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Volume 29 Issue 1 | September 2023

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Bridges & intersections: Intersections of all kinds in the issue: the once and future Rex; philanthropy and music (Azrieli's AMPs); music and dance (TMChoir & Citadel + Compagnie); Baroque & Romantic (Tafelmusik's Beethoven). also Hugh's Room crosses the Don; DISCoveries looks at the first of fall's arrivals; this single-month September issue (Vol. 29, no.1) bridges summer & fall, and puts us on course for regular bimonthly issues (Oct/Nov; Dec/Jan; Feb/Mar, etc) for the rest of Volume 29. Welcome back.

Michael Palumbo FUN AND

Michael Palumbo FUN AND FANCIFUL 7:30 pm @ St. Paul L’Amoreaux MÁTÉ SZŰCS 7:30 pm @ The Salvation Army Scarborough Citadel SAT SEPT 30 FRI NOV 3 KIERAN MARAJ HOLIDAY MEMORIES 7:30 pm @ The Salvation Army Scarborough Citadel FAMILY STORIES 7:30 pm @ St. Paul L’Amoreaux BEETHOVEN AND BRAHMS 7:30 pm @ The Salvation Army Scarborough Citadel SONGS OF HOPE 7:30 pm @ St. Paul L’Amoreaux LET THERE BE LISZT! 7:30 pm @ The Salvation Army Scarborough Citadel SPO.CA SAT DEC 2 SAT FEB 10 SAT APR 6 SAT APR 27 SAT MAY 11 SEASON 2023 2024 Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra Ronald Royer, Music Director and Conductor backgrounds, a TTC busking musician, a performer who has never played with electronics before, and an inventor/music technologist. Switchemups: One unique feature of the evening is the third set called Switchemups. This consists of four five-minute improv pieces where audience members can sign up to sit in with performers from the main show. This helps build community and encourages people to experiment with improvisation. It is one of the reasons why the series has been so successful. Just as Palumbo himself felt cared for by members of the Toronto Improvisor’s Orchestra, he makes it a priority to care for his audiences, so education is integral to the evening. He gives listening strategies to help those who may feel lost amidst what might sound like chaos, or for those who may feel they don’t belong at such an event. One of his goals with this series is to be thoughtful about how free improvised music is presented, which means being respectful and responsible to both the audience and the musicians to create a healthy and supportive environment. He has also brought onboard an excellent sound engineer to record the concerts onto multiple tracks which are later mixed down into a spatialized format and released on the Exit Points recording label available on Bandcamp. ( The series is quickly generating interest and enthusiasm from a broad spectrum of musicians and audiences from diverse backgrounds, with the lineups already booked until the spring of 2024. For the latest news, check out @michaelpalumbo_ on Instagram or visit TORONTO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA: The phenomenon known as synesthesia is the focus for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s concerts second concert of the new season, running from September 28 to 30. Peruvian composer Jimmy López Bellido’s 2012 composition titled Synesthésie will receive its North American premiere alongside Scriabin’s The Poem of Ecstasy. Scriabin is known for his synaesthetic perception, the ability to see colours when listening to music. The ideas for Bellido’s composition can be traced to the original commission requirements set by Radio France. Jimmy López Bellido The ten-minute composition was to be written in five two-minute movements, each one to be aired on the radio daily throughout one week. The following Monday, the entire piece was played. To meet the strict requirements, Bellido chose to have each movement express one of the five human senses. He writes that the overall work invites the listener to enter the world of interconnectedness, something that those who experience synesthesia do daily. Wendalyn Bartley is a Toronto-based composer and electro-vocal sound artist. ASHKAN 22 | September 2023

CLASSICAL AND BEYOND Mahani Teave, NPR Tiny Desk Concert, 2021. beethoven FIDELIO SEPT 29—OCT 20 TRUE TO THE HUMAN BEING PAUL ENNIS Here on the island, there’s artistic blood in everybody. I mean, everybody somehow sings and dances and carves and – or plays an instrument. And there’s nothing more natural and more true to the human being than art and music. – Mahani Teave Mahani Teave [Tay-AH-vay] – who makes her Koerner Hall debut at 3pm on October 1 as part of her first North American tour – is the sole professional pianist on one of the most remote, inhabited islands on Earth, Rapa Nui (Easter Island). There she heads the island’s only music school. She’s living a remarkable story. Born 40 years ago to an American woman and a Rapa Nui musician,Teave spent her formative years on the far-flung island, 3600 km from Chile. At six, Teave took ballet lessons and studied the piano; the music that accompanied the ballets became her introduction to classical music. (Among her piano heroes are Emil Gilels, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Ignaz Friedmann and Dinu Lipatti.) When the teacher left the island, Teave was nine and her considerable talent was noticeable. The family moved to Valdivia in southern Chile where she studied for six years. On her way to audition for a music school in Cologne, she attended a masterclass by Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) faculty member Sergei Babayan (Daniil Trifonov’s mentor), whose mastery so impressed her that she chose Cleveland instead. After studying at CIM and Berlin’s Hans Eisler Music Academy and winning the Claudio Arrau International Piano Competition in 1999 and later being selected as a Steinway & Sons artist, Teave seemed set for a sparkling international career. Instead, concerned with the lack of music training in her homeland, she returned to Easter Island, establishing in 2012 a tuition-free school for classical and traditional music. Her story continued in 2018, when a Seattle-based software magnate and collector of rare violins visited the school where he was astonished by the enthusiastic students and Teave’s skill at the piano. Discovering that she had never made a recording, he arranged for her to make an album in Seattle, the proceeds of which go directly to her school. The result was Rapa Nui Odyssey, a recital of Bach, Handel, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff and Scriabin, as well as a traditional Rapa Nui song. It puccini LA BOHÈME OCT 6—28 TICKETS ON SALE NOW September 2023 | 23 Date: Aug 17, 2023 Approvals: Date: Signature: Filename_ Version# Studio: COC230496_2324_SA_WN_Sept_FNL

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