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Volume 3 Issue 8 - May 1998

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il ONCERT NOTES, MAY 1998 1111 Just a taste of the spring to con1e WOMEN'S MUSICAL CLUB . 100TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT There was a time in Toronto when people occu}ied much of their lcisure time in clubs related to their interests. Indeed clubs were such a p!SSion that a regular annual publication was a 500-p!ge book listing all the clubs and their members. The edition of this guide which was shown to us was for 1921. Of these hundreds of clubs very few have survived into the 1!~90s. The only ones we know of in music are The Home Music Club, featured in last month's wholenote, The Arts and Letters Club and· The Women's Musical Club, which celebrates its 100th anniversary with a gala at George Weston Recital Hall. The performers, which include singers Russell Braun, Catherine Robbin and Michael Schade, Jianists Jeanie Chung, Angela Hewitt and Stephen Rails and violinist, James Ehnes, were all recitalists with the club early in their careers. Some of the other distinguished musicians who were introduced to the Canadian concertgoing public by the club were Josef Szigeti, Fli Fmeling, Maureen Forrester, Robert Aitken, Teresa Stratas, Murray Perahia, Leontyne Price, Marian Anderson and Andres Segovia. Clo~r to the Jresent, it is interesting to see that the Ford Centre is Jresenting violinist, Erica Raum and Jianist, Francine Kay, who gave a Women's Musical Club recital in March 1996. In ad~itio~ to presenting promising young artists m concert the club also supports them with its substantial scholarshtp program. Our congratulations to this unique organization for its wonderful contribution to the musical life of the country and to the careers of so many young artists. AMICI AND THE GRYPHON TRIO May and June will begin with concerts by two of the best chamber music ensembles in the country. May 1 Amici will perform a recent work by Toronto composer, Chan Ka Nln and a trio by Archduke Rudolph of Austria . June 2 Music Toronto will present the Gryphon Trio performing Ravel's Trio and In the Eagle's Eye by Andrew MacDonald. A QUICK LOOK AT CHORAL MUSIC The name Davld Nowakowsky is not exactly a household word in musical circles, despite the fact that he has been compared to J .S. Bach for his work as choirmaster and composer in a synagogue in Odessa, southern Russia from 1869 and his death in 1921. According to Cantor and former Festival Singer, Ron Graner, Now!lkowsky's great achievement was the integration in his compositions of Jewish liturgical melody and modes with western harmony. It is, according to· Graner, accessible to the average listener yet sufficiently developed and crafted that it can excite the. sophisticated concert p!tron. Nowakowsky's Psalm '115 will be p!rt of a program of choral music performed by the Flmer Iseler Singers in a concert presented by Jewish Music Toronto on May 25 at the Leah Posluns Theatre . Also out of the ordinary is •celebration of Praise•, a •concert of worship• on June 7 at Roy Thomson Hall with a massed choir, a-professional orchestra and tenor soloist, .the renowned Canadian singer, Ben Heppner. According to.David King, Flmer Iseler Singer and conductor of All the King's Voices, which will be p!rt of the massed choir, Heppner will be singing for about forty minutes of this concert, so it looks like a great opportunity to hear him perform. There are many other wonderful choral concerts deserving of comment in this issue of the wholenote, 55 in all. For more information, take a look at the Quick Choral Guide on page 16 and at the listings themselves. FORZACHARY One Toronto concert pianist, whose name is not well known because she retired to raise her children and do a doctorate in clinical p;ychology, is Shulamit Mor. She is gtving a. recital on May 23 at the Glenn Gould Studio to celebrate the life of Zachary Antidorrrii, who at the age of two and a half was fatally stabbed by a psychotic neigltbour in Hamilton. Ms. Mor and Zachary's mother became friends while post-graduate colleagues at York Universtty. They plan to use the proceeds ofthe concert to establish a bursary to support children to study music. " 0 mm . 217Danforth Ave . • • (BetweenChesler ~ &Broad'iiew) (416) 406-1641 c . . Specializing in the Sale of New and Used Compact Discs · Featuring Classical and Jazz Offering Gift Certificates, Trade-Ins and .-i~'i.. Special Ordering tf(}J,~,. 0 Hear the Record CD 19704 Gemstone Records Available thrqugh the Canadian Music Centre 20 Sr. Joseph Street Toronto, M4Y 1]9 Tel: (416) 961-6601 Fax: (416) 961-7198 Sing the Songs (Published by Saxon House Canada) fOR PIANO ANO VOICE a ORAMmc RECITAL SONGS Higt.Voi ~ BY OAVID MILLS Available wherever printed music is sold. the opera store world's biggest bookstore dave snider music centre ltd the queesway music centre ltd or wherever you live just a free phone call away: 1-800-690-2612 TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL &-CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

