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Volume 24 Issue 9 - June / July / August 2019

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In this issue: The Toronto Brazilian bateria beat goes on; TD Jazz in Yorkville is three years young; Murray Schafer's earliest Wilderness forays revisited; cellist/composer Cris Derksen's Maada'ookkii Songlines to close Luminato (and it's free!); our 15th annual Green Pages summer music guide; all this and more in our combined June/July/August issue now available in flipthrough format here and on stands starting Thursday May 30.

A new Festival for

A new Festival for Choral Singers Welcoming Choristers of the World to Celebrate and Explore the Wonder of Choral Music June 25-27, 2020 The Living Arts Centre ■ Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Primadonna Choralis ■ Kim André Arnesen ■ Rajaton Mass Choir World Première Gala Performance Opportunities for All Choristers ■ Master Classes & Workshops All choristers welcome, no audition necessary!

2409_JuneCover.indd 2 PRICELESS Vol 24 No 9 2019-05-27 8:08 AM Volume 24 No 9 | Summer 2019 ON OUR COVER Escola De Samba De Toronto JUNE | JULY | AUGUST 2019 CONCERT LISTINGS FEATURES | REVIEWS SUMMER 2019 The Beat Goes On! 15th Annual Green Pages Summer Music Guide PHOTO: RANDALL COOK / TD Toronto Jazz Festival FEATURES 7 OPENER | Once On a Time | DAVID PERLMAN 8 FEATURE | Voices in the Wilderness – Murray Schafer | DAVID JAEGER 12 PLANTING NOT PAVING | The Beat Goes On! – Brazilian Drum Groups in TO | CATHY RICHES 15 PROFILE | Cris Derksen – Luminato | DAVID PERLMAN 17 MUSIC AND DANCE | Susanna Hood – Impossibly Happy | STUART BROOMER 18 FEATURE | TD Toronto Jazz Festival – Revisioning Continues | COLIN STORY 20 James Campbell | Festival of the Sound | DAVID PERLMAN 22 Janet Lopinski | Canadian Chopin | PAUL ENNIS 24 Gemma New | Das Lied at HPO | LYDIA PEROVIĆ Escola de Samba de Toronto, on Cumberland Street (2018 TD Toronto Jazz Festival) You’ve seen them. Actually, you probably heard them long before you saw them … those big Brazilian-style drum groups that pop up whenever there’s a festival in the summer. Loud, exuberant and infectious, baterias have become mainstays in multicultural Toronto. … Cathy Riches, pg 12 If you like Brazilian music don’t miss “Festa Brasileira – Um Grande Encontro!” at the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, starting at 3pm Saturday, June 22, at Bloor and Avenue Road. Produced in partnership with Escola de Samba’s honorary Brazilian, Alan Hetherington, it’ll be one great big Brazilian summer party – and it’s free! 25 Charles Richard Hamelin | On Mentoring | PAUL ENNIS 84 WE ARE ALL MUSIC’S CHILDEN | MJ BUELL 102 REARVIEW MIRROR | We Are All Ronan Mattin … (Or Should Be) | ROBERT HARRIS 15 LE MONDE DE SAINTE-COLOMBE ACD2 3021 Sampler Les Voix humaines Susie Napper viola da gamba Margaret Little viola da gamba Available from June 21,2019! G R I G O R I A N . C O M

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