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Volume 4 Issue 10 - July/August 1999

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d' tenor; Glenda Balkan,

d' tenor; Glenda Balkan, soprano; members of the Bach Elgar Choir & Mohawk College Singers; Boris Brott, conductor. HP. ,. CAM MAC. Cedar Glen !=onference Centre, Bolton. 41 6- 964-3642. *July 29 8:30: Faculty Concert. DUO: Margot Rydal!, flute & Ivan Zilman, guitar; other faculty members. Free .. 1999 CANADIAN Organ Festival, Hamilton. 905-526- 1147. *July 19 8:00: Opening Concert: Ken Cowan,·organ. Music by Mendelssohn, Bach, Bingham, Thalben-Ball, Reger & Franck. Centenary ·United Church, 24 Main St. West. 0. *July 20 10:45am: Patricia Ph.illips Wright, organ; in Recital. Music by Bach, Distler, Bedard, Lemmens, Bolcom & Langlais. Melrose United Church. $10. *July 20 4:00: John Tuttle, organ, in Recital. Music by Eben & Durufle. Christ's Church Cathedral. 0. *July 20·8:00: Canada's Heritage of Hymns. Festival Choir, Brass & Audience; Giles Bryant, music director; Sharon Beckstead, MC. Centenary United Church, 24 Main St. West. . *July 21 2:30: Denis Bedard, organ, in Recital. Music by Mendelssohn, Bossi, Langlais, Tournemire & Bedard. C'entral Presb)/terian Church. $10. *July 21 8:00: Symphonies for Organ & Orchestra. Music by Handel, Daveluy & Saint-Saens. National Academy Orchestra; Rachel Laurin, Paul Grimwood & Elizabeth Harwood, organ; Boris Brott, conductor. Christ's Church Cathedral. . *July 22 10:45am: Marc-Andre Doran, organ, in Recital. Music by Bach. St. Stanislaus Church. $10. *July 22 4:00: Hamilton Children's Choir in Concert. Music byHalley, Peterson, Adams, Davis, Hatfield & Raminsh. David Davis, director. MacNab Street Church. 0 . *July 22 8:00: Gala Concert: Ten Organists fromfTen Provinces. James Burchill, Michael Capon, Marnie Giesbrecht, Valerie Hall, Edward Norman & other organists. Central Presbyc .terian Church. 0 . *July 23 10:30am: Genevieve Soly, organ, in Recital. Music of Paulmann, Buchner, Correa de Arauxo, Boehm, Redford & others. Redeemer College, An caster. 0. COPPS Coliseum. 101 York Blvd. Hamilton. 416-870-8000/ '905-645-5000. *July 117:00: Pavarottiin Concert. to 0. ELORA Festival. 519-846- 0331. Venues: GB: Gambrel Barn, corner of County Roads 7 & 23 SMC: St: Mary's Church, Geddes Street SJC: St. John's Church, Henderson Street ECC: Elora Community Centre, David Street .,v EQ: Elora Quarry' *July 9 8:00: Opening Night Gala Concert & Reception. tf Beethoven: Missa Solemnis. Jackalyn Short, soprano; Jean Stilwell, mezzo soprano; Nils ' Brown, tenor; Mark Pedrotti, baritone; Elo(a Festival Singers & Chorus; Vancouver Chamber Choir; Noel Edison, conductor. GB. ,. *July 10 8 :00: Mystical Arts of Tibet. Sacred music & dances performed by ten Lamas from Tibet. GB: ,. *July 11 2:00: Vancouver Chamber Choir,. Jon Washburn, conductor. SMC. . *July 11 4:00: Angela Hewitt, piano, in Recital. SJC. . · *July 13 8 :00: Quartet Fest. Penderecki String ,Quartet; Elora Festival Singers; Jamie Parker, piano; Noel Edison, conducto·r. SJC .. . *July 15 8:00: Quartet Fest Continues! Penderecki String Quartet; Elora Festival Singers. SJC. . *July 11) 2 :00 & 8:00: A Marvellous Party. Celebration of the 1 OOth birthday of Sir Noel Coward. Tom Kneebone & Dinah Christie, actors/classical & musical theatre performers. ECC. . *July 17 8:00: Clare College Choir. Timothy Brown, director. SMC. . *July 18 3:00: Six Bach Motets. Margaret Gay, cello; Alison Mackay, bass;' Michael McCraw, bassoon; Charlotte Nediger, organ; Elora Festival Singers; Noel Edison, conductor; SMC. . *July 20 8 :30: Natalie MacMaster, fiddler/stepdancer. EQ. . *July 21 1 :00: Baroque Bouquet. Renaissance & baroque music. Cent one Brass: Larry Larson & Dan Warren, trumpets; Nina Brickman, horn; Jay Castello, trombone; Jane Maness, tuba. SJC. ,$10. *July 21 2 :30 & 8:30: Tyley Ross, actor/singer/songwriter. EQ. Matinee ; evening . *July 21 3:30: Piano Quartets. Mozart: Quartet in E flat major,K493·; Brahms: Quartet in c minor Op.60. Oda Piano Quartet: Rosemary O'Connor, piano; .:Julie Baumgartel, violin; , Almut Steinhausen, viola; Hans­ Georg Mathe, cello. SJC. ,$10. *July 22 1:00: Solo Piano Recital- Dawn of the 20th Century. Music by Ravel, Granados & Bartok. Heather Toews; piano. SJC. ,$10. *July 22 3:.30: Canadian Treasures. Traditional, modern & original folk songs. Ginger ' Group: Renee Bouthot, soprano; Kristine Anderson, mezzo soprano; Lona Davis, piano. SJC. ,$10. *July 22 8:00: Masque of the Red Death. Ravel: Introduction & Allegro; Caplet: Conte Fantastique; Poe: The Masque of the Red Death. Colin Fox, narrator; Erika Raum & Julie Baumgartel, violins; 'Angela Rudden, viola; l'ylargaret Gay, , cello & other performers. SJC. . .*July 22 8 :30: Quartette. R&B, Soul, Cajun & Gospel rooted in a cappella folk & country. EQ. . *July 23 1:00: Poulenc Centennial. Poulenc: Sextet for winds & piano; Gounod: selections from The Six Melodies for Horn & Piano; Debussy: Rhapsodie for clarinet & piano. Heather Toews, piano; Leslie Alit, flute; James Mason, oboe; Peter Shackleton, clarinet; Michael Sweeney, bassoon; Derek Conrod,-horn .. SJC. . *July 23 3:30: A Private Entertainment. Music by Dowland, Holborne, Morley, Campion & Anonymous. Katherine· Hill, soprano & bass viol; Terry McKenna, lute & baroque guitar; Alison Melville, recorder & flute. SJC. . *July 23 8:30: Folksongs Galore: from Ontario, CaQada & the. World.· John Fraser, narrator; Elora Festival Singers; Noel Edison, conductor. EQ. (barge se~ting); . *July 24 8:00: Glory of Mendelssohn. Mendelssohn: excerpts from Elijah, St.' Paul & Midsummer Night's Dream. Gary Relyea, bass baritone; Toronto Mendelssohn Choir; ·Noel Edison, conductor. GB. ,. *July 25 2:00: Music for Men's Voices. Men of The Elora ·Festival Singers. SJC. . *July 25 4 :00: Gary Relyea, bass baritone, in Recital. SJC. . ' *July 28 8:00: 20-20. Daniel: Love Songs (commission); other works. Elora Festival Singers; Allegri String Quartet; Gene DiNovi, piano; James Campbell c(arinet. SMC. $'25. · * Jul'£ 30 8:00: Festa Do Sol. Music by contemporary Brazilian composers. Oscar Castro-N'eves, guitar; Paul Halley, pi

Schumann: Piano Quintet Op.44; Beethoven: Trio Op.11. James Campbell, clarinet; Anton Kuerti, piano; Kristine Bogyo, cello; Arthur LeBlanc String Quartet. FH. ,. *July 18 2:00: President's Tea. Arthur LeBlanc String Quartet. . . *July 18 7:00: Musical Cruise: Celebrating Gilbert & Sullivan. Laura Schatz; soprano; Eric Shaw, tenor; Roy Schatz & Thomas Goerz, .baritones. Island Queen, TO. . *July 20 7:00: Musical Cruise. Harvey Siegel Dixieland Band. Island Queen, TO. . *July 21 12:00 noon: Noonsounds at St. James. Mozart: Piano Sonata in F major; Thuille: Sextet for piano & winds. Tom Wolf, ·flute; Leonard Hokanson, piano; Festival Winds. SJ. ,. *July 22 12:00 noon: Noonsounds at St. James. Widor: Piano Quartet Op.66; Schumann: Piano Quartet Op.4 7. Ann Robert, violin; Guylaine Lemaire, viola; J~Jiian Armour, cello; Stephana Lemelin, piano. SJ. 5, . *July 22 7:00: Discovery I. Daveluy: Sonata for solo violin. Ann Robert, violin.FH. Free. *July 22 8:00: Favourite Composers - Mozart & Winds. Mozart: ·serenade in c minor for oboe & string quartet