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Volume 25 Issue 7 - April 2020

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After some doubt that we would be allowed to go to press, in respect to wide-ranging Ontario business closures relating to COVID-19, The WholeNote magazine for April 2020 is now on press, and print distribution – modified to respect community-wide closures and the need for appropriate distancing – starts Monday March 30. Meanwhile the full magazine is right here, digitally, so if you value us PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK AS WIDELY AS YOU CAN. It's the safest way for us to reach the widest possible audience at this time!

New Wave Festival

New Wave Festival Postponed to 20/21 Season Tidal Waves Postponed to 20/21 Season Guest Artists VC2 Cello Duo Michael Bridge Accordion Keiko Devaux (Canada) Ebb (2018) Quinn Jacobs (Canada) Action Gallery (2020)* Julia Mermelstein (Canada) in turn (2017) Chris Paul Harman (Canada) Suite for Two Cellos (2019)*** Tze Yeung Oh (Norway) Utrolig Varmt Vann (“extremely hot water”) (2016) Edson Zampronha (Brazil) Trazo (“stroke” as in brush stroke) (2014) Stephanie Orlando (Canada) phases of the moon (2019) Sonic Waves Postponed to 20/21 Season Guest Artists Eugene Astapov Guest Conductor Cameron Crozman Cello John Rea (Canada) Accident (Tombeau de Grisey) (2004) Misato Mochizuki (Japan) Chimera (2000) Žibuoklė Martinaitytė (Lithuania) Completely Embraced by the Beauty of Emptiness (2006) Jamie Li (Canada) Liquid Luminosity (2020)* Kaija Saariaho (Finland) Sept Papillons (2000) Various Composers Mystery Variations (2010) Electric Waves Postponed to 20/21 Season Keynote address by renowned composer, John Rea Guest Artists Shannon Mercer Mezzo-soprano James O’Callaghan Electronics Jennifer Nichols Choreographer/dancer Cameron Crozman Cello James O’Callaghan (Canada) Not non-other (2020) Alison Yun-Fei Jiang (Canada) Snow Music (2020)**** Maurizio Azzan (France) Where the here and now of nowhere is (2018) Christina Volpini (Canada) waves, breaking, reflecting light (2020)** Eugene Astapov (Canada) A Still Life (2020) for mezzo-soprano and orchestra (poetry by Russian poet Polina Barskova) Season Sponsor Festival Sponsors Alex Pauk, Conductor Eugene Astapov & Alison Yun-Fei Jiang, Guest Conductors * World Premiere commissioned by Esprit Orchestra ** World Premiere commissioned by Esprit Orchestra with generous support from the Ontario Arts Council *** World Premiere commissioned by VC2 **** World Premiere: revision/expansion of “Temporal”, originally commissioned by Esprit Orchestra ESPRIT ORCHESTRA Follow us Alex Pauk, Founding Music Director & Conductor

2507_April20_Cover.indd 1 2020-03-20 12:52 PM Volume 25 No 7 | April 2020 ON OUR COVER APRIL 2020 CONCERT LISTINGS FEATURES | REVIEWS Cancelled/Postponed/TBA APRIL 2020 THE MONTH THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN FEATURES 25th SEASON! Vol 25 No 7 7 OPENER | When a Virus Goes Viral | DAVID PERLMAN 8 CHORAL SCENE | How They So Softly Rest | BRIAN CHANG 10 BITTEN BY THE BOOK BUG | Baritone Brett Polegato | LYDIA PEROVIĆ We chose the background photo of the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts in Kingston to represent all venues little and large across our whole region, and because of all the concert halls we know its particular blend of asymmetric wood and subtly shaded forest green seating is a reminder that what we’re dealing with right now affects all of us indoors and out. Our cover art designer, Susan Sinclair says “When David sent me cover text with the heading Cancelled/ Postponed/TBA I immediately thought, ‘Oh no, the issue is cancelled!’ On second reading (and double-checking with him) I realized it was just his cover concept for this strange and troubling issue. It’s been a tough few weeks for everyone, but especially for those in the service and performing arts sectors. Thankfully, I have my CDs and my little dog to keep me company. Hopefully May brings better news!” 47 MUSICAL LIFE | COVID-19 – Artist & Reader Resources | WHOLENOTE STAFF 69 REARVIEW MIRROR | The End of the CBC … Again? | ROBERT HARRIS ACD2 2785 MARIN MARAIS BADINAGES MÉLISANDE CORRIVEAU bass viol ERIC MILNES harpsichord 70 ACD2 2789 TELEMANN Concertos & Ouverture VINCENT LAUZER recorder MATHIEU LUSSIER bassoon and direction ARION ORCHESTRE BAROQUE TO BE RELEASED ON APRIL 17, 2020

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