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Volume 27 Issue 4 - February 2022

Gould's Wall -- Philip Akin's "breadcrumb trail; orchestras buying into hope; silver linings to the music theatre lockdown blues; Charlotte Siegel's watershed moments; Deep Wireless at 20; and guess who is Back in Focus. All this and more, now online for your reading pleasure.

The WholeNote VOLUME

The WholeNote VOLUME 27 NO 4 | FEBRUARY 2022 EDITORIAL Publisher/Editor in Chief | David Perlman Managing Editor | Paul Ennis Recordings Editor | David Olds Blog/E-Letters | Sara Constant Listings Editor | John Sharpe SOCIAL MEDIA Danial Jazaeri, Colin Story SALES, MARKETING & MEMBERSHIP Concert & Event Advertising / Membership | Karen Ages Production & Operations / Advertising Art | Jack Buell, Classified Ads WEBSITE / SYSTEMS Kevin King CIRCULATION Sheila McCoy & Chris Malcolm SUBSCRIPTIONS + HST (8 issues) single copies and back issues *international - additional postage applies ON OUR COVER 6 FOR OPENERS | No Straight Lines | DAVID PERLMAN STORIES & INTERVIEWS 8 NEW OPERA WORKS | Scaling Gould’s Wall - the mysteries of collaboration | GLORIA BLIZZARD 10 CLASSICAL AND BEYOND | Orchestras and others buying into hope | PAUL ENNIS 18 Volume 27 No 4 | February 2022 If you are actually reading this issue on its launch date (Feb 2, 2022) then it’s already been six or seven hours since your local meteorological groundhog (for us it’s Wiarton Willie) either saw their shadow or didn’t. If a shadow was seen, so the story goes, then our groundhogs took the shadow to be some dangerously contagious lurker of some kind, and fled back into their lairs, for a further six weeks of hibernation. Not necessarily a bad thing, because, barring further setbacks, that takes us to full reopening of live performance venues! — David Perlman, page 7 14 MUSIC THEATRE | Silver linings to the new-year lockdown blues | JENNIFER PARR 18 PROFILE | Charlotte Siegel - transformative powers and watershed moments | VIVIEN FELLEGI 21 FITS AND STARTS | The stutterstep reopening! Four stories of discovery | ANDREW TIMAR WholeNote Media Inc. Centre for Social Innovation 503–720 Bathurst Street Toronto ON M5S 2R4 Phone 416-323-2232 | Fax 416-603-4791 Instagram @the_wholenote Facebook & Twitter @theWholenote an Ontario government agency un organisme du gouvernement de l’Ontario

24 IN WITH THE NEW | Radios, pianos and weather - Deep Wireless at 20 | WENDALYN BARTLEY 26 MAINLY CLUBS, MOSTLY JAZZ | Fingers crossed towards full capacity | COLIN STORY 59 BOOKSHELF | Two takes on a tumultuous time | STUART BROOMER 60 REARVIEW MIRROR | Signing up for variant Nu | ROBERT HARRIS 62 BACK IN FOCUS | Previously covered, topical again | STAFF LISTINGS 28 Events by date 30 Available online Blogs, pods & regular streams 31 In the Clubs (mostly Jazz) 32 Classified Ads 33 The WholeNote Online Directories (index) Blue Pages for 2021-2022 Directory of Music Makers and Arts Services DISCOVERIES: RECORDINGS REVIEWED 34 Editor’s Corner | DAVID OLDS 36 Strings Attached | TERRY ROBBINS 38 Vocal 40 Classical and Beyond 44 Modern and Contemporary 49 Jazz and Improvised Music 54 Pot Pourri 55 Something in the Air | KEN WAXMAN 57 Old Wine, New Bottles | BRUCE SURTEES 58 Other Fine Vintages 58 New in the Listening Room, INDEX Paris 1847 LA MUSIQUE D’EUGÈNE JANCOURT ACD2 2834 MATHIEU LUSSIER basson CAMILLE PAQUETTE-ROY violoncelle SYLVAIN BERGERON guitare VALÉRIE MILOT harpe Paris 1847, The Music of Eugène Jancourt is the first recording entirely devoted to this 19th century French composer. Bassoonist Mathieu Lussier invites us to discover these rarities and is joined by Camille Roy-Paquette, cello; Sylvain Bergeron, guitar; and Valérie Milot, harp. QUATUOR SAGUENAY ACD2 2846 FÉLIX MENDELSSOHN | Quatuor à cordes op. 44 n o 2 MAURICE RAVEL | Quatuor à cordes en fa majeur GIOVANNI SOLLIMA | Federico II de Viaggio in Italia Quatuor Saguenay’s return with string quartets by Felix Mendelsson, Maurice Ravel, and Giovanni Sollima. 24 ACD2 2817 Original melodies by pianist and composer Louis Dominique Roy get their first airing on Rêves enclos, (Enclosed dreams) a new ATMA recording with baritone Olivier Laquerre. JUST RELEASED G R I G O R I A N . C O M

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