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Volume 4 Issue 5 - February 1999

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. hi ill iii ill Iii ill iii Chopin: Piano Favourites Only .99 (suggested retail price) 8.554046 ·-~~ .. -~~;-~3-.P.~~-~ ----·· ··~­ .JOII~ l'HJ LIP SOt !S:\ ~A I rbe!\:,l'!ll)ll>i•P~ · · Sousa: At the Symphony Naxos American Classics 8.559013 e :o•.o;; 'til',,;· :¥.~,~~~- Earl: .\ • .'\he \fu.~ik. ,_,.,_,,;. MONTF;VERDI Lm~.•>twtt.:-U5.!14l -' 'll -:!'=!\>""" -~ ~~>:~t lo, '- " ,e Monteverdi: Canzonette Naxos Early Music 8.553316 PjONCERT (!I NOTES Is this Aradia's year ? Under the artistic leadership of violinist Kevin Mallon, the Aradia Baroque Ensemble is now in its fourth season and continues to present repertoire from the 17th and 18th centuries - now in Toronto's Glenn Gould Studio. Aradia is known for its eclectic programming, frequently combined with dancers (such as the Isadora Duncan-inspired Lori Belilove & Co. and Montreal's Baroque dance troupe Theatre Lavaliere et Jabot - the latter seen earlier this season with Aradia in a Spanish flavoured program). It also combines forces with actors, singers and chamber choir, as well· as ventures into the realm of the unusual - perfonning in concert . with world music ensembles such as the Evergreen Club Gamelan Ensemble (two years ago) and the George Gao Chinese Ensemble (next year). In describing Aradia's collaborative spirit, Mallon stated in a recent interview that the Baroque-based ensemble continually "explores different contexts for the repertoire in an effort to broaden the scope of authenticity". This season is proying to be one of the ensemble's busiest so far. Aradia was heard in December in an aii­ Charpentier concert as its offering to the Christmas season. On February 20, they will be heard in an all-Bach program that will feature soprano Terri Dunn, flautist Elissa Poole and actor Tom McCamus, who will impersonate the great master (as he did in Patricia Rozema's recent contribution to the six film series Yo-Yo Ma Inspired by Bach). A highlight this spring will be Aradia's presentation of the first fully-staged production of Canada's second musico-theatrical work: Joseph Quesnel's Lucas et Cecile, opera-comique melee d'ariettes. Lucas et Cecile dates from Quebec 1808, and its orchestral parts were recently reconstructed by the Canadian composer John Beckwith. Additional English dialogue will be provided by Brad Walton, and the work will be coproduced with Opera Anonymous of Toronto. E )Bit '99 "A•uo , 1 '99 ·Mbatenote¥= Aradia's first two CD's, on the Naxos label - Caldara: Vaticini di Pace (Naxos 8.553772) and Ballet Music for the Sun King (Naxos 8.554003), have done extremely well, with worldwide sales figures standing at 17,000 and 9,000 units respectively. The Lully recording was named "Early Music CD of the month" in the September 1998 issue of Britain's Classic FM Magazine. On May 8, -an all-Purcell concert will celebrate the release of their third CD with instrumental music to The Tempest, The Fairy Queen and Don Quixote as well as two Trumpet Sonatas with guest artist Norman Engel. An aii­ Charpentier CD with Christmas motets is currently in the works. And next season, Aradia will make contributions to two series in the ever-growing Naxos catalogue: they will participate in the label's Haydn Mass cycle; and they will also contribute to the "Artaria" collection of 18th century symphonic and choral 'literature. Scheduled is a Requiem by the little-known Czech composer J.B. Vanhal, which will be recorded and performed in 2000 at the Auckland Festival in New Zealaild - where Aradia has been invited to participate as orchestra-inresidence. Plans for next year sound rather tantalizing too - watch for further news of their first European tour, as well as a threeconcert series of new music to be presented at The Music Gallery and other unusual ventures. Poulenc The Aldeburgh Connection is not the only organization to program Poulenc's music this month, the month after the composer's 100th birthday. On February 25 at 12:10 the University of Toronto's Faculty of Music Thursday Noon Series presents Celebrating Poulenc, a Voice Performance Masterclass with Dalton Baldwin. On March 7 Concertsingers presents Poulenc's Gloria as part of their concert, A Choral Fanfare. Valentine's Day This being February, how about a Valentine's day concert? There are lots to choose from: February 11 Opera York presents "My Funky ' Concert Notes continues on page 8 Finzi: Clarinet Concerto Gramophone "Editor's Choice" 8.553566 Specializing in custom reproductions of classic double bass Amati, Busan. Peter CHANDLER Luthier; maker of fine double bass, cello, viola and violin. 10ll8Ivan Dr., R.R. 1, Jlderton, ON. NOM 2AO On Hwy. 22, 25 Kilometres N. W. of London


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