30pm Club Django, 7pm Tom Reynolds Trio, 9:30pm Alex Kapo Quintet. Apr 8 6:30pm U of T Jazz Ensembles, 9:30pm Terry Promane’s U of T Student 12tet. Apr 9 6:30pm Playdate, 9:30pm Nir Felder and Tetrahedron. Apr 10 6:30pm Jake Koffman Quartet, 9:30pm Nir Felder w/ Tetrahedron. Apr 11 6:30pm Angela Turone & Chris Platt Duo +, 9:30pm Ben Winkelman Trio. Apr 12 4pm Hogtown Syncopators, 6:30pm Lester McLean Trio, 9:45pm Andy Milne. Apr 13 12pm Sinners Choir, 3:30pm Advocats Big Band, 7pm Neon Eagle, 9:45pm Alex Dean Quintet. Apr 14 12pm Louisiana Havana Dixieland, 3:30pm Dr. Nick & The Rollercoasters, 7pm Tom Reynolds Trio. 9:30pm Dave Young Quartet. Apr 15 6:30pm JV’s Boogaloo Squad, 9:30pm Dan Pitt Quintet. Apr 16 6:30pm Playdate, 9:30pm Classic Rex Jazz Jam. Apr 17 6:30pm Jake Koffman Quartet, 9:30pm Andrew Downing’s Otterville. Apr 18 6:30pm Angela Turone & Chris Platt Duo +, 9:45pm Jon Gordon w/ Luis Deniz Quintet. Apr 19 4pm Hogtown Syncopators, 6:30pm Lester McLean Trio, 9:45pm Jon Gordon w/ Luis Deniz Quintet. Apr 20 12pm Sinners Choir, 3:30pm Woodshed Orchestra, 7pm Neon Eagle, 9:45pm Joe Bowden Sextet. Apr 21 12pm Louisiana Havana Dixieland, 3:30pm Red Hot Ramble, 7pm Tom Reynolds Trio, 9:30pm Barry Romberg Group. Apr 22 6:30pm Peter Hill Quintet, 9:30pm Josh Grossman’s TJO Big Band. Apr 23 6:30pm Playdate, 9:30pm Jamie Reynold’s Trio. Apr 24 6:30pm Jake Koffman Quartet, 9:30pm Hutchison Effect. Apr 25 6:30pm Angela Turone & Chris Platt Duo +, 9:30pm JABFUNG. Apr 26 4pm Hogtown Syncopators, 6:30pm Lester McLean Trio, 9:45pm Eric St. Laurent Trio + 1. Apr 27 12pm Sinners Choir, 3:30pm Laura Hubert Group, 7pm Neon Eagle, 9:45pm Avi Granite 5. Apr 28 12pm Louisiana Havana Dixieland, 3:30pm Beverly Taft Group, 7pm Tom Reynolds Trio, 9:30pm Igor Wilcox. Apr 29 6:30pm Peter Hill Quintet, 8:30pm John MacLeod’s Rex Hotel Orchestra. Apr 30 6:30pm Playdate, 9:30pm Classic Rex Jazz Jam. Salty Dog Bar & Grill, The 1980 Queen St. E. 416-849-5064 (full schedule) Every Tue 7-10pm Jazz Night. Every Thu 8:30pm Karaoke. Every Fri 9:30pm Blues Jam - house band with weekly featured guest. Every Sat 3pm Salty Dog Saturday Matinée. Sauce on Danforth 1376 Danforth Ave. 647-748-1376 All shows: No cover. Every Mon 9pm Gareth Parry’s Book Club. Every Tue 6pm Julian Fauth. Every Wed Paul Reddick & Friends. Every Thu 8pm Steve Koven and Artie Roth. Sat and Sun Matinees 4pm various performers. The Senator Winebar 249 Victoria St 416 364-7517 (full schedule) All shows with cover charge ( after 10pm arrival, free after 11pm arrival) Tranzac 292 Brunswick Ave. 416-923-8137 (full schedule) 3-4 shows daily, various styles, in four different performance spaces. Mostly PWYC. 62 | April 1 – May 7, 2019

Competitions ●●Registration deadline: Apr 1, 2019. Steinway Junior Piano Competition 2019. Division I (ages 9 and under), Division II (ages 10-13), Division III (ages 14-18). Auditions: Apr 28-May 4, 2019. Winners Concert: May 17, 2019. Venue: Steinway Piano Gallery, 2651 John St., Suite 8, Markham. For information call 905-940-5397 or e-mail ●●Application deadline: April 12, 2019. International Music Festival and Competition. Piano, voice, guitar, harp, strings, woodwinds, brass, conducting, and composition. Competition dates: May 23-June 2, 2019, at Cornell Recital Hall 3201 Bur Oak Ave., Markham. For details, visit or contact 905- 604-8854 or Film Screenings ●●Apr 02 6:30: Royal Conservatory of Music. Ravi Shankar: Between Two Worlds (2001). Directed by Mark Kidel. 