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Volume 3 Issue 4 - December 1997/January 1998

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&~ · En ~~o/~--~cwui-3~

&~ · En ~~o/~--~cwui-3~ ~~~~ ~~~~ GEOHG FRiEDRICH I-IAENDEL (1685 . 1759) Scligt: H.uh .. Ombra 1nai fu Llrl!O (Xcrxc£) FRANZ LEHAR (1870. 1948) Es lebt eine Vilja (Die Lu stige \.Virwe ) ALOIS MELICHAR "MOT! VI FRANZ SCIIUBERT" FRANZ VON SUPPE • ltt of , ll'i'J(I Tr.m~crihcd by Hnhcn Ni,:huh.on Millc ~ hcruhini in curu FRANZ SCHUBERT (17'J7 · IM2d) Avc Maria ENRICO TOSELLI (lmll - IIJ26) Cnn1c un :o~n1-: nn d'ur GIACOMO I'UCC INI ( 185B. 1924) 0 1nio habbino c aro (Gianni s~hi..:~ h i) ALFREDO CATALANI OHSof · Ut 1 Jl) Ehhcn, n'andnl lonaana (L;o Woolly) ( 1819. 1895) Hab'ic h nur deine Liebe (Boccaccio) CD recorded in Toronto, 1997. Available through ' Centuries Opera Association. Price .- plus handling Charge.Write to: 1138 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, M6C 2E2 or Call: Tel: (416) 787-3708 Fax: (416) 787-1028 TORONTO 'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE FRANZ LEHAR Liebe, du Himmel a uf Erden (Pag-o~nini) FRANZLEHAR Warum hast Du mich wachgekuesst CFriederike) ]OHANNES BRAHMS 11833 . 1897 ) William Shookhoff, Piano He, Zigeuner Zi~eunerheder I, Op. 103 Hochgetuermte Rimaflut Zi(!eunerliede:=r 11, Op. 103

MUSIC EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR YOUNG CIDLDREN: Explore musical creativity & enhance rhythmic ability. 9:30- 10:30 Sundays. 416-962-8758. SLAP HAPPY WINTER LUNACY RECORD SALE. Reserve your table. Proceeds to CHUM/CITY Christmas Wish Foundation. December 6, 12-6pm. 905-709-2556. RADIO MUSIC Classical 96 FM (CFMX) has just moved to its new home at 550 Queen Street East in Toronto, described as a state of the art broadcast facility. We congratulate the owners and staff of CFMX for their significant contribution to the cultural climate of our city, and for their demonstration that a cultural enterprise can be profitable. Their example was certainly an inspiration to us when we started Pulse two and a half years ago. Another approach to cultural broadcasting is, of course, CJRT's "listener-supported radio". A couple of their programs of interest to our readers. One of these, "On the Arts", with host, Tom Fulton, is on the air every weekday from 5:30 to 6:00. Every Tuesday is devoted to music. The other is the contemporary music program, "Canadian Currents", on which host (and composer) David Olds will explore contemporary music through recordings. Canadian Currents will air on six tuesday evenings at 9:00 beginning December 2, with a repeat broadcast the following Sunday. CHANGE RINGING The bells of St. James' Cathedral will be ringing on Nov.30, 3:30-4:30, Dec.l, 6:30-7:30, Dec.24, 3:30-4:30, Dec.25, 10-11, Dec.31, 11- 11:45p.m., Jan.1, 12am-12:15 & 12 noon-1:00. FIRST NIGHT '98 This year's, the seventh edition of First Night Toronto, will take place at over 16 different sites at Harbourfront Centre as well as the ROM, the Eaton Centre and the Ontario Science Centre f~om 5:00 pm to Midnight on December 31. Admission is by access buttons which are available in advance at various locations. Amadeus Choir Chanukah For more information, call Song and Christmas Carol 416-362-3692. If you are Competition. interested in being a volunteer This year the Amadeus Choir at the event, call 416-362- received 169 submissions to 3986. its Christmas Carol and r-----------... Chanukah Song Writing SONGS AND (IDINGS Of JOY 8PM, Friday, December 12, 1997 St. James' Cathedral Settin g~ or the Mwgni)i",·at by Rullcr: Mendclssolm. I~i.irt . Mozarl, Willan dlld d world prL·mkrc by Toronto compmcr Kevin Skelton. Brainerd Blyden-Taylor - :~ 11Ju: '.' r Sidgwick Scholars . ,,;f,• ... triumphal ovation M - Montreal Presse Please call Laurent at ( 416) 960-1393 for information. Jan. 31 8:00: Popular Renaissance Songs of the Netherlands. Includes selections from Adriaenssen: Pratum Musicum (1584); Novum Pratum Musicum (1592). Julie Harris. soprano; John Edwards, lute. Trinity St. Paul's Church, ~27 Bloor St. W. 340-1004. or pay-what-you-will. SOURCE

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