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Volume 3 Issue 9 - June 1998

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P'jl ONCERT NOTES ~ June 1998 1. MUSAIC Most Torontonians interested in the musical arts know about our world famous percussion ensemble, Nexus, which last season celebrated its 25th anniversary. The members of Nexus all do other things besides play in Nexus. One of the many other activities of Nexus founding member, John Wyre, has been to organize many World Drum Festivals between 1984 and the present. At these festivals Wyre has brought together artists from many different cultures from around the world. This month his latest drum festival, called "Musaic", begins its life cycle but exactly where is still up in the air. What's certain is thatJune 28 the performers and their_ instruments leave Toronto for Lisbon, Portugal to perform • at Expo '98 on Canada Day. Then July 2 they re-pack and fly to Ottawa, where they will perform as part of Festival Canada at the National Arts '0 · mitt 217 Danforth Ave . • (BetweenChester ~ & BroarMew) (416)406·1641 c John l-\Yre Centre July 3-5 .. SNEAK PREVIEW But there are higli hopes around here for a high-voltage kickstart to our summer-­ namely a Torontoarea pre-Lisbon performance. Nothing is final or even certain but ~ according to a spokesperson for Mississauga's Living Arts Centre "a date is in negotiation" for Musaic to storm into life at the new Hammerson Hall on Toronto's western edge June 26 or 27. (Call the Living Arts Centre-box office at 905 306 6000 for news, exciting or disappointing, as the story unfolds.) Wherever the event kicks off, one fact is beyond dispute: this is programming that only musicians of the highest calibre would dare attempt--bringing together, a day or two before a performance, twentythree musicians, most but ,not all percussionists, representative of many different musical traditions, including West Africa, Java, India, Afro-Cuban, Latin, jazz, Viet Nam, Brazil as well as North American art music. Hear the Record Summertime ' I and the music is ... everywhere! CARINA VINCENT reports. Never mind that summer's slid in sooner ,than usual. You've still got time to plan to hit the summer music trail. Be warned though. There's an almost overwhelming range of options out there! Should you take in The Beaux Arts Trio at the Festival of the Sound or Festival Canada? Would · you rather hear The Penderecki String Quartet perform Beethoven and Debussy at the Southern Ontario Chamber Music Institute in Oakville or another program at The Elora Festival? The King's Singers at the Kingston Festival, The Elora Festival or at Trinity-St. Paul's in downtown Toronto? While some stars do overlap, each festival or venue has its gwn mandate and feel. Please turn to pages 20-25. John Wyre, almost apologetically said to us over the phone that he really couldn't say much about the program because he wouldn't know until the 23 musicians involved had got together to rehearse a day or two before! • Sing the Songs (Published by Saxon House Canada) Specializing in the Sale of New and Used Compact Discs Featuring Classical and Jazz CD 19704 Gemstone Records Available through the Canadian Music Centre 20 St. Joseph Street Toronto, M4Y 1]9 Tel: (416) 961-6601 Fax: (416) 961 ~ 7 198 fOR PIANO ANO VoiCE a ORAMAIIC RfCIW. SONGS Higi!Yilicc BY OAVID MILLS Available wherever printed music is sold. the opera store world's biggest bookstore dave snider music centre ltd the queesway music centre ltd or wherever you live just a free phone call away: 1-800-690-2612 ORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

MUSAIC, continued When WholeNote first heard about the possible Mississauga launch, the plan was much more ambitious. Since the musicians were g~thering in Toronto to prepare for Lisbon anyway, why not have two or three smaller shows in the Living Arts Centre's Royal Bank Theatre, featuring the music of Indonesia, 'India and Viet Nam; then Cuba, the Caribbean islands and South America; and then the music of Africa? In this scheme the 'fourth and final concert, to take place in Hammerson Hall, was to be a thunderous climax to the whole thing. But even on its own a Hammerson Musaic launch woul

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