K.406; FluteQuartet #1 in D major K.285; Horn Quintet in E flat major K.407; Quintet in E flat major for piano & winds K.452. Leonard Hokanson, piano; Festival Wind Ensemble; Penderecki String Quartet. FH. ,. * Juiy 23 12:00 noon: Noonsounds at St. James. Brahms/Tieck: The Wondrous Love Story of the Fair Magelone and Count Peter of Provence. Ke~in McMillan, narrator/ 1baritone; Leonard Hokanson, piano. SJ. ,•3. *July 23 8:00: Favourite Composers- Beethoven: Masterpieces. Beethoven: , Rondino for Wind' Octet; Sonata #23 Op.S7 Appassionata; String Quartet Op. 59 #1. Anton Kuerti, piano; Festival Winds; Penderecki String Quartet. FH. . ,. *July 24 8:00am: Morning Serenade. Festival Winds. M.V. Chippewa; CH. . *July 24 8:00: Favourite Composers - Schubert: Songs and 'Son;Jtas. Schubert: Piano Sonata in A major 0959; Shepherd on the Rock; songs & du.ets. Rosemarie Landry, soprano; Kevin McMillan, baritone; James Campbell, clarinet;. Leonard .Hokanson, piano. FH. ,. *July 25 12:30: An Afternoon Serenade. Horwood: Qua-rtzite Dialogues (world premiere); Rosen: Soundings; Dvorak: Slavonic Dances; Mozart: Serenade in E flat major. Kathie Joblin, narrator; Festival Winds. MU. 25. *July 25 8:00: To The Greater Glory of God. Works by Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Willan & Daley. Elmer lseler Singers; Lydia Adams, conductor. SP. ,. *July 27 7:00: A Celtic Celebration. Celtic jigs, reels; airs & songs. Bobby Brown & the Scottish Accent Band. TO. . *July 28 12:00 noon: Noonsounds at St. James. Glick: Sonata (Adio); Gershwin: Second Prelude; Bernstein: Maria & other works. Paul Brodie, saxophone; Robert Kortgaard, piano. SJ. ,. *July 29 12:00 noon: Noonsounds at St. James. Barnes: Harbord Stre13t; Debussy-Salzedo: Children's Corner Suite; MacDonald: Pleiades Variations Op.45. Trio Lyra. SJ. $·15,. *July 29 5:00: Quiet Time, Quiet Place. Music performed in a peaceful' atmosphere. SJ. Free. 1 *July 29 7:00: Discovery//: The Coming Generation. M4sic of Erik Ross. FH. Free. · · *July 29 8:00: "Carte Blanche. Purcell: Sonata in D major for trumpet & strings; Bottesini: Grand Allegro a Ia Mendelssohn; Harada: Trio for winds (premiere). Mary Lou Fallis, soprano; Martin Beaver, Christiaan Bor & David Roth, violins; Mark Childs, viola; Joel Quarrington, double bass & other performers. FH. ,. *July 30 7:00: Discovery Ill. Ligeti: Quartet; music of Maidanik. Allegri String Quartet; Discovery Ensemble. FH. Free. *July 30 8:00: Roots: Folk Music Influence. Music by Rosen, Bartok, Villa Lobos, Prokofiev & Copland. Festival Winds; Allegri String Quartet; Martin Beaver & Christiaan Bor, violins; Mark Childs, viola; Kristine Bogyo, cello & other performers. FH. ,. *July 30 10:30pm:·Chopin _ Meets Noel Coward. Guy Few, performer. . *July 31 9:00am: Rosen: Symphonia 4: .The Sound. Suzanne Shulman,flute; James Mason, oboe; David Bourque, bass clarinet; James McKay, bassoon; Nadia Cote, horn & other performers. TH . Free. *July 31 7:00: Discovery IV: The Coming Generation. Music of David Kaye., FH. Free. *July' 31 8:00: Wit & Wisdom in Our Century. Music by Ravel, Stravinsky, Poulenc, Cage & Gershwin. Festival Winds; Festival Brass; Allegri String Quartet; Joel Quarrington, double bass; Erica Goodman, harp; Rian de Waal, piano. FH. ,. *August 1 9:00am: Brass on the Bay. Festival Brass. M. V. Chippewa, CH . . *August .1 8:00: §wing Fever. Peter Appleyard & his 18- member Big Band. FH. ,. *August 3 7:00: Musical Cruise: Great Songwriters of Our Century From Berlin to Bernstein. Music by Berlin, Porter, ~ern, ·Gershwin, LeGrand, Sondheim & others. Gene DiNovi, host; Arriy