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Volume 3 Issue 9 - June 1998

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Where Toronto's Music

Where Toronto's Music goes when the season ends Summertime! and the music Is everywhere! BY CARINA VINCENT The Festival of the Sound, July *** · points, The King's Singers, A week's worth of phonecalls, 17 - August 9, claims to have part of the Quarry series, is faxing, and surfing the 'net pulled out all the stops for the arguably the Festival's hottest later, here are highlights of Opening Weekend of its 19th conce.rt. ' some of the summer's classical season. -Decide for yourself FOUR FINE One of the most successful a music festivals. If you can, after visiting its web site: SERIES AT ELORA - cappella groups in the world, though, I strongly recommend www.zeuter. The King's Singers, taking up the 'mouse' yourself. com/parrysd/festival, but here established at King's The web sites listed below-- are some highlights-- College· in Cambridge 25 and the many 'hot links' that founding artistic director , years ago, will present a some provide -~ hold not just Anton Kuerti playing three program from 16th greater amounts of information Beethoven Sonatas, Vivaldi's century madrigals to than any one publication can 'Four Seasons', Menahem arrangements of today's print,1but also more up-to-date Pressler, in the Canadian most popular music. details, as peifonners and debut of the new Beaux Arts Among the other programs are finalised or Trio and 'My One and Only', performers artistic changed closer to the date. a Gershwin birthday director Noel Edison has The little bit of extra celebration on the Island brought together for this information a site may provide Queen. year's July 10- August 2 . could well tip the scales in Other points of note ar~ Its festival, are Holly Cole, favour of one festival over the musical cruises, classics The Penderecki String other. But even if your heart series, the 'Mozart Requiem' Quartet, Rita MacNeil, has been long set on one, by the Elmer Iseier Singers, Ann Monoyios and, visiting its site may yet prove Hommage a Debussy and the . naturally, the Elora useful for the wealth of. tips it Allegri String Quartet Festival Singers. Phone: holds- accommodation performing its last concerts Elora Festival Artistic Director, (519)846-0331, - possibilities, maps and travel with cellist Bruno Schrecker Noel Edison (Elora Festival, fax:(519)846-5947, directions, wheelchair ' before his retirement. The Huntsville Festival) with mezzo e-mail:, accessibility, if guide or festival also offets an soprano, Catherine Robbin who will website: companion dpgs are welcome, incredible variety of music by be peifonning at the and even weather conditions. 20th century composers __ National Association of from.Gershwin to Messaien's Teachers of Singing Conference --------------------------------------- 'Quartet for the· End of rPHOTO ASHLEY & CRIPPEN) Time'. Phone: (705)746-2410, Fax: (705)746-5639, *** 19TH ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF THE SOUND ' e-mail • : _. While The Elora Festival's four series -- Quarry, Concert, Dinner Cabaret and Gambrel Barn -- each has its own high -------------------------- For a brochure or tickets, call 705-746-2410 or fax 705-746-5639 Write P.O. Box 750, Parry Sound, ON P2A 2Zl e-mail: Visit our webpage:'val/ )ORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY (LASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE . *** STAR ARRAY AT KINGSTON'S SIXTH The Kingston Summer Festival's sixth season,. June 30 to August 30, offers an array of entertainment that inCludes - · stars like Holly Cole, Leahy and baritone Gino Quilico, who performs selections from his recent album 'Le Secret' as well as songs from Mozart, Rossini etc. You can also hear The King's Singers here, as the Kingston and Elora festivals collaborated to bring the group to"Canada. Musicals like 'A Chorus Line' and 'How to Eat Like A Child', performed exclusively by children, are also part of the program. Phone: (613) 530-2050 or 1-800-615-5666, fax: (613) 531-0591 , e-mail: e-mailkingfest@istar. ea. *** HUNTSVILLE GOES FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH Under the guidance of Attila J Glatz, artistic director emeritus, the Huntsville

An annual celebration of the perlorming arts in a summer Setting. From Classical to Contemporary Music hosting such artists as Rita M acNeil, · Holly Cole, The King's Singers, The Elora Festival Singers, Ian Tyson and much more . . (519)846-0331 for ticket information or elora TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE .

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