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Volume 4 Issue 5 - February 1999

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1 2 E -®JMJ '99 Man 1

1 2 E -®JMJ '99 Man 1 '99 'Atholenetes c h e a p s e THURSDAY 11 Mark Hundevad (jm) The Music Gallery 204-1080 FRIDAY 12 EROSONIC (m music) The Music Gallery 2041080 a t· s THURSDAY 6 Tina Kii;k (new music) The Music Gallery 2041080 SATURDAY 8 Linda Shumas (new music) The Music Gallery 2041080 Please note these additions to your 1998/99 Listings JANUARY 1999 SATURDAY 30 Sabat I Clarke Duo .\tusic by Zimmerman. Cameron. Rolfe. Kasemets Ettore Mazzoleni Concert Hall fEBRUARY 1999 TUESDAY 2 CCMC (new music) The Music Gallery 2041080 THURSDAY 4 Peter Zaparinuk I John D. S. Adams The Music Gallery 204-1080 SATURDAY 6 SOLVENT I LOWFISH (electronic/video) The Music Gallery 204-1080 TUESDAY 9 CCMC (nn music) The Music Gallery 204 1080 FRIDAY 12- SUNDAY 14 NEW ADVENTURES IN SOUND Martin Bartlett, Ned Bobhalam, Damn Copeland, Ym Daoust. Francis Dhomont, Ken Nnby. Randall Smith, Barry Truu and Hildegard Westerhmp The Music Gallery 2041080 TUESDAY 16 CCMC (new music) The M us_ic Gallerv 204-1080 FRIDAY 19 Susan Hookong (electric guitar) The Music Gallery 2041080 TUESDAY23 Master Musicians from the East TERUHISA FUKUDA The Music Gallery 2041080 THURSDAY 25 Stephen Clarke (pianoi Matteo Fugion, Stefan Wolpe, Ernstalbreeht Steibler, Claude Vivier The Music Gallery 2041080 FRIDAY 26 TRILLIUM BRASS Scott Good, Richard Moseall, Henry Muth, Chris Matey, Phillip Glass, Ingram Marshall, . and Charles Ives The Music Gallery 2041080 FEBRUARY 27 THE CANADIAN SINGERS The Music Gallery 2041080 FEBRUARY 28 - TRILLIUM BRASS (see Feb. 26) The Music Gallery 2041080 MARCH 1999 TUESDAY 2 -SUNDAY 7 DUMMIES THEATRE presents GO WEAST (multimedia theatre) The M usie Gallery 2041080 SATURDAY 13 Barry Prophet (new music) The Music Gallery 204'1080 TUESDAY 16 Reiner van Houdt (nn music) The Music Gallery 2041080 SATURDAY 20 CANADIAN ELECTRONIC ENSEMBLE (electroacoustic) The Music Gallery 2041080 THURSDAY 25 RING CYCLE (new music) The Music Gallery 2041080 FRIDAY 26 YORK UNIVERSITY IMP.ROV (jau) The Music Gallery 2041080 SATURDAY 27 Stella Walker (culturally specific) The Music Gallery 2041080 APRIL 1999 SATURDAY 10 TORONTO J;\ZZ ORCHESTRA (jau) The Mus.ic Gallery 2041080 WEDNESDAY 21 Encounters '99 Music by'Denys Bouliane (Canada), Pascal Dusapin (France) Glenn Gould Studio 205 5555 THURSDAY 22 EVERGREEN I MOSAIC (m mnaie) The Music·Gallery 2041080 MAY 1999 WEDNESDAY 5 BURDOCKS (nev music) The Music llallery 2041080 TUESDAY 11 - SUNDAY 16 CREATIVITY CAVE presents 1 New Music Theatre Work The Music Gallery 2041080 WEDNESDAY 12 Encounters ·99 Music by Jacques HHn (Canarla). Ellen Taafe Zwilich (USA) Glenn Gould Studio 205-5555 THURSDAY20 RING CYCLE (nev music) The Music Gallery 2041080 FRIDAY 21 i\!UJICIAN (jm) The Music Gallery 3041080 SUNDAY 23 Fatima Miranda (new music) The Music Gallery · 204-1080 TUESDAY 25 - WEDNESDAY 26 TORONTO IMPROVISED MUSIC (jazz) The Music Gallery 2041080 · THURSDAY 27 CANADIAN ELEC'TRONIC ENSEMBLE The MJisic Galle1·y 204-1080 FRIDAY 28 Eve Egoyan (piano) The Music Gallery 2041080 JUNE 1999 WEDNESDAY 2 Encounters '99 Music by Glenn Bnhr (Canada), Kamran Ince (Turkey/USA) Glenn Gould Studio 205-5555 THURSDAY 17 Sabat /Clarke Duo Music by Wolff and Feldman Ettore Mazzoleni Concert Hall ToRONTo's ONLY COMPREHENSIVE ClJ\SSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