Left to right lnna Perkis Anita Krause and Boris Zarankin But on the 15th at Knox College Chapel four Tafelmusik Orchestra members join forces in a program of midbaroque period trio sonatas for strings and harpsichord. On the 16th five musicians, including two regular Tafelmusik members present a program of baroque sonatas at St. George-the-Martyr Church near the Art Gallery of Ontario. This concert is one of the Barcique Music Beside the Grange series. And on May 30 the Academy Concert Series presents four Tafelmusik members in a concert of music by Beethoven and Schubert. (While . the same day the Aradia Baroque · Ensemble, conducted by Tafelmusik violinist Kevin Mallon, performs at Christ Church.) CONCERTS THAT CATCH THE EYE Two vocal 'recitals of note: one is mezzo soprano, Anita Krause with the Off Centre series on May 31; the other and soprano, Maria Riedstra with guitarist, Wilma van Berkel, part of the Leaside Concert Series at Leaside Presbyterian BAROQUE -MUSIC Ever notice that in between Tafelmusik concerts there are usually one or two other small concerts of Baroque chamber music? It's no accident! The reason is that some ot all of the players in these small concerts are members of the renowned place of music in contemporary life. It tak~!e buy dill of your @1tf'B3~flCfJiiil fbfJJs {vinyl !} · (like Beethoven, Mozart, Stockhausen) We travel anywhere for good collection MIKROKOSMOS Mail Order Company V (416) - 224 - 1956 Fax ( 416) - 224 - 2964 , Ask our free, monthly set-sale catalogue: More than 8J.(IXWJ ~ [b[J);;B 0 llffim every month Many audiophile Decca & EM/ records ., (Sorry, mail or phone order only!) .~. ================~~ ARCHI\YA: AJU DIO C ONCE RT A ND REC ITAL RECORDING AUDIT IO N/DE M O T A P ES D O NE A T A NY LOCATION R ECITAL H ALL, C HURC H ' O R LIVING ROOM P OST-SESSIO N M I X I N G A N D D IG ITAL E D IT I N G A F F ORD A BLE C D /ALBUM MAST ERS • VJNl' '" OXD fOOD FOR THOUGHT Hamilton composer, Robert Bru~e, well known for his compositions in the Royal Conservatory of Music's piano _ examination books, gives a lecture-recital May 9 in Newmarket, playing some of his own music and sharing his ideas on the UNDER 15 . Y amaha Canada is presenting a concert of *** SPECIALIZING IN *** ' NEW &USED Classical Records & CDs Jazz & Soundtrack Collectable . DUY * SELL * TRADE 2 McCAUL ST 1 ., TORONTO CANADA MST 1 VS TEL.: (4 16) 977-3737 tlie souni post, The Cimadian Resource for Players' of Bowed_ Stringed Instruments old & modern violins, violas, cellos & bows expert repairs & rehairs strings & accessories at guaranteed lowest priers Canada's largest stock of string music fast .mail order service · CLI E NTS I NCLUDE CBC's ON THE ARTS, B R AVO & CAST M E MBERS OF THE C A N A D IA N O PERA COMPANY ROBERT POIZNER: 416 . 466.4018 93 Grenville St.~ Toronto, ON M5S 1B4 tez 416.971.6990 fax 416.597.9923 TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

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