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Volume 3 Issue 8 - May 1998

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events in We are not

events in We are not alone. • • • 8:00: Toronto Camerata. Spring Returns. Church of St. Leonard. See May 29. • • • 8:00: Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Roy Thomson Hall. See June 3. • • • 1 :30: CJRT-FM & McMichael Volunteer Committee. Music at McMichael. Anagnoson & Kinton, piano duo. McMichael Gallery, 10365 Islington, Kleinburg. 595-0404. Free with admission to the Gallery: ,,. ' • • • 2:00: Mississauga Ubrary System. John Arpin in Concert. Noel Ryan Auditorium, 301 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W. ,. • • • 2:00: Toronto Children's Chorus, Jean Ashworth Bartle, music director. International Conductors Concert. Britten: Missa Brevis: Freedman: Keewaydin; Watson Henderson: Creation's Praise; Anne's Choir. 270 Gladstone Mathias: Salvator Mundi; Ave. 536-3160. Free. Tallis: Glory to Thee, My Gocf, • • • 7:30: Amadeus Choir, This Night; Willcocks: Psalm Lydia Adams, music direc·tor. 23 & 150. Judy Loman, harp; Viva la Diva! Greer: songs set i11ternational cohductor · to texts by Sarah Binks d~legates; Sir David Willcocks, (premiere); an evening of song guest conductor/clinician. St. and fun. Mary Lou Fallis, James' Cathedral, 65 Church soprano; Eleanor Daley, organ. St. 932-8666. ,. George Weston Recital Hall, • • • 3:00: Choirs of the 5040 Yonge St. 872-2222. ,. • • • 7:30: Celebration Of Praise. Concert of gospel music. Ben Heppner, tenor; 380-voice t;:hoir including members of Toronto area churches and All The King's Voices; full orchestra. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe St. 757-5512. to . Church of St. Mary Magdalene. r--------------------------, Exsultate J.usti- Renaissance The fo.llowing concert information Motels for Seasons & Occasions. works by Batten, was received too late to list, Morley, Purcell, Tomkins & Next deadline is Friday May 15, 6pm, Tye. Dr. Willis Noble, for the period June 1 to July 7 1998 conductor. 477 Manning Ave. May 2 7:30: Chaverim Christian Centre. 447-3247. 769-7991.,. Youth Band. Kingston Road May 22 8pm: Hilary Baisley. ••• 3:00: Music at Hart United Church. 699-6091. vocals; Paul Wurster. piano. House. Annual Rupert Schieder May 8 ~pm: Marc Toth, piano. Studio Theatre, 225-5837. Concert. Great Hall, 7 Hart Waiter Hall. 978-3750. May 23 7:30: Horns A-Plenty! House Circle. 978-5362. Free. May 10 8pm: Serouj Kradjian, Ken MacDonald & friends. • • • 3:00: Toronto Camerata. piano & Ara Malikian. violin. Central Presbyterian Church, Ford Centre. 351-0475. Hamilton. 41 6-406-21 37. Spring Returns. Church of St. May 12 8pm: Earl Haig May 25 7:30: Canadian-Filipino Leonard. See May 29. ••• 4 : 3 0: Great Music at St. Secondary/Ciaude Watson Arts Friendship Concert. Eden Anne's. Abendmusik. Brahms: Program Symphony Concert. George Weston. 395-3846. United Church. 905-820-1833. May 26 8pm: North York Uebeslieder Waltzes; other May 15 8pm: Gemmel- Festival Singers. George love songs. Soloists of St. · Wassmansdorf Harp & Percus- Weston Recital Hall. 395-4760. sion Duo. St. Andrew's Presby- May 31 3pm: Music at terian. 441 -1111 ext.239/240. Rosedale. Jenny Mallon. flute, May 19 8pm: To. lntl. Acad. of Paul Jenkins. harpsichord. M us. Studio Theatre, Ford Rosedale Presbyter. 921-1931. Centre 222-2039. May 31 1pm & 3pm·: Yamaha May 21 8pm: Marta Hidy & 1998 Student Composers Friends. Studio Theatre, Ford Concert. Studio Th. 224-5590. All the King's Voices and 15 Toronto Church Choirs and Orchestra featuring guest soloist Ben Heppner Sunday, June 7, 1998 at 7:30pm Roy Thomson Hall 6o Simcoe St., Toronto , , o For Tickets: (416) 872-4255 or 75r5512 Group rates available. e-mail: all kingsvoicesii>geocities. corn http://www /indexatkv .html Lydia Adams, Conductor and Artistic Director Eleanor Daley, Organist starring Mary Loo Fallis Soprano Viva la Diva! This celebrated Soprano/ commedienne will take on the Amadeus Choir for an evening of song and fun. This is definitely a concert which must not be missed! Sunday, June 7, 1998 at 7:30p.m. George Weston Recital Hall Ford Centre for t~e Performing Arts TICKETS AND GST included Tickets may be obtained by visiting the box office of the Ford Centre for the Performing Arts, in North York or by phoning TicketMaster at (416) 872-2222. Sponsored jointly by :berBoe't3 'IBDO TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL. & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

