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Volume 4 Issue 2 - October 1998

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11 HEAR & Now, continued

11 HEAR & Now, continued from page 1 0 new music while receiving outstanding value for their entertainment dollar. The list of participating groups in 1998/99 is impressive--a veritable "who's who" in Toronto's nt(_w music scene, from Continuum through to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Last year, there were some 100 eligible CHEAPSEATS concerts, and the initiative had 125 participating students. And there's more! For every five concerts attended (given by any of the presenters involved), the TSO is offering complimentary tickets to its performances on January 21 and February 22 respectively. As well, pass holders are entitled to a 20% discount on most CD orient/ occident Sunday October 25, 1998 compose rs BOB BECKER (Canada) Music on the Moon TRISTAN MURAIL (France) L'Esprit des dunes for ensemble wit h electronics AKIRA NISHIMURA (Japan) A Mirror of Mist for violin and string orchestra JAN ROKUS VAN ROOSENDAEL (The Netherlands) Windows intersections canada/holland Sunday January 24, 1999 com posers ANA SOKOLOVIC (Canada) Geometrie sentimentale HARRY SOMERS (Canada) The Third Piano Concerto THEO VERBEY (The Netherlands) Triode RON FORD (The Netherlands) Song and Dance for soprano and orchestra call the St. Lawrence Centre box office, 27 Front St. E. (416) 366-7723 Four Concert Subscription Series: ; student/senior All concerts start at 8:00 p.m. (7:00 pre-concert talk) Handling charges apply to subscription, telephone and group sales. GST is included in all prices. Programming subject to change without notice. recordings purchased through the CMC. So, get a pass and earn those "earmiles"! The CHEAPSEATS pass can be picked up at the Canadian Music Centre (20 St. Joseph Street) or the Music Gallery (179 Richmond Street West). Call 961-6601 for details. Valid student identification is required. David G. H. Parsons is Ontario Regionnl Director, Canndian Music Centre, Chalmers House 20 St. Joseph Street Toronto, Ontario M4Y 119 Tel: (416) 961-4057 Fax: (416) 961-7198 E-mail: Website: < www. culturenet. ca/cmcl> orchestral theatre Friday November 13 composers MICHAEL COLGRASS (Canada) · Delta for percussion, clarinet, violin and orchestra ALEXINA LOUIE/ ALEX PAUK (Canada) Last Night orchestral suite from the soundtra ck for Don McKellar's film Last Night concert premiere FREDERICK RZEWSKI (United States) Scratch Symphony R. MURRAY SCHAFER (Canada) Cortege all ·new (world premi~res) Tuesday March 9, 1999 composers CHRIS PAUL HARMAN (Canada) Axle world premiere PAUL DOLDEN (Canada) new work for orchestra and tape world premiere ALEX PAUK (Canada) new work for harp and orchestra world premiere JAMES TENNEY (Canada) new work for gamelan and orchestra world premiere a QUICKNEW, continued from page 10 •14 6:45: TSO. Elgar •14, 15, 16& 17 8:00: ARRAYMUSIC. •14 8:00 & 15 11 :OOam: TSO. Chan Ka Nin, Elgar •15 12:10: U ofT Faculty of Music. Bartok, Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky •15 8:00: Music Toronto. Hindemith. •16 8:00: Amici. Shostakovich, Kodaly, Prokofiev •16 8:00: Arkell. Kulesha •17 7:30: TSO. Elgar, Chan ka Nin •17 8:00: Symphony Hamilton. Sibelius, Poulenc •17 8:00 & 18 7:30: York Symphony. Gershwin, Ravel, Copland, Stravinsky •18 2:00: Amati Quartet. Debussy •18 7:30: Trinity Chamber Ensemble. Svendson, Suk, Grainger •19, 20 & 21 8:00, 21 2:00: TSO. Bernstein, Williams, O'Connor, Copland ·•20 8 :00: Esprit Orchestra. Elgar, music of 20th century England •21 8:00: Ford Centre. Salzedo, Schaposchnikov •22 12:10: U ofT Faculty. Poulenc • 22 8:00: Ford Centre. Arensky, Schnittke, Shostakovich • 23 8:00: Elora Festival Singers. Elgar, Tavener, new work •24 7:30 & 25 3:00: TSO. Chausson, Vaughan Williams •24 8 :00: Arkell Schoolhouse. Concert. Scriabin, Prokofiev •24 8 :00: Mississauga Symphony. Arnold, Kuerti, Elgar •24 8:00: Scarborough Philharmonic. Ridout •24 8 :00: U of T Faculty of Music. Kucharzyk, lve·s •25 2 :00: Toronto Latvian Concert Association. Kenins •25 2:00: U of T Faculty of Music. Electroacoustic Music •25 2:30: Ford Centre. Previn, Prokofiev, Copland •25 3:00: Elora Festival Singers. Tavener, Watson Henderson •25 3:00: Music at Rosedale. Agar •27 8:00: Music Toronto. Murphy. •28 8:00: Ford Centre. Janacek. •28 8 :00: U of T Faculty of Music. Contemporary Music Ensemble •29 12:00 noon: University of Guelph School of Fine Art & Music. Parker. • 29 12:10: U ofT Faculty.Stravinsky. •30 8:00: Orpheus Choir of Toronto. Konge, Bernstein •31 7:30: High Park Recital Series. MacMillan, Elgar, Bartok, Turina NOVEMBER •01 7:30: Amadeus Choir. Vaughan Williams, Daley, Willan, Robinovitch •04 & 05 8:00:TSO. Lindberg, Britten •OS 12:00noon: University of Guelph School of Fine Art & Music. Scriabin, Prokofiev, Kulesha, Dolin . • 06 8:00: Exultate Chamber Singers. Greer, Beckwith, Swingle, Chatman • 07 8:00: Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra. Ridout • 07 8:00: Oakville Symphony Orchestra. Gershwin, Ravel, Stravinsky • 07 8:00: U of T Faculty of Music. Somers, Freedman, Beckwith, Willan, Chan • 07 8:00: VocaiPoint Chamber Choir. Durufle, Vaughan Williams, Daley, Healey, Barber, Tavener LISTING SOURCE

