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Volume 4 Issue 5 - February 1999

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~4=AI- t ~·~~ ~Mbrtten~

~4=AI- t ~·~~ ~Mbrtten~ should be aware that there are six versions currently available on CD-but one can't go wrong with the world premiere recording under the composer's direction. BY DAVID G.H. PARSONS Denis Gougeon. Soleil-the first the New York School during his ENCOUNTERS TWIST of Gougeon's Six themes 30-year career, is the intema- The first concert in the EncoWl- While the city digs out from the solaires-is a showpiece with tiona! guest. For those who want ters ·99- curated by oboist and snows of January, Febmary colours· and textures reflective of to become familiar with Hemi- new music specialist Lawrence promises to be warm and the piano music of Olivier spheres' aesthetic, the group has Chemey, which juxtaposes major inviting-at least as far as the Messiaen, that is rapidly two CDs to date. Gotham's intemational composers with contemporary music scene is becoming popular with perform- Hermit Hand is represented on their Canadian com1terparts, concemed, with several offerings ers. It has been released on CBC tl1e first, while the latest, takes a new "twist" on Febmary clearly designed to beat those Records in a fme interpretation "Chaser," includes Matrix by 26. This time the pairing is two mid-winter "blahs." Concerts this by Richard Raymond, an4 is also Bartley. outstanding choral ensembles, the month feature important works excerpted on the Naxos "Intro- Elmer Iseler Singers and the from this century as well as brand duction to Canadian Music" box SAME DAY UMBRELLA Stuttgart Chamber Choir. new Canadian creations with the set. Appropriately, five of the Once again, fans of new music "While the Stuttgart Choir "ink still wet." Vingt Regards sur !'Enfant Jesus have another difficult choice to are renowned for their perform- Also, WholeNote readers by Messiaen rom1d ·out the make. Also on Febmary 20, ances of Bach, it is perhaps less who feel their ears could benefit evening. Music Umbrella presents tl1e. known that they tour extensively from a slight "thaw'' in order to And earlier tl1e same day Toronto Wind Orchestra under as a 16-voice ensemble presentfully appreciate unusual sounds (Febmary 11 ), tl1e University of Mark Hopkins in works by ing 20th century music," said and unfamiliar composers, should Toronto's Thursday Noon Series Edgard Varese and Frank Zappa. Chemey. "It is very exciting to take note! Starting with this offers up a lw1cheon menu of French-born Varese settled in feature them in repertoire which issue, Hear & Now will offer a 20th century works for string the USA in 1916 where he they do beautifully alongside our few preparatory listening quartet. All members of the I became recognized as a champion premiere vocal group for new suggestions. for concerts Profundi Quartet teach at the of modernism; Density 21.5 for music." mentioned in the colwnn. Music Faculty as well as play in solo flute and Octandre for eight Encom1ters has commis- (Canadian titles can be acquired the TSO-Paul Meyer and Carol wind instruments are two of his sioned a new work for the at the Canadian Music Centre, Fujino (violins), Steven Drum most perfonned compositions. occasion from HarryFreedthan. where you can also explore (viola) and Simon Fryer (cello). Zappa pursued activities as a Titled Voices it will utilize the repertoire in the Library's The progrruruning of Britten's "serious" composer parallel to his combined forces. The two choirs listening rooms.) Three Divertimenti, Bates' Pond rock career, and his concert will also perform Penderecki's Life, and R. Murray Schafer's works have been gaining both Agnus Dei together, and then THE NEW ISELER Quartet #5: "Rosalind" promises reputation ru1d exposure since his separate for presentations of their The Elmer Iseler Singers present a fascinating break in your busy untimely death. Music Umbrella own repertoire. Canadians Jose an evening of new Canadian schedule. Schafer's work has selected several wind Evangelista (Noces Oscura) and works on Febmary 5, .including received a 1991 JUNO Award for chamber pieces-Dog Breath Freedman (Pastoral) are in the world premieres by Peter Togni, best Canadian composition on the· Variations/Uncle Meat, Igor's Iseleni' line up, while the visiting Derek Healey and Ruth Watson Centrediscs recording of Boogie and The Bl;tck Page-No. 2. group has chosen Ligeti's Lux Henderson.. Also progranuned Schafer's five quartets with the "Zappa was a huge fan of Aeterna plus two movements are Leonard Enns' Missa Brevis renowned Orford Quartet--a true Varese," said Music Umbrella from Schnittke's manunoth and Moment by Ben Bolden, "desert islru1d" album. artistic director Raymond Bisha, Concerto for Chorus. All the winning compositions in the 1998 "and when he died he left money intemational repertoire has. been Ruth Watson Henderson Choral HEMISPHERES CROSS-OVER specifically to record Varese's issued on CD by now, and Composition Competition. Polarities is the title ofHemi- works." Zappa's own music is Pastoral is slated for release in The tlrree new creations are spheres winter event at the Music now well represented on CD, ru1d 1999 on a special Centrediscs' all dedicated to the memory of Gallery (February 20)-altllOugh Pierre Boulez's recordings with tribute to Dr. Elmer Iseler. the late Dr. Elmer Iseler. Togni's no reference to tl1e "north pole" tl1e Ensemble h1tercontemporain Magnificat for chorus, cello ru1d is intended despite the seasonal make a great introduction. CoNCERT DATE CHANGE: guitar is a CBC commission; moniker. Hemispheres is a 15- Hear & Now infonns readers tl1at Henderson's In Memoriam Elmer member ensemble (all soloists MASTERPIECE the RioTTrio concert originally Iseler is a setting of the K yrie with backgrounds in experimen- One of the masterpieces of scheduled for January 23 has that moves intriguingly around a tal jazz or new concert music) western music post-1950 will get be.en postponed to Sm1day, June 6 tonal centre of "E"; while tl1at combines eclectic styles of a much-anticipated Toronto due to composers' illnesses. British-Canadian Healey has composition ru1d improvisation, a hearing on Febmary 25 ru1d 27. been inspired to write his second cross-over approach ru1d distinc- Benjamin Britten's profound War set of Canadian folksongs for the tive urban smmd. guaranteed to Requiem ( 1961) has not been David G.H. Parsons is Ontario Iseler Singers. wann things up! presented in tl1is city since the Regional Director of the Cana- Composers who have written Joy of Singing Festival back in dian Music Centre, Chalmers Two oN FEB 11 for the group over tl1e past 1993. The TSO, Toronto House, 20 St. Joseph Street, Music Toronto's "Contemporary decade-founding artistic director Mendelssolm Choir illld Toronto Toronto, OntarioM4Y JJ9 Classics" series continues on and saxophonist Nic Gotham, Children's Chorus will-be joined Tel: (416) 961-4057; Febmary II with the talented Montreal-based electric guitarist by a stellar international cast- Fax: (416) 961-7198 young pianist Naida Cole. For Rainer Wiens, to electroacoustic Elena Prokina ( soprru10 ), Ben E-mail: her concert, Cole has chosen specialist Wende Bartley-are Heppner (tenor) ru1d Hakan; Stravinsky's Second Sonata, featured. Americru1 Malcolm Hagegard (baritone). Concert Website: Henri Dutilleux's Sonata, and Goldstein, who has worked with goers who are encom1tering tl1is Solei! by Montreal composer the most importru1t musiciru1s of amazing work for the first time TORONTO"s ONLY COMPREHENSIVE CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

