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Volume 24 Issue 8 - May 2019

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What a range of stuff! A profile of Liz Upchurch, the COC ensemble studio's vocal mentor extraordinaire; a backgrounder on win-win faith/arts centre partnerships and ways of exploring the possibilities; an interview with St. Petersburg-based Eifman Ballet's Boris Eifman; Ana Sokolovic's violin concert Evta finally coming to town; a Love Letter to YouTube, and much more. Plus our 17th annual Canary Pages Choral directory if all you want to do is sing! sing! sing!


GREAT CHAMBER MUSIC DOWNTOWN STRINGS Oct. 17 Nov. 7 Dec. 5 Jan. 9 Jan. 30 Feb. 27 Mar. 19 Apr. 16 Quartetto di Cremona Vision Quartet Gryphon Trio Miró Quartet St. Lawrence Quartet with pianist Stephen Prutsman Schumann Quartett Pavel Haas Quartet Quatuor Ébène St. Lawrence Quartet PIANO Oct. 22 Dec. 17 Feb. 18 Mar. 10 Mar. 31 Piano 6 Gala Jonathan Plowright Francesco Piemontesi André Laplante Benjamin Grosvenor Benjamin Grosvenor FULL SEASON OF 13 CONCERTS 0, 9. Other combinations available. Subscription prices include Handling Charges and HST. All concerts at 8pm TICKETS: 416.366.7723 | 27 Front Street East, Toronto

2408_MayCover.indd 1 PRICELESS Vol 24 No 8 2019-04-21 6:52 PM ON OUR COVER MAY 2019 CONCERT LISTINGS FEATURES | REVIEWS INSIDE: 17th ANNUAL CANARY PAGES CHORAL DIRECTORY ART OF SONG The Right Kind of Crazy Vocal Mentor, Liz Upchurch PLANTING NOT PAVING Faith-Arts Centres Creating Healthy Hybrids REAR VIEW MIRROR A Love Letter to YouTube PHOTO: KEVIN KING Choir!Choir!Choir! Volume 24 No 8 | May 2019 April 5, 2019, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto CHOIR!CHOIR!CHOIR! is a fun, inclusive, no-commitment choir who meet two evenings a week at Clinton’s Tavern in Toronto. Led by Nobu Adilman and guitarist Daveed Goldman (AKA “DaBu”) they also tour, fundraise and generally make music to express both collective grief and celebration. When the choir invited the public to come and sing The Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun to launch The Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Campaign, The WholeNote’s Kevin King was there: “A fantastic event and experience to be there photographing it; surrounded by so many smiling faces and joyous voices. The sun itself had been a bit shy that day but these singers managed to bring the sunshine with them!” An additional photo of the CHOiR!CHOiR!CHOiR! event appears on the cover of our Canary Pages (page C1). A recording of the event can be found on the C!C!C! Facebook page. FRANZ LISZT 12 Études d’exécution transcendante 2 Études de concert FEATURES 7 OPENER | From Where I Sat, Jazz Lives | DAVID PERLMAN 8 FEATURE | The Right Kind of Crazy – Liz Upchurch | LYDIA PEROVIÇ 12 PLANTING NOT PAVING | Faith-Arts Centres – Creating Healthy Hybrids | KENDRA FRY 14 PROFILE | Ana Sokolović – Evta Comes to Town | DAVID JAEGER 16 IN CONVERSATION | Eifman Ballet’s Tchaikovsky. PRO et CONTRA | JENNIFER PARR 19 FEATURE | Syrinx Concerts on the Move | DAVID PERLMAN 41 WE ARE ALL MUSIC’S CHILDEN | MJ BUELL 86 REARVIEW MIRROR | A Love Letter to YouTube | ROBERT HARRIS ACD2 2783 SHENG CAI piano “The most electrifying soloist of the 2017 season” - South Coast TODAY Massachusetts USA 2017 JUST RELEASED! 16 G R I G O R I A N . C O M

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