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Volume 4 Issue 3 - November 1998

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es n Made in Canada at

es n Made in Canada at Massey Hall A Feast for the Ears premiere's by Michael Spassov and Kotoka Suzuki, both talented artists presently studying in the l,Jiiited States, plus Michael Oesterle's l'effusione d'amicizia for solo violin. (Oesterele's 1998 Jules Leger A ward winning composition Reprise for cello and 8 instruments is the centrepiece of New Music Concerts:. programme on the festival's final ·night.) "During our recent call for scores,~ says artistic director Jennifer Waring, "Continuum encountered .a wealth of · younger Canadian composers living and - working abroad, as well as here at home. In the case of the 'expatriates' we are, in a sense, re introducing these artists to Canadian audiences." ·l;ORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

Positively beside my self The CompOser-Companion Experience . FBY ROXANNE SNIDER eeling baffled, perplexed, or downright daunted by contemporary music? Perhaps you might want your own. personal "composer companion" to escort you to a new music ·concert. What? Escort services for modern music? Admittedly, , when first approached, I found the prospect a bit quirky; but then again, it's not really that unusual to enlist the services of a tour , guide when venturing into strange, uncharted territory. So why not, I thought, escort me! The concert was the Esprit Orchestra's Orient/Occident · program at the Jane Mallett Theatre, and my escort, the congenial and-articulate Toronto composer Jeffrey Ryan. We met a half hour before the concert began, took our seats, then chatted at great length about the challenges of new music. (Oh, if only all first dates got underway so smoothly!) In particular, I asked Jeffrey how he went,about explaining, or de-mystifying new music. "It's really about how to approach listening to contemporary music," he explained. ~With the classical repertoire you know 'what to expect, how it sounds, etc. With new music you don't know what to expect, and there are a multitude of ways of listening - through texture, rhythm, 1 colour, harmony. So finding a way in often has to do with . hearing what the piece is about." He went on to discuss some of the composers on the program, his experience composing for Esprit, and - most interesting of all - the source of his own compositional inspiration. "Sometimes I'm just flipping through a dictionary, and a word will set me off." Which words, I wondered? "Pangaea, for instance, the original supercontinent on earth before the tectonic plates shifted. Or 'simoon,' which is a hot poison wind in the Sahara." Pretty juicy stuff, I thought, and a definite cut above your average preconcert banter. Bob Becker's piece Music on the Moon opened the concert. After the applause Jeffrey said he found it "very emotional, hypnotic, like time unfolding slowly." Hmm. I too had oeen occasionally hypnotized; but at other times was frustrated by the work' s lack of development. Jeffrey considered this then added, "The piece dresn 'Lreally develop. It's really all there from the start." That took us into a more general discussion of minimalism, Philip Glass, and the static tendencies of eastern music. I tossed out a Composer-companion continues. oaae 12 PlanetaryWorks is pleased to present featuring works from their Debut CD "Flame of Days" available at all record stores through Page Distribution Ring Cycle is a Toronto musical collective with musician/composer Charlie Ringas at the centre of the project. AlreOOy this 12 piece ensemble is being cornpaed to Soft Mochine, Laurie Anderson, Hatfield and the North. Frank lapp~. Sa~~ana , and The Roches. t Thursday December 1 0, 1998 The Music Gallery 179 Richmond Street West Toronto (416) 204-1080 ShowTime 8 PM Admission: at the door 7l/l • mUSIC gallery KOHEI NISHIKAWA ENSEMBLE TUESDAY NOVEMBER 3 8PM .. KOHEI NISHIKAWA WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 4 7PM MICHAEL D'AMICO + BUNNY BROWN: INTIMATE SONGS THURSDAY NOVEMBER 5 8PM . GLASS ORCHESTRA FRIDAY NOVEMBER 6 8PM INTHE MOMENT SATURDAY NOVEMBER 7 8PM CCMC TUESDAY NOVEMBER 10 8PM OPENING: A. J. GRAY: STILL LIVES WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 11 6 TO 10PM ALLAIN. LEPREST + POLLY-ESTHER fRIDAY NOVEMBER 13 8PM , HEMISPHERES SATURDAY NOVEMBER 14 8PM CCMC TUESDAY NOVEMBER 17 8PM MORITZ EGGERT WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 18 8PM DYMPHNA SATURDAY + SUNDAY NOVEMBER 21 + 22 TUESDAY NOVEMBER 24 THURSDAY +FRIDAY NOVEMBER 26 + 27 ALL AT 8PM KIYOSHI NAGATA TIAKO ENSEMBLE SATURDAY + SUNDAY NOVEMBER 28 + 29 8PM - musicgal WEST WEST OF UNIVERSITY AVENUE • ALL PERFORMANCES BEGIN AT 8PM UNLESS INDICATED OTHERWISE fOR TICKETS + INFORMATION CALL 4 1 6.2 04.1080

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