Fanl"'ing, vqcals;' James Campbell; clarinet; Dave Young, doub'le bass; Michel Lambert, drums. TO . .6. *August 4 1 0:30am: Morning Music I. Bach: Goldberg Variations. Ralph Elsaesser, piano. SJ. Q. *August 4 12:00 'noon; Noonsounds at St. James: Festival Friends. Music by Rodgers & Hamr'nerstein. Gene DiNovi, piano; Dave Young, double bass. SJ. ,. *August 4 7:00: Discovery II. de Raaff: Quartet for clarinet, . violin, cello & piano (North American premiere). James Campbell, clarinet; Moshe Hammer, violin; Pal Banda, cello; Rian de Waal, piano. FH. Free. *August 4 8:00: Classics IX. Holst: Jupiter form The Planets; Brahms: Haydn Variations; Chopin: Concerto # 1 (chamber version). Allegri String Quartet; Anagroson & Kinton, piano duo; Rian de Waal, piano. FH. ,. *August .5 12:00 noon: Noonso,unds at St. James: , Festival Friends. Vitali: Chaconne; Bach: Sonata in a minor; Brahms: Sonata in A major; Saint-Saens: Introduction & Rondo Carpiccioso. SJ. ,. ' *August 5 8:00: Classics X: 20/20. Daniel: Love So~gs (world premiere); Poulenc: Gloria; Bach: Cantata; Kulesha: Shaman Songs. Elora Festival Singers, Noel Edison, conductor; James Campbell, clarinet; Allegri String O:uartet; Dave Young, · double bass. SP. ,?. *August 6 .10:30am: Morning Music II. Dvorak: Dumky Trio. Peter Carter. violin; Bruno Sqhrecker, cello; Rian de Waal, piano. SJ. $10. *August 6 12:00 n,oon: Noonsounds at St. James: Festival Friends - Bring Your Grandchildren. Dvorak: Slavonic Dances; Stravinsky: Petrushka. Anagnoson & Kinton, piano duo. SJ. ,. ' *August 6 8:00: Classics XI. , Somers: Nothing Too Serious; Dohnanyi: Piano 'Quintet #1 inc minor; Schubert: C_ello Quintet in C major. Allegri String Quartet; Bruno Schrecker, cello; Darrett Zusko, piano. FH. ,. *August 7 11 :OOam: Family Concert. Mudc by the Joblin Family; surprise visitors. FH. Free. *August 7 8:00: Ellington at 100. Gene DiNovi, piano; Amy Fanning, vocals; James Campbell, ciarinet; Alain Trudel, trombone; Allegri SVing Quartet & other performers. FH. ,. *August 8 8:00: Musical Cruise: The Final Party. Musicians perform their favourite tunes. James CamJ?bell, clarinet; Allegri String Quartet; Dave Young Trio; Anagnoson & Kinton, piano duo; Gene DiNovi, piano; Amy Fanning, vocals. TO. . GEORGIAN Theatre Festival. Meaford Opera House, 12 Nelson St. East, Meaford. 1- 888-541 -4444. *August 15 2:00 & 8:00: Gala Celebration Closing: Peter Appleyard & his Great Canadian Swing Band. Guest vocalist. . HUNTSVIllE Festival of the Arts. 1-800-663-2787. Venues: Gl: Grandview Inn, Hwy. 60 east of Huntsville TUC: Trinity United Church, Huntsville THT: Town Hall Theatre, ·Huntsville DRS: Deerhurst Resort Salon A, H wy. 60 east of Huntsville . W: Waterways of Huntsville & environs "July 1 8:00: Lighthouse. Paul Hoffert, keyboards, Skip Prokop, drums; Ralph CGlle, guitar; Dan Clancy, vocals. Gl. 0 to . *July 2 8:00: Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra. Gl. 0 to . *July 3 4:00: Jazz on the River. Trillium Dixie Jazz Band. W. Free. *July 4 4:00: Jazz on the River. Trillium Dixie Jazz Band. W. Free. *July 48:00: Glenn Paul, piano. TUC. ,$10. *July 5· 12:15: Music at Noon Broadway Bound. Bill Sibeon Jr., vocals. TUC. Free. " July 6 12:15: Music at Noon Tribute to Herbert L. Clarke . . John Hall, cornet; Marion Haggart, piano. TUC. Free. *July 6 8:00: Fire Dance. Spanish Flamenco & traditional' East Indian dance accompanied, by sitar, tamba & guitars. - Esmeralda Enrique, Flamenco dance; Joanna Das, Kathak dance. Gl. $10 to . *July 7 12:15: Music at Noon Upbeat. Vocal quartet : Lynn

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