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Volume 4 Issue 7 - April 1999

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Classical & Jazz Radio

Classical & Jazz Radio Toronto! 24-hour ' 'member-supported radio! Program Highlights 119 BBC NEWS Daily Cfassica[Music Mon.-Fri. 1 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sun. 1 a.m. to 7 p.m. including: 1!iari~ ~u~ic Records in Review Opera "Canadian Currents" with David Olds Sun. 6-7p;m. ''The Jazz Scene" with Ted O'Reilly Mon.-Fri. 3-6 p.m. Sat 6 a.m.-Noon, 7-10 p;m. "Jazz with Bob Parlocha" Mon.-Fri. 8 p.m.-1 a.m. Sun. 10 p.m.-1 a.m. "Night Beat" with Mary Lou Creechan Sat. 10 p.m -1 a.m. PLUS ••• Big Bands, Swing, Folk, · Blues & World Music Telephone: · 416-595-04,04 1-888-595-0404 Website: · ~AZZ .NOTES· BY JIM GALLOWAY By the time you read this, you will know whether or not March went out like a lion; biJt this month sees the birthday of that most regal figure, one of the, most important in 20th century music, Edwan! Kennedy Ellington. Not only do we celebrate his birthday, but this year we celebrate the Duke Ellington centenary. April is, in fact a pretty good mouth for jazz birthdays - Harry Carney, who graced the Ellington band for so many years, Gerry Mulligan, Billie Holiday, Carmen McRae, Lionel Hampton, Bessie Smith, Charles Mingus, Jimmie Noone and Ray Barretto are only a few of the great names in jazz who share the I,nonth of April. And that's not all Taums! The concert schedule for this month represents a wide cross section of styles, reminding us again of the impressive variety of music available in our area. April 7 at 7.30pm Hwnber Music Showcase will feature a latin night with Rick Lazar's Latin Ensemble in the Lakeshore Auditoriwn, 3199 Lakeshore Blvd. West. 675.6622 ext. 3427. Tickets are and . On the same evening at 8pm U ofT Faculty of Music Jazz Series continues with an evening of new compositions by student composers at Walter Hall, 80 Queen's Park. 978-3744. Admission free. April 9 at 8pm drwnmer Geordie McDonald's Jazz City will feature the music of Dave Bmbeck, George Russell· and Dizzie Gillespie. Leader McDonald will be joined by Jane Bwmett, Nancy Walker, Larry Cramer, Allan Molnar, Kiki Misumi and Kieran Overs. Where? At the Music Gallery, 179 Riclunoud St. West. 204- 1080. Admission is . The month's big concert event is on AprillO at 8pm. If it's excitement you want; the 14- piece !Cubauismo!, featuring Jesus Alemafiy on trumpet, will bring their.latinsouuds to Massey Hall, 15 Shuter Street. 872-4255. Tickets are to . Also on the lOth, Toronto Jazz Orchestra made up of students and alumni from Humber College, U. ofT, and York U1iiversity will perform at Music Gallery, 179 Richmond St. West. 204-1080. Donation. AprillS at 8pm the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts presents' an evening ofRhytlun and Blues called "An Evening At The Apollo", after the famous Harlem Theatre. 130 Navy Street, Oakville. (905) 815-2021. Tickets are$ 37.99 and .99. April 25 at 3pm Pekao Gallery, 1610 Bloor St. West, 588-7952, will present Mellifluence, contemporary jazz featuring Paul Pacanowski on woodwinds with Joe Lagan on keyboards, Stu Steinhart on 6 string bass and synthesizer and Mike McLelland, dmms and percussion. .00. April 29 8pm. On the master's birthday, Nathaniel Dett Chorale present their