90 min. Celebrating the life and career of one of India’s most revered musicians, Ravi Shankar. Following the star for two years of his life, this captivating documentary details the seven decades of innovative collaboration with Western musicians like George Harrison, John Coltrane, and Yehudi Menuhin. Featuring archival footage from performances filmed from the 1930s to the present day. Q&A hosted by Mervon Mehta with sitar player Anwar Khurshid, a member of KUNÉ – Canada’s Global Orchestra. Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema, 506 Bloor St. W. Tickets can be purchased at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema box office or at ; (Members). ●●Apr 06 8:00: Small World Music Society 17th Annual Asian Music Series. Anda Union from the Steppes to the City. Co-presented with Flato Markham Theatre. Rare insight into a forgotten land on the furthest edges of China, home to more than 6 million Mongolians. Anda Union, a ten-strong group of young musicians, make a 10,000-km journey through the grasslands of Inner Mongolia revealing the secret of the roots of their haunting and beautiful music. Small World Music Centre, 180 Shaw St. 416-536-5439. E. The ETCeteras Free. ●●May 04 7:30: St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Islington. Saturday Night at the Movies. Accompanied by featured organist Thomas Gonder, St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Islington. 3962 Bloor St. W., Etobicoke. Free parking at rear. Refreshments. Contact 416-231-4014 or Admission at the door. Galas and Fundraisers ●●Apr 03 7:00: Opera in Concert. Opera Salon: Viva Verdi. A tribute concert to Giuseppe Verdi’s music. Proceeds supporting Opera in Concert. Gallery 345, 345 Sorauren Ave. Tickets available through St. Lawrence Centre Box Office, 416-366-7723. (includes post-concert reception). ●●Apr 13 8:00: Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra. Annual Fundraising Concert and Silent Auction. Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance March Nos.1 & 2; Saint-Saëns: Piano Concerto No.2; Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto in D (mvt.1); Parry: Jerusalem. Diane Kim, violin; Artem Kopylov, piano; Norman Reintamm, conductor. P.C. Ho Theatre, Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto, 5183 Sheppard Ave. E., Scarborough. 416-879-5566 or /(adv). Silent auction at 7pm. ●●Apr 27 4:30: Mississauga Symphony Orchestra. On Broadway! Fundraising concert. Gaming and dinner at 4:30pm, concert at 8pm. Living Arts Centre, Hammerson Hall, 4141 Living Arts Dr., Mississauga. 905-306- 6000. -5. ●●Apr 27 7:00: Cambridge Symphony Orchestra. Annual Fundraiser - Una Serata Bella: Fiesta de España. Cambridge City Hall Atrium, 50 Dickson St., Cambridge. 519-716- 5566. Tax receipt for a portion of the ticket price. 0. ●●Apr 27 8:00: Orpheus Productions. Studio 54 Memorial Voyeur Fundraiser. A workshop performance of Shakespeare’s Criminal by Dustin Peters and Sky Gilbert, including a preshow talk with the creators, post-show cocktail party with disco desserts, and scandalous performances for your voyeuristic pleasure by Hélène Ducharme and Shana MacKinnon. Dress in your favourite 70s outfit and dance the night away Studio 54 style. All proceeds to support the budget for future productions of Shakespeare’s Criminal. Factory Studio, 125 Bathurst St. . Visit ●●Apr 28 1:30: Classical Music Conservatory. Music for a Cause: Benefit Concert for the Canadian Cancer Society. Sonya Harper Nyby, soprano; Ruza Florence McIntyre, vocals and violin; Bryan Allen, guitar and vibraphone; Matt Woroshyl, saxophone; and others. Roncesvalles United Church, 240 Roncesvalles Ave. 416-537-5995. PWYC ( suggested; (sr/st/child). All proceeds to the Canadian Cancer Society. ●●May 04 2:30: Music4Life Ensemble. Music for a Cure. Forest Brook Community Church, 60 Kearney Dr., Ajax. ; (sr); (st); free(child 12 and under); (Music4Life Supporter - goes to