Experience the soul, the spirit and the great music of the · artists represented by Marilyn Gilbert Artists Management 1n their 1999-2000 roster. Marilyn Gilbert Artists Management Toronto 33 Isabella St., Suite 112 Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2P7 phone: 416 ~ 410.8224 fax: 416.928 0097 WWW address: http:/ /www.mgam .com INSTRUMENTALISTS Gila Goldstein .......... .... piano Nari Matsuura .... . :.. . . . . .. piano Roberta Pili ..... .... . . .. . . . piano Richard Raymond ...... ... .. . piano Marvin Rosen .. ........ .... piano Paul Shaw .. ........ .. .. . . piano Robert Silverman ........ .... piano Kal Gleusteen ... ..... ... .· . . violin loan Harea . .. ............. gypsy violin Ning Kam ... .. .... . .. ..... violin Misha Keylin .. ............. violin Francesco Marara ...... . . .... violin Jasper Wood . ...... .. ... . .. violin Rivka Golani ........... . . . . viola Joseph Elworthy .. ...... .... . cello Michel Bellavance .. ... ....... flute Guy Few . .... ...... , ... . . .trumpet/piano James Sommerville . .. . .. .... .french horn Joseph Petrie ... . ..... ... ... accordion Vadim Ghin ... ... .... ... ... piano Kevin Kenner ..... .... . .. .. . piano Kai Gleusteen ..... ... . .. ... violin Sylvie Proulx .... . .... ... . .. guitar lnbal Segev .. ..... .... .. .. . cello The Great Canadian Chamber Music Company Special proiects designed by Managing Director Marilyn Gilbert and Sales Associate Richard Paul COMPOSERS Peter Paul Koprowski • Vito Ricci CONDUCTORS Jed Gaylin • Wallace Leung • Barry Kolman . JAZZ Independence Jazz Reunion ·full spectrum of jazz entertainment Jeri Brown · jazz singer Siora · Brazilian jazz band Adam Solomon and Tiklsa ·African pop, jazz & traditional EN SEMBLES Relache · new music ensemble knowmaremusicensemble · music by Vito Ricci Guy Few and Alain Trudel· trumpet/piano/trombone · Bellows and Brass·· accordion, trombone arid trumpet Canada West Chamber Orchestra · music director, Wallace Leung Maelstrom Percussion Ensemble Duo Chroma· trumpetjpianojaccordion/voice The Ludwig Quartet · string quartet Modem String Quartet (Germany) ·string quartet (new; traditional and jazz) Oxford Concert Party · baroque and tango SPECIAL ATTRACTIO NS NeuroTango ·accordion, piano, trumpet, string quartet Vito Ricci & Use Vachon · "ordinary things" a cabaret JEW ISH MUSIC The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band TORONTO's ONLY COMPREHENSIVE CLASSICAL CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTI NG SOURCE

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