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Volume 4 Issue 2 - October 1998

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1 ! a ' •sa !' iltmlllllll 1111 John McGuigan is currently the administrative secretary of the Canadian Band Association (Ontario Chapter). His main function is the editing of the quarterly magazine "Fanfare" and to maintain records and offices for the association. He also owns and operates "COM PRINT" a publishing 'house for new Canadian music. He can be contacted by fax or phone at 905-826-5542 il Band-Aid'98 Postponed Till Jan. More thinking has been added to the decision announced last month in this column. Our Band-Aid session posponed till January 30th and 31st will take place over two days. The first day, Saturday will be similar to last year, reading sessions and clinics making use of our guests Elliot del Borgoand Warren Barker. An afternoon concJ;!rt involving the Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra and the True North Brass is planned to cap off the first day's activities The Sunday session will be new. Community bands will be invited to participate i'n mass band sessions conducted by Messers Barker and del Borgo. This opportunity is a notto-be-missed chance to work with two of the most widely used writers of the last fifty years. La~t year's session with Robert Smith rehearsing the teachers' wind ensemble was an inspiration for this new idea in community band involvement. There is something very special about working with the creators of the music you are playing. Plan to attend this session if you are at all ·interested in playing your instrument. The cost for ~his session will be minimal. It will be a fine opportunity to make and renew friendships. CBA is very enthusiastic about this new idea and hopes that the band community will .support the session wholeheartedly. It is anticipated that there will be enough participants to make up two mass 'bands of upwards of 100 players. The exhibits from the Saturday session will be available for the Sunday participants to browse and there will be much opportunity for people to socialize and chat with musicians you haven't seen for a while. Positive Answers to These Questions Are Shown in Study From Spin Offs: the Extramusical Advantages of a Musical Education available from United Musical Instruments U.S.A. Positive answers to the following questions can be found in the study listed above. These ideas can be used to influence our education ministries to make good decisions about music in our schools. /.)Does music instruction aid reading skills? 2.) Does music instruction aid language skills? 3.) Does music instruction aid mathematical skills? 4.) Does the study of music increase creativity?Are musicians more or les creative than non-musicians? 5.) What effect does participation in music have in preventing dropout among student populations? 6.) How does participation in music courses affect a student's self-image and self-esteem? 7.) Does music instruction or participation in music affect perceptual-motor skill development 8.) Does music instruction or participation in music affect psychomotor development? Announcing the 7th Annual ChristmasTuba Festival and Choir Sing-a-long Participation is open to students, teachers, private instructors, professionals, and anyone else who plays the tuba or likes to sing. All Christmas music has been arranged for the tuba by Scott Irvine. Tuba and Euphonium players are welcome. This colourful annual event is eagerly anticipated by former participants and audiences. It will take place on Wednesday December 9, 1998 at Nathan Philips Square, Toronto 12:30 to 1:15 P.M. For further information contact 416-222-8282 ext. 2543 By the enthusiasm of past players this colourful event is full of banners, decorated tubas and zealous tuba players. It promises as usual to be extraordinary event for the Christmas Season. The sheer number of usual participants makes the event unusual and exciting. By all means join in if you have the proper credentials (a tuba of euphonium or voice) or just come to enjoy the occasion. Don't Forget the Concert by the TTWEandTWO Announced Last Issue The joint concert annouced last issue by the above bands at The Church of the Redeemer on Bloor at A venue Rd. still is planned for October 27th and will features guest conductor Glen Price from the University of Calgary. TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

ANIADEUS ENSEMBLE 15TH JlNNIVERSARY Enjoy the Amadeus experience -from Bach to Gershwinin the relaxed, inviting atmosphere of Glenn Gould Studio SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1998 ..7.J.N eVENING OF lJ3ACH The Amadeus Ensemble with Moshe Hammer; Guest Soloist: lawrence Cherney oboe SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1998 9AINLY ]AZZ Gene DiNovi piano; James Campbell clarinet; Moshe Hammer violin • SUNDAY, JANUARY 1o, 1999 1Juos TO CW ARM THE 7-{EART Tomer lev piano; Moshe Hammer violin SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1999 1\.0MANTIC SEXTETS Moshe Hammer violin; Gil Sharon violin; Douglas McNabney viola; Ron Ephrat viola; paul Widner cello; Alexander HUlshoff cello SUNDAY, MARCH 7, 1999 THE JEwisH exPERIENcE . The Amadeus Ensemble with Moshe Hammer; SUNDAY, MAY 2, 1999 yRANDE 'FINALE The Amadeus Ensemble with Moshe Hammer; Guest Soloist: Amanda Forsyth cello 1998/99 Season, Enjoy our unique blend of music with poetry, pastries, and coffee in an intimate 19th century salon setting! Sunday, October: 1> ' ;1,f)f)~t2t3f?J?~f!AY\~ .: My Mediterranean Rising star Isabel Bayrakdarian, soprano, returns by popular demand 1 See her in her Glenn Gould Studio* debut concert with Stuart Hamilton, piano & host; Boris Zarankin and luna Perkis, piano. Sunday, Novembtit}!li';'1,f)!llfi

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