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Volume 3 Issue 2 - October 1997

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Iii~' >........... not october '97 wholenote Musician's Nightma~e: Part II In our previous article we reviewed some concepts: how we lose our hearing; and how to recognize when something is As we mentioned, hearing loss does over night. It may gather over years before it becomes noticeable, and by then audiometric testing often shows a considerable, and irreversible, loss of hearing. In this article we examine what can be done to prevent hearing loss resulting from excessive noise levels. EDUCATION Probably the first step in hearing conservation is education. By this we mean raising the awareness that noise can be a hazard for all musicians, not just rock 'n rollers. Without getting too technical, here are some data. Noise is measured in dB (decibels) using a Sound Level Meter (SLM for short). When we measure to assess the hazard of hearing loss, we introduce an < >HJI

wholenote october '97 9 .... AND OUR MEMBERS SAY new voices to its mixed The McGill Club at 21 McGill Street is open to the public for brunch Oct 24 at 10:30 followed by a noon concert by Valerie Kuinka, viola, Peter Rapson, cello, Stephanie Sebastian, piano. The October program of the Mozart Society starts with fine chamber music, followed by the Annual Party. Members- new and old - are treated to home- . made sweets, cheese and wine. Joining now to enjoy 3 concerts in 1997 and seven in 1998. Recommended contribution is (tax deductible). Non-members- choir, musicians (mandolins, . woodwinds, accordion and · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · percussion) and dancers. ~ici has recently released The Shevchenko School of 1ts fo';lr~h CD, Contrasts, Performing Arts welcomes contammg three works ·. . children 5 - 16 ears to its Bartok's Contrasts for vwhn, f "" lkyd 1 · t d · program o 10 ance, cShanntaek a~ h~Ia 8no, p, music and choral singing. os ov1c s even oems All 1 d h 1 t Al d Bl k 0 127 c asses an re earsa s o exan er ., 0 ' opus held at Columbus Centre a~d Dohnany1 s Se~tet for 416_533._2725_ piano quartet, clarmet and horn. CD was produced and engineered by Anton Kwiatkowski and is distributed by Summit Records. The Shevchenko Musical Ensemble now recruiting THIS MONTH 1 S COVER Wilma van Berkel and Robert Kubica, as these words are being written late Sunday night in mid­ September, are in the final hours of recording their third CD together. While waiting for the release of this one, pick up their first two, recorded and distributed by Naxos, featuring Fernando Sor's duo-guitar compositions. Better still, catch van Berkel and Kubica live Friday, October 24 at Eastminster United Church on Danforth Avenue, the first concert in the Music Umbrella Series. When Wilma van Berkel packed her bags, leaving the Netherlands for Prague to study guitar with Stepan Rak, she had no idea her trip would lead eventually to Toronto. In Prague in 1990, · however, she asked Rak about playing chamber music, and he suggested a guitar duo with another of his students, a Canadian, Robert Kubica, Gold Medalist in performance from the University of Western Ontario. "Romance was the farthest thing from my mind" she told WholeNote "but the moment Rak introduced us that all changed!" Transforming personal chemistry into musical chemistry, before long they were performing throughout the Czech Republic. In 1992 the couple came to Toronto, where the resourceful van Berkel, temporarily not permitted to work, set to work successfully promoting the duo. November last year they did a concert at the Glenn Gould Studio and last February a tour of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Next May van Berkel will perform with soprano Maria Riedstra as part of the Leaside Concert Series. Both Wilma and Robert are active as guitar teachers and clinicians. Wilma is a partner with Toronto pianist Mary Kenedi in the North Toronto Institute of Music community music school on Eglinton Avenue near Bayview. Robert teaches there as well as at the Peel Music School in Brampton and at the Thornhill School of Music. Having heard their CDs there is no doubt in my mind that these two artists will be more and more in demand over the next few years, and look forward to hearing them in concert this month. - Allan Pulker MONTHLY CLASSICAL 720 Bathurst Street, Suite 502 Toronto, Ontario MSS 2R4 Toronto Senior Strings continue to support young artists by providing performance opportunities with their ensemble of seasoned professional musicians. The fortunate artists this season are Stephen Tam, flute (October 23), Susan Boyes, mezzosoprano (June 4) and a children's choir (April 16). Woodwinds Ltd. FLUTE-CLARINET-SAX-OBOE-BASSOON Expert Repairs, Sheet Music, Accessories New & Used lnstrumenls 535-6000 authorized warranty repair depot m :~>Sf¥i;J.:\ ~. r~":ot:f:!.; ~. ~~~!~;;.~ ~~ the sound post Canada's String Shop violins, violas, cellos, basses repairs and restorations, bow rehairs strings and accessories music and recordings educational materials guaranteed lowest prices • NEW LOCATION • 93 Grenville Street (near College/Bay), Toronto phone (416) 971-6990 fax (416) 597-9923 F1·ee parking • Open Sundays 12 - 5 PHoTo: Graham Wright, formerly of Roy Thomson Hall Music Boutique Now in his new location CONCERT HALL Commerce Court, Bay & King, 416-861-8327 Bring this ad into the store for 10% discount

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