c. • ra • • .c • u • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, am Only .00 per concert 1 0 months of events Over 1 00 eligible concerts last season Earn "earm iles" toward free tickets Great ·savings on CDs Passes available atthe Canadian Music Centre (416) 961-6601 and the MusiC Gallery (416) 204-1 080 ~~ ~ USICIANS IN OUR MIDST: ~ Andrea Budgey, Randall Rosenfeld interviewed by Allan Pulker Andrea Budgey and Randall Rosenfeld are co-artistic directors of Sine Nomine Ensemble for Medieval Music which came together in the spring of 1991 to provide music for a reception at a conference of medieval scholars at the University of Toronto. The performance was a great success, and the group decidedd:o continue. PHOTO: MICHAEL SHAW/ASHLEY & CRIPPEN Andrea, who has a post-graduate degree in Medieval Studies and degrees in oboe performance, plays the harp, vielle, rebec, recorder and percussion, and Randall Rosenfeld, an historian who also has a degree in medieval studies, plays vielle, gittern, flute and recorder. The other members are Holly Cluett, soprano, Katherine Hill, soprano, who also plays rebec and vielle, and Bryan Martin, baritone, who also plays lute and percussion. Andrea and Randall bring a highly innovative and original approach to Medieval music, considering it a discipline more allied to ethnomusicology than contemporary performance practice. "An appreciation of the unfamiliar Western music of a thousand years ago," says Randall, "is not very different from an appreciation of the unfamiliar non-Western music of today." This perspective has several times led the ensemble to collaborations with musicians from Canada's First Nations and with Arabic classical musicians. At the heart of what Sine Nomine does, however, is Andrea and Randall's commitment to research. Their performances are based on the study of medieval musical manuscripts, the original languages, and fragmentary evidence for ornamentation, tuning systems and voice types. Where there is no available evidence, they examine contemporary related non-Western practice. Their contributions to medieval music have been internationally recognized: Sine Nomine performed at the American Musicological Society conference in Montreal in 1993, and at an International conference in Medieval studies in Leeds, England in the summer of 1995. Their CD, A Golden Treasury of Medireval Music, was released in October, 1996. Randall, Andrea and Bryan Martin will all have contributions in the upcoming edition of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Their scholarship informs rather than dominates the ensemble's performances, which in conjunction with related readings, bring the music of the past to life with an extraordinary vitality. Sine Nomine opens its season on October 30 at St. Thomas's Church with a concert of music from Medieval nunneries. Musicians in Our Midst is photographed by Michael Shaw, Ashley & Crippen Photographers 200 Davenport Road, Toronto (416) 925-2222 TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

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