orchestra); (Music4Life Supporter - goes to orchestra). Concert benefit for Cystic Fibrosis Canada. Free post-concert reception. Lectures, Salons and Symposia ●●Apr 09 7:30: Toronto Duke Ellington Society. General Meeting. A presentation titled “Oscar Peterson Plays Duke Ellington” by Allan Jones. Montgomery’s Inn, 4709 Dundas St. W., Etobicoke. For further information, visit or call 416-239-2683. Membership is (single) or (couple). First visit is free. ●●Apr 10 7:00: Canadian Opera Company. Opera Talks: Yours Faithfully – Otello. Presented in partnership with the Toronto Public Library. Opera scholar Wayne Gooding will lead a multi-media exploration of Verdi’s Otello. North York Central Library, 5120 Yonge St. Call 416-395-5639. Free. ●●Apr 14 2:00: Classical Music Club Toronto. Murray Perahia. From 1973 to 2010, Perahia recorded exclusively for Columbia Masterworks (now Sony Classical). His first major recording project was Mozart’s 27 piano concertos, conducted from the keyboard with the English Chamber Orchestra. In the 1980s he also recorded Beethoven’s five piano concertos, with Bernard Haitink and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. In 2016, Perahia signed with Deutsche Grammophon. In addition to his career as a piano soloist, he is actively involved in chamber music and has appeared regularly with the Guarneri and Budapest String Quartets. He is also Principal Conductor of the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields with which he both records and performs. From his large body of recorded works, including 8 Gramophone Award-winning discs, we will sample a selection of his recordings. For further information, visit or contact John Sharpe at 416-898-2549 or torontoshi@ Annual membership: (regular); (sr/st). Free for first-time visitors. Donations accepted for refreshments. ●●Apr 14 2:00: Toronto Opera Club. Really Good Arias from Lesser-Known Verismo Operas. Stephen R. Clarke, guest speaker. Edward Johnson Bldg., Faculty of Music, 80 Queens Park, Room 330., 416-924-3940. . ●●Apr 16 7:00: Canadian Opera Company. Opera Insights: Preparing for Puccini – How the COC’s Young Artists Transform for La bohème. This 90-minute performance and discussion brings you inside the world of COC opera singers in training as Ensemble Studio artists prepare to perform the rich and romantic crowd favourite, La bohème. Richard Bradshaw Theatre, Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, 145 Queen St. W. (at University Ave.). Reserve tickets at or by calling 416-363- 8231. Free. ●●Apr 18 8:00: Small World Music Society. Demystifying Qawwali. Qawwali is the most popular Sufi devotional music from South Asia and, in recent years, has gained increased attention from worldwide audiences. Join Umair Jaffar as he explains the genre, explores its history and demystifies the hidden messages in its poetry. Small World Music Centre, 180 Shaw St. 416-536- 5439. Free. ●●Apr 25 7:00: Canadian Opera Company. Opera Insights: Inside the Music of Verdi’s Otello. Join musicologist Matthew Timmermans as he guides participants through the musical score and a variety of interpretations. Discover how Verdi sets the mood Piano, Voice, Guitar, Harp Strings, Woodwinds, Brass Conducting, Composition Awards, Prizes and Scolarships Recitals, Concerts, Workshops Career advancement Marketing and promotions JURORS Christina Petrowska-Quilico (YorkU), Dr. Lynn Kuo Gary Kulesha (UofT), Dr. Jeffrey McFadden (UofT) Leslie Newman (UofT), Dr. Michael Berkovsky (RCM) Kristian Alexander, Andrew Ascenzo, Andrea Ludwig Dr. Teresa Suen-Campbell, Michael Fedyshyn | 905.604.8854 | Don’t miss the opportunity! April 1 – May 7, 2019 | 63

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