--------------------------- BEHIND THE SCENES: Gary Corrin From page 18 numbers, on the shelves. "The instruments, soloists, maybe weeks of the season, vocal parts as well. It can get corresponding to the schedule pretty big. Mendelssohn's book. 'Our season is 40 weeks, "Elijah", here, gets a box." we ~verage one afld three--. Gary continues: "For quarters concerts per week. something we already have I · Each shelf has all the music we pull the set out of the stack~ will need for that week. HERE and put it HERE to check (he indicates the worktable next over and work on. This one, ~o the shelves) we put the parts Folio 128, is Hoist's "The mto TSO folders. If we do our Planets", going into rehearsal preparat!on right, the !lctua!' in May. This is not for sale concert 1s a slam-dunk." any more, only rental. .. " "Over THERE (he points to Me: "You mean there is music .two piles of folders at the end that's not for sale?" of the table) is the music from · the concert we just finished, Gary: "Oh, yeah. Bernstein ready to be broken down and and Gershwin, you 1.\Sed to be put back in the stacks. Wanna able to buy them, but as they see?" 1, got to be more in demand the (Gary is grinning like a kid publishers switched to rental about to go down the big slide only. More· money. Bartok I on a piece of waxed paper. can only rent. It's public . How can I resist?) domain in Canada but I can't find anyone to sell it to me!" He grabs the stack on the right and flips the whole thing over. Gary opens "The Planets" "Now, these are in proper folio and takes a neatly filled-in order,. so to break them down, form off the top. "THIS is lhe we have to do it in reverse, inventory sheet. First I check right? Ready? Now ..." the contents of the folio against He opens the folder now on the inventory sheet... flute the top and takes out the parts. parts, winds, brass, strings, "Percussion -- Ravel: percussion, urn -- chorus? not Prelude a l'apre midi d'un listed until the third faune part 17 of 17, 'movement.. and so on." Saint-Saens: Piano Concert #2, David Kent, the Personnel part 14 of 14, Dvorak: Manager, uses the inventory Symphony #6 part 19 of 19. sheet to schedule musicians for Next folder, Ravel 16, nothing the performance and, with his for Saint-Saens, Dvorak 18." assista~t, Peter Madgett, to make seating plans. Publicity His hands fly .. Folder after uses it, too, for the program.) folder is emptied, backwards through the brass and then the Garyriffles through the winds. "Flute-- 1 of 17, 1 of stack of parts. "All here, 14, 1 of 19, perfect!" He marked with part and stand gives a satisfied sigh. B!lt numbers, see?" The top one is wait, there's more fun to marked 1/19, then 2/19 and so come! on. He leafs through the scores and parts. "Now the strings ... The "After checking for numbering system is more loos~ pages, rips that need to be complex since two strings taped, that sort of thing we usually share a music stand, check with the concertmastet, but the principal is the same." hcques Israelievitch, about Gary flips the second stack and bowing marks and notation. begins emptying folders. Our Associate Principal Vroom! double basses, cellos, Librarian, Errol Gay, writes in vroom. vroom! violas, the bowing marks, he's fast screaming through the violins, and really good, but Jacques concertmaster, conductor's has the final say. We also folder -- hurray! need to fmd out from the Like magic, chaos is Principal Percussionist if we'll reduced to two stacks of empty need additional copies for his folders, three tidy sets of music section." . and the two of us grinnmg like "And then, once we have a maniacs. Gary bundles the .complete set with current sets back into their folios and notations, it goes over ties the strings. THERE." Gosh, it's nice to see "There" is a bookcase with someone enj?y his work. An annual celebration of the periorming arts in a summer setting. The Brick Quarry Series GSW Gambrel Barn Series The Co-operators Series The Ostic Insurance Cabarets (519)846-0331 for ticket information or www.seri tex. net/ elora . EL~RA FESTIVAL AC!~~~ artistic director Noel Edison ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

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