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Volume 3 Issue 6 - March 1998

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Private Lessons • Master Classes • Chamber Music Public Concerts • Orchestral Audition Preparation PI 4 N 0 Helmut Braun (Mushashlno Academla Muslcae, Tokyo) Wolfram UMebach (Alberta College, Edmonton) Ellen Mack (Peabody lnslftu1e, Baltimore) Juuan Martin (Peabody lns1Hu1e, Baltimore) Borls Zaranldn _ (Director, Zaranldn SchOol o1 Music, Toronto) VIOLIN Martin Beaver(Peabody lns1Hute, Baltimore) James Buswell (New England Conserva1ory, Boston), Gregory Fulkerson (Oberlln Conserva1ory, Oberlln) llya llaler (Gold Medal Winner In the Paganlnl, Sfbeflus, Tcbalkovsky compelltfons) Teo Tetel (Peabody lns1Hu1e, Baltimore) V I 0 LA Alar Arad (Indiana Unlverslty,lfoomlngton) Rofand Glassl Ondlana University, Bfoomlngton) ~ CELLO Emfllo Colon (Indiana University, Bloomlngton) Bryan Epperson (Royal Conserva1ory, Toronto) Antonlo Lysy (McGIII University, Montreal) Carol Ou (New England Conserva1ory, Boston) Mlhal Tetel (Royal Conserva1ory, Toronto) FLUTE Bonfla Boyd (Eas1man sChOol, Roches1er) ' Amy Hamilton (Wfffrtd Laurler University, Waterloo) ' Flona Wflkfnson (University o1 Wes1ern Ontario, London) OBOE Keflh Atldnson (Associate Principal, Toronto Symphony) For Information and brochures please calf Mlhal Tetel at (416) 423-8042, Fax (416) 423-7658 E-mafl: VIsit our web sHe at hHP,:I/ -arlalnt JunTer C~err 'festival anCt 2;>ummer 2;>c~eels Girls' Choir School August 16 - 30 Trafalgar Castle School, Whitby Fee: 5.00 Contact Tony Browning, Phone: 905-727-9009 Fax: 905-727-7680 Boys' Choir Camp August 23 - 30 Camp Couchiching Fee: 5.00 Contact Camp Couchiching, Phone: 4 16-769-2233 Fax: 4 16-769-0204 Diocesan Junior Choir Festival (for treble voices) Sunday April 26, Sr. James' Cathedral 2:00pm rehearsal, 4:30pm service Registration fee .00 per chorister Contact Giles Bryanr, 4 16,364-7865 ?' 7 , CAMP-PLANNING, ••• CONTINUED , band/orchestra, jazz, vocal jazz, and music theatre. It takes place from August 29 to September 6. You do not need to audition, but at least one year of experience on the instrument is neccessary, unless you are in the junior beginner division. This program takes place 1 1 h hours north of Toronto, outside Orillia, and combines music instruction and outdoor activities. The directors are Harold & Bruce Nashman. The cost is 9.00 all inclusive. If you are interested, please call Laurie Boudreau - Evans at (416) 482-2475. 0 _St. Christopher House continues its regular lessons this summer. There are private lessons in piano guitar, violin,cello, flute and recorder, but the instruments available during the summer will depend on demand. Anyone from ages 5 and up can take part. These classes cost .00 (.00 per 1h hour lesson), but subsidies are available to eligible candidates. The music school director is Jamie Stager, and it is he you should contact if you are interested in these classes at 416-532-4828. r O Juan Tomas Music Studio, runs the North York Guitar Orchestra. Held at. Armour Heights Church in North York, this program is for woodwinds, and classical/ flamenco guitar. They train for a senior level of performance for the professional level concerts that they organize and promote. This program has been running for the last 9 years. This program costs 0.00 for ten sessions. You have to audition, and also required is a commitment. So if you are 14 or older, and are interested in this program, then contact Juan Tomas at 416-485-2056. 0 CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE three programs this summer. The Girls' Choir School, Boys' Choir Camp, and Diocesan Junior Choir Festival (for treble voices). The Girls' program is from August 16- 30, at Trafalgar Castle School, in Whitby, and costs ,75.00. Contact Tony Browning at 905-727-9009. The boys' program is at Camp Couchiching, and costs 5.00, taking place August 23 - 30. Contact Camp Couchiching, at 416-769-2233 for more information. The Junior choir festival (for treble voices) is on Sunday April 26 at St. James' Cathedral. There is a 2:00 PM rehersal, and a 4:30 service. There is a registration ·fee of .00 per chorister. For more information on this event, call Giles Bryant at 416-364- 7865. 0 In New York State, there is the Ithaca CoUege Chamber Music Institute, which has been running for 24 y~ars, and is currently under the direction of Sanford Reuning. This program has training in violin, viola, cello; chamber music, string orchestra, performance seminar, lessons and public performances. The summer program, from July 5 - 25, is for ages 12- 18, and costs,32.00 US all inclusive. This program requires a tape audition, and you must be at least at the follwing levels. For violin, you must be at least at the Bach concerto in A minor, for Viola, the Telemann concerto in G minor, and for cello the Vivaldi Sonata in E minor. If you are interested in this program, please call Sanford Reuning at 607-272-6006. 0 The International School for Musical Arts (formerly the Algonquin International Music Institute), under the direction of Atis Bankas, provides Junior, Senior, and , professional divisions, of training in strings, piano & guitar (solo and chamber music) for musicians from ages 7 ~ 30. This program is held at Maple Lake, near

Parry Sound. This program costs 00.00 for the two week session, 00.00 for three weeks and 00.00 for four weeks. Scholarships are available. This program requires a tape audition of 20 minutes maximum with contrasting selections, for first time applicants only. The application deadline, is April 15 . For more information, call Atis Bankas, Director, or Tamara Wajda, Managing Director, at 416-530 4050. 0 Creative Artist Productions, has been running since 1994, under the artistic direction of Stephanie Bogie. This program provides training for singers and apprentice coaches covering all aspects of operatic training and performance. This program allows students to work on a role and perform, as well as have classes in diction, dance, musical and vocal coaching, body work, working with a conductor, drama, character study and stage technique classes, buissness of singing and staging and performance. This program runs from July 17, to August 18. Also needed, are pianists. You must audition. Singers must be advanced .to sing opera, and sing two oper:atic arias for audition. Pianists, must have experiaece with singers, be good readers, and have language ability. Must play a solo piano piece and an excer:pt from an opera- sing all parts. Singers in this _ program pay a fee of 0.00, and pianists earn their fee. For more information, please call Stephanie Bogie, at 416-466- 2945. 0 Of course, there is the Royal Conservatory of Music. This well known organization has been running since 1886! The summer school runs from July 3 - August 2. There are private lessons, teacher courses, theory classes, and courses for both adults and children. The fees vary from program to program. For more information, you can call the re)l:istration office, and ·ask for a summer school brochur

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