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Volume 4 Issue 4 - December 1998/January 1999

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BY DAVID G.H. PARSONS 4ficioruulos of Toronto's new music scene will recognize the name •Hear & Now• from its previous incarnation, a broad sheet produced by New Music Concerts. That excellent concert guide now makes its home here in WholeNote. SAM DOLIN AND FRIENDS Les Amis Concerts celebrates the music of Samuel Dolin [ throughout its 1998/99 seas~>n at the Studio Theatre in the · Ford Centre for the Performing Arts. Dolin, who · was born in 1917, joined the staff of the Royal On December 6, accordion ConserVatory of Music in virtuoso Joseph Macerollo 1945--where he still teaches teams up with the Toronto composition and theory Woodwinds. Macerollo will classes. In over 50 years as an· perform Dolin's Sonata (1970), educator, Dolin has had a on a programme, .that features profound influence on several three world premieres--V. generations of Canadian Kulenovic's Mountain Music · 1 composers, including many of for woodwind quartet, those presently active in McConnell's Quatr'AMIS, and mid-career. Michael Pepa's Fantasie It's music to your ears! YAMAHA DIGITAL PIANOS from just ,795 Monthly payments from just .86 ( On approved credit) vAMAHA® . C[avinova IK K DIGITAL PIANOS Pick the First Choice of The Royal Conservatory of Music. WALTERS MUSIC CENTRES SQUARE ONE YORKDALE SCARBOROUGH (905)896-7766 (416) 785-7444 (416) 296-8840 Samuel Dolin and Alexander Tselyakov Tzigane for accordion and wind quartet. The series continues on January 17 with Alexander Tselyakov, piano, who has chosen Dolin's Toccata Vivace, Gary Kulesha's Fantastic Landscape No. 1, plus works by Scriabin, Prokofiev and Rachmaninoff. Dolin's Portrait for string quartet, Variables for cello and piano, and Sonata for violin and piano will be heard on March 14, April 18 and May 2 respectively. This series is a great opportunity to explore the music of one of Canada's senior, albeit somewhat underperformed, composers. BUCZYNSKI BIRTHDAY BASH One of this country's leading composers, Walter Buczynski is turning 65, and the University of Toronto Faculty of Music plus CBC Radio's Two New Hours are celebrating with a concert on December 17 at Walter Hall. Pianists Stephen Clarke, Leslie Dala and Gregory Oh have each selected two of Buczynski's piano sonatas for a remarkable event that will place all six on the same evening for the first time. Combined, the performers have 5 fingers shy of the · composer's age, so get set for "lots and lots of notes" and a dramatic evening. missed! Not to be :- rs ActORDION FACE-OFF! The second offering in New Music Concerts Season is "Face a Face" with dueling accordionists Joseph Macerollo and Teodoro Anzelloti--Glenn Gould Studio on January 9. Both artists are playing compositions originally written for them individually. Macerollo has selected Alexina Louie's Earth Cycles and Barbara Pentland's Interplay for accordion and string quartet, while the_Jtalian guest will perform Berio's Sequenza XIII, Salvatore Sciarrino's Vagabonde blu, Kurtag's Versetti, Ligature and Games, and Episoden, Figuren by Kagel. "Anzelloti is recognized as the foremost proponent of the free-bass accordion in Europe," says Lorraine Johnson, general manager of NMC, "but these two musicians have never met. " They will get their first chance to perform together in the world premiere of a commission by Omar Daniel for 2 accordions, harp, percussion and double bass. CONTINUUM SWINGS Made in Canada may have passed, but get set for the U. ofT. Faculty of Music's 3rd Annual New Music Festival, January 12-16. Continuum , gets things underway with "Pendula", a concert of works for clarinet, violin,. cello. piano and percussion. _As in their Made in Canada appearance, Rosemary Thomson conducts the C_ontinuum ensemble in a number of pieces revealed in their 1997/98 call for scores. "The overall inspiration for this programme," says artistic director Jennifer Waring, "is the myriad cyclical changes in the musical creative dynamic that, on the surface, can appear chaotic. There are underlying rhythms to the generational rejection of -previous schools of thought, and to changes within individual artists as they develop." Composers featured are Adrian Bamford (UK), Juliet Palmer (New Zealand), OJjan Sandred (Sweden), Louis Andriessen Hear & Now conti,nues on page 12 TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE MONTHLY CLASSICAl & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

Experience the soul, the spirit and the great music of the artists represented by Marilyn Gilbert Artists Management 1n their 1999-2000 roster. Marilyn· Gilbert Artists Management Toronto 33 Isabella St., Suite 1 12 Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2P7 phone 416.410.8224 fax 416.928.0097 WWW address: http:/ / I N STRUM EN T A L.l S T S Gila Goldstein . .. . . . ... . . . .. piano Nari Matsuura .............. piano Roberta Pili ........... ..... piano . Richard Raymond ... .. .. ... . . piano Marvin Rosen ... .. ......... piano Paul Shaw .. .............. piano Robert Silverman ..... .. ..... piano · Kal Gleusteen . ... .......... violin loan Harea .. . .... ......... gypsy violin Ning Kam .... ... .......... violin Misha Ke"'ylin ...... ...... . . . violin Francesco Marara ..... ... .... violin Jasper Wood .... .... . ...... violin Rivka Golani ............... viola Joseph Elworthy ..... . ... . ... cello Michel Bellavance ... .. . . .... . flute Guy Few ...... .......... . .trumpet/ piano James Sommerville . .... ..... .french horn Joseph Petrie . .... . ......... accordion Vadim Ghin ................ piano Kevin Kenner ..... .. . .. ..... piano Kai Gleusteen .. ....... . . ... violin Sylvie Proulx .... . ... ... ~ .. . guitar lnbal Segev ......... ..... .. cello The Great Canadian Chamber Music Company Special proiects designed by Managing Director Marilyn Gilbert and Sales Associate Richard Paul COMPOSERS Peter Paul Koprowski • Vito Ricci CONDUCTORS Jed Gaylin • Wallace Leung • Barry Kolman JAZZ Independence Jazz Reunion · full spectrum of jazz entertainment Jeri Brown • jazz singer Siora • Brazilian jazz band Adam Solomon and Tiklsa ·African pop, jazz & traditional ENSEMBLES Relache • new music ensemble knowmoremusicensemble • music by Vito Ricci Guy Few and Aloin Trudel· trumpet/piano/trombone Bellows and Bross· accordion, trombone and trumpet Canada West Chamber Orchestra ·music director, Wallace Leung Maelstrom Percussion Ensemble Duo Chroma· trumpet/piano/accordion/voice v The Ludwig Quartet · string quartet Modem String Quartet (Germany) ·string quartet (new, traditional and jazz) Oxford Concert Party • baroque and tango SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS NeuroTango ·accordion, piano, trumpet, string quartet Vito Ricci & Vachon • "ordinary things" a cabaret JEWISH MUSIC The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Bond · CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

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