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Volume 3 Issue 9 - June 1998

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' . . ' fESTIVAL CANADA PRESENTS ~----~------------------ Musaic MUSIC FROM AROUND THE WORLD John Wyre of Nexus has brought together 23 musicians representing the following cultures: Africa Ghana - Ewe and Akan Music and dance - Drum and Bell ensembles; Zimbabwe - the mbira of the Shona culture Indonesia Java- Evergreen Club GamelanEns,emble: suling, gongs, bonang, sarong~ jengglong, kendang; Sumatra- taganing- drums and gongs. India Mrdangaf!l- traditional drum of South India South America Argentina - haunting flutes of the Andes; Brazil - guitar; Venezuela - Jorrope maraca tradition Caribbean Trinidad - steel pan Middle East North Africa- riqq, tar, daira, darabuka VietNam Dan bau - one string zither; Dan ko ni - mouth violin; Sao tre - ~ute; Dan k'longpat- bamboo pipes. holeNote Concert June 1 - July 7 1998 Reader be aware. We make every effort to ensure the accur~cy of these listings but •mistakes happen •plans change. Please use the .phone numbers provided to check ahead. ••• 12:15: Church of the Holy Trinity. Music .Monday. Niagara Brass. Music from Bartok to blues. 10 Trinity Sq. 598-4521. Donation. • • • 8:00: Arkell Schoolhouse Concert. Jacques israe/ievitch, violin, in recital. Works for solo violin by Bach, Ysaye, Martinon, Prokofiev, Adaskin, Prevost & Kreisler. In conjunction with Parallel Solos, art exhibit of Gabrielle lsraelievitch. 843 Watson Rd.S. 519-763-7528. . • • • 8:00: Encore Entertainment. Turn Up the · Spotlight. Songs from the musical theatre. Performers include Jessica-Snow Wilson, Deann Degruijter, Josh Garbe, Adam Brazier, Dylan Rosenthal & others. City Playhouse, 1000 New Westminster Dr., Thomhill. 733-0558. .50. J••• 8:30 & 10pm: 3 Storey Cabaret. Andrea Koziol, Athena Reich & Katherine ­ Duncanson, voice; Rob Piltch & Mark Sepic, guitars; Terrill Maguire, dance; Rebecca Foon, cello; Heartstring Orchestra with Honey Novick, voice, Vicky Obedkoff, piano & Bruno Degazio, electronics; Bill Brennan, piano; Erin Oonovan, p~rcussion. In conjunction with silent auction (beginning at 7pm) to benefit DanceWorks, Dance Ontario, Inner City Angels, the Music Gallery & Musicworks. Music Gallery, 179 Richmond St. W. 204- 1082. . Abraharn Adzenyah Jorge Alfano Kathy Armstrong Bob Becker Bich Hoang Bill Brennan Khac Chi Ray Dillard Mark Duggan Salvador Fer.reras Russell Hartenberger Alan Hetherington ~ Musicians ..~':;"-, Paul Houle Celso Machado Blair Mackay Andy Morris Paul Ormandy Bill Parsons Trichy Sandaran Andrew Timar Glen Velez Debbie Waugh John Wyre CONFIRMED DATES i July 1, Lisbon, Portugal July 3, 8:00 National Arts Centre, Ottawa Note: a possible late-June pre-Lisbon date at Mississauga's Hammerson ~all is being negotiated. Call the Mississauga Living Arts Centre for ·information 905 306-6000 Come to Musaic and discover the world ONLY

7865. Free. ••• 5:30: Columbus Centre.A Little Night Magic. Michael Burgess; Qu Accompanist - Rrwrly F.'slrr 8:00 PM, Friday, June 5, 1998 St. James' Cathedral Tickets are for a

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