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Volume 3 Issue 7 - April 1998

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OuR COVER: Beverley

OuR COVER: Beverley Johnston, percussionist extraordinaire After the first of two photo sessions with Beverley Johnston, photographer, Michael Shaw commented, a mixture of awe and disbelief in his voice, "she's always tapping on things, wherever she goes ... she ne~er stops". If this constant attention to the resonance of the world is the secret of her flawless technique and disciplined vitality on stage, then may she keep tapping! Described by one reviewer as ".. . a whiz bang player with the soul of a poet ... " the poetry of Beverley Johnston 's performance is all in the · way she moves - precise but flexible, fast when necessary but never hurried. She is a performer who must be · seen as well as heard. Of course, what you hear is - well, out of this world. Her premiere performance of Christos Hatzis' Fertility Rites at February's "Collaborations" Concert was a virtuosic synchronization of Johnston on stage with a tape of Inuit throat singing and electronically PHOTOS: MICHAEL SHAW synthesized sounds. Her talent, now internationally recognized, has taken her to concert halls around the world - Alice Tully and Merkin Hall in New York, the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria. On Friday, April 24 she will add another to the list, the Weston Recital Hall at the Ford Centre for the Performing Arts. The featured work on the program is the premiere of a new work by Canadian composer, Peter Hatch, called Psionic lnteiference, in which she will wear a costume which will be her instrument It sounds like a metaphor for the way she lives her art. She will also be performing a program of music for flute and percussion with Carol Ann Savage, April 4 at Deer Park United, a fundraiser for the Schoolhouse Private School on St. Clair Avenue West. April 30 M ay 3 Steeles Ave. I Parking l ot 38 f FREE PARKING Founders Road Entrance - j ] walk t Winter College Dining Hall -\ Park here THu. APRIL 30 12 TO 8 York University's Faculty of Fine Arts is renewing its stock of pianos and hosting a sale on campus in association with Kawai Canada Music Ltd. and Y.C Chau & Sons Pianos Inc. More than 100 pianos will be offered, including grands 1and uprights - some new, others professionally refurbished - plus a wide selection of 88 note digital pianos. Instruments will be available in many sizes and finishes. Brand names include Kawai, Yamaha, Steinway, Heintzman, and others. Arrange an early appointment for better selection. FRI. MAY I 10 TO 8 SAT. MAY 2 10 TO 6 Sales & Delivery arranged through Y.C. Chau & Sons Pianos Inc. VISA, MasterCard, CIBC Financing available. fOR AN APPOINTMENT CALL: 41 G-23G-BGG2 Winters College Dining Hall, York University SuN. MAY 3 4700 Keele Street at Steeles Avenue, Toronto. 12 TO 6 Enter at Founders Road south off ofSteeles Avenue, one block west of Keele Street. Free parking in Parking Lot 3B. Follow signage to Sale. TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURC~

September 3-15, 1998 When dusk falls on the historic walls of the Forbidden City, a privileged audience from around the world will be taken back in time and immersed into life at the court of ancient China. GALA DINNER IN THE FORBIDDEN CITY After the final curtain falls, the main doors to the palace will open and those who have reserved places for the gala dinner will be able to enjoy a banquet with some of the world's greatest artists. The perfect ending to an enchanting evening, with Maestro Zubin M ht h ·11 b d t th h }ULY 16-19 1998 j)ou are invited to spend four da.ys of the greatest conce1ts ami/able in the scenic Qyebec countryside. • '!he intimate FESTIVAL o'ORFORD. with a 1\_ossini conce11 by I Musici, wu;ier the direction o(Yu u T u ROVSKY and the W"Orld famous FEsTIVAL DE iANAUDlERE, tdth CHARLES DuTOIT conducting the MoNTREAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA and the AMAoEus CHAMBER ORcHESTRA are pmt of this memorable 1.c eek-end. Y ou will hace the best reserr·ed seats, meet tl>ith the pe1jom ters at special back stage receptions, be part rf i'rfaster Classes, and enjoy gastronomical meals to co111plen Wilt this unique experimce. 1\_etum ai1.{are to and from l'Klontrea/, dehcre nwtorcoach to the d!ffermt sites. all breakfasts, lunch and dinners. hotels and mnce11 tickets are ami/able to a limited nwnber of music lorersJiJI· only 5 !including all taxes and gratuities! per person !based 011 double occupal!cyi. .;Jl deposit of0 brifore March 30 will guarantee this price. Single rates acailable on request ...._.~~~IW.I For more information please call Talk of the Town Travel Ltd. at 416-960-1393 or email: . ,, PEROS MUSIC STUDIOS SPECIALIZING IN CLASSICAL CD RECORDING PROJECTS Peros Music Studios unique All-Inclusive Packages make CD recording projects an exciting possibility. Our All-Inclusive Packages include: • All recording, production and mixing by our Juno Award winning producer • All artwork/graphics and CD cover design by Canada's top graphic designers • All printing of full colour CD covers • Manufacturing of all CD or cassette product • FREE DISTRIBUTION of your CD to major music stores (National & Worldwide optional) • FREE Media Consultation to promote your recording • Peros Music will also arrange for licensing of any copyright material on your behalf YOURPRODUCTISOURPRODUCT We do not just leave you stuck with a CD, we will work with you to promote your CD and to have it succeed. Peros Music's long background in every facet of the music business allows us to offer this unique All-Inclusive service at an Incredible Price. If you are considering a CD recording project call: . PEROS MUSIC STUDIOS (905)814-8555 TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

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