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Volume 3 Issue 6 - March 1998

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mUSIC mATRIX affordable

mUSIC mATRIX affordable administrative services for composers, performers, and presenters of music Grant Preparation Financial Management Promotional Materials New! Significant Hourly Rate Subsidy for Small Ensemble members of AC0/00 (Association of Canadian Orch~stras/Orchestras Ontario) Membership lnfo: 416-366-8834 by appointment: Lauren Pratt at I 416-785-7075 416-785-8849 fax A not-for-profit corporation. Financial assistance for these services is provided by The Ontario Arts Council, The Municipality of Metropolttan Toronto and The Toronto Arts Council. _/ ~. "' li • -- . - - ·-- ON OUR COVER THIS MONTH: JOAN WATSON RECORDING SUCCESSFULLY The french horn, despite its wide pallette of tone colours, is not frequently heard as a solo instrument, partly beca~se of the limited solo repertoire available to it. French horn player loan Watson, associate principal player in.the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, has done something to remedy the situation by commissioning two new works for her new CD, "Songs My Mother Taught Me." A mix of classical, jazz, pop and original songs, the recording features the french horn in combination with an eclectic array of other instruments such as kalimba, xylophone, electric guitars and accordion in arrangements by Howard Baer, David Miller, Jim McGrath, Alastair Kay & Gary Pattison. Included is an arrangement for a cappella horn quartet of "Send In The Clowns" and original compositions by Christopher Dedrick. The CD, p~oduced and distributed by Peros Music Studios, will be premiered at a full-length concert as part of the Music at St. John's series on April 4, and will be available in retail stores. A One Day Workshop On The Canadian S~~~~~~,:r;~ §;:z~:; Classical Recording Business HOSTED BY THE SMALL ENSEMBLES PROGRAM AT ORCHESTRAS CANADA Wednesday, i\prll 1, 1998 9:00 am - 3:30 pm CBC Broadcast Centre, 205 Wellington Street West, Toronto Prlc.e: Members and Students .001 Others .00 The objectives of this comprehensive one day workshop are: + To provide an overview of the llJedlanlcs of the classical music recording business In Canada. + To provide Information that will assist musicians to make appropriate recording choices. + To provide musicians with the opportunity to meet representatives of the Canadian classical recording and marketing Industry. Topics covered: • The mechanics of producing a CD • Financing your recording project • Legal aspects and licensing Issues • Current trends In the marketplace: repertoire selection, marketing and distribution • Starting your own label - Speakers: Susan Abramovltch, Partner, Stohn Henderson; Handy Barnard, General Manager, CBC Records; Barbara Brown, Manager, CBC Ucenslng; Omar Daniel, Composer, free-lance record producer; Mary Lou Fallls, Singer, recording ai1Jst; Davld Hetherlngton, Cellist, Amici Ensemble; Anton Kwlatkowskl, PJ Productions Inc.; Stuart Laughton, Director, Opening Day Recordings; Heather Ostertag, Executive Director, FACTOR; Faye Perklns, Director, Sony Classical; Earl Rosen, President, Marquis Records; Richard Truhlar, Manager, Centredlscs. For more information, contact ORCHESTRAS CANADA .Phone (416) 366-8834 Fax (416) 366-1780 E-mail: ' TORONTOS ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE I

September 3-15, 1998 When dusk falls on the historic walls of the Forbidden City, a privileged audience from around the world will be taken back In time and immersed into life at the court of ancient China. GALA DINNER IN THE FORBIDDEN CITY After the final curtain falls, the main doors to the palace will open and those who have reserved places for the gala dinner will be able to enjoy a banquet with some of the world's greatest artists. The perfect ending to an enchanting evening, with Maestro Zubin jULY 16-19 1998 J?ou are invited to spend four days of the greatest conce1ts m ail able in the scenic Qyebec countryside. '[he intimate FESTIVAL o'ORFORD. with a 1\ossini conce1t b.y I Musici, under the direction ofYuu TuaovsKY and the world famous FEsTIVAL DE iANAUDIERE, with CHARLES DuTOIT conducting the MoNTREAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA and the AMAoEus CHAMBER ORCHESTRA are pmt of this memomble "'eek-end. You 1-ri// hare the best resen-ed seats. meet w·ith the pe1jormers at special back stage receptions. be part of !\[aster Classes, and enjoy gastronomical meals to con>plement this unique e_\:perience. 1\etum ai1,{are to and from Montreal. deltu-e nwtorcoac/1 to the different sites, all breakfasts. /unc/1 and dinners. hotels and conceit tickets are ami/able to a limited nw11ber ofn>usic lorers.for only ' 1 ·5 rinc/uding all taxes and gmtuitiesi per perso11 !based on double occupancy!. .;1 deposit of 0 btfore March 30 1-d// guarantee this price. s· I ates mailable on reqt est ,~;~1111.1 For more information please call Talk of the Town Travel Ltd. at 416-960-1393 or email: ,, PER OS MUSIC STUDIOS SPECIALIZING IN CLASSICAL CD RECORDING PROJECTS Peros Music Studios unique All-Inclusive Packages make CD recording projects an exciting possibility_ Our All-Inclusive Packages include: · • All recording, production and mixing by our Juno Award winning producer • All artwork/graphics and CD cover desigrt by Canada's top graphic designers • All printing of full colour CD covers • Manufacturing of all CD or cassette product • FREE DISTRIBUTION of your CD to major music stores (National & Worldwide optional) • FREE Media Consultation to promote your recording • Peros Music will also arrange for licensing of any copyright material on your behalf YOUR P.RODUCT IS OUR PRODUCT We do not just leave you stuck with a CD, we will work with you to promote your CD and to have it succeed. 1 .1 . Peros Music's long background in every facet of the music business allows us 'to offer this unique ':1 · ' All-Inclusive service at an Incredible Price. If you are considering a CDrecording project call: PEROS MUSIC STUDIOS (905)814-8555

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