usician in our Midst Stephen Clarke INTFAVIF'WFri lrr AllAN PULKER Stephen is a fine pianist who has developed into a top-notch c,hamber musician. What is unique about working with him is that he is a pianist with almost a complete absence of romantic stylistic baggage -- no tinge of typical romantic treatment; consequently there is a freshness in his interpretation Jennifer Waring You cannot go to many contemporary music concerts in Toronto without encountering Stephen Clarke at the piano. His seemingly endless technical resources at the keyboard combined with his boundless enthusiasm for the music of our time make him the pianist of choice for many of our new music presenters, such as Continuum and the Composers' Orchestra. I asked Stephen how this came about. The short answer is that performing contemporary music is what he chose to do. As-earlyas his high school years, while a student ofBoymma Toyich at the Royal Conservatory of Music he discovered not only that he had an affinity to contemporary music, but also that he wanted to become a professional musician. Indeed, he never seriously considered any other career possibilities. After high school he became a student at U. of T. 's Faculty of Music, majoring in composition. He inunediately joined the contemporary music ensemble, which proved to be the single most significant influence on him throughout his four years there. The Contemporary Music Ensemble, he says, ''was so pragmatic and providea such direct link with the music community." Its two directors, percussionist, Robin Engelman m1d composer, Gary Kulesha, with completely different approaches to performance, were people who really helped get Stephen started in the world of professional performance. When asked if contemporary music has something unique to communicate, unlike any other music, Stephen replied that -it has not one but many meanings. "The compositional aesthetic is completely splintered right now; this is not a time of compositional schools or national trends. It is an extremely varied aesthetic today." "But is there a common thread in the music of our time?'' I asked. "Is it part of the perfonner's responsibility to be aware of the conunon thread?" he cmmtered, then said that he believed there was no common thread uniting the fragmented musical aesthetic of our time. "However", he added, "one element I have noticed is that mm1y composers are missing the past." "A brand new attitude [to' composition] is needed," he continued. "The German composer, Emstalbrecht Stiebler, for exmnple, is very aware of this, and he has raised the most buming questions of how and why to go forward." Perhaps these two questions, coupled with awareness of aesthetic fragmentation itself, are as close as we can come to the elusive_ compositional common thread. You can hear Stephen Clarke in a solo recital at the Music Gallery on February 25. The program will include Klavierstucke 1987 by Stiebler. He can also be heard on a CD, Pythagoras Tree, of music by Toronto composer, Udo Kasemets, produced by the Swiss recording company, Hat Art. Musicians in our Midst is photographed by Michael Shaw, Ashley & Crippen, Photographers 200 Davenport Road, Toronto (416) 925-2222 ONLY COMPREHENSIVE CLASSICAL the FEBRUARY 1 999 CCMC TUESDAY FEBRUARY 2 -PETER ZAPARINUK/ JOHN D .. S. ADAMS THURSDAY FEBRUARY 4 SOLVENT/ LOWFISH SATURDAY FEBRUARY 6 CCMC TUESDAY FEBRUARY 9 SOUND TRAVELS FRIDAY SATURDAY + SUNDAY fEBRUARY 12 TO 14 CCMC TUESDAY FEBRUARY 16 SUSAN HOOKONG FRIDAY FEBRUARY 19 HEMISPHERES SATURDAY FEBRUARY 20 MASTER MUSICANS FROM THE EAST TERUHISA FUKUDA TUESDAY FEBRUARY 23 STEPHEN CLARKE THURSDAY ,FEBRUARY 25 TRILLIUM BRASS FRIDAY FEBRUARY 26 THE CANADIAN SINGERS SATURDAY FEBRUARY 27 TRILLIUM BRASS SUNDAY FEBRUARY 28 musicgal 179 RICHMOND STREET WEST•WEST OF UNIVERSITY AVENUEeALL PERFORMANCES BEGIN AT 8PM UNLESS INDICATED OTHERWISE•FOR TICKETS AND INFORMATION CALL 416.204.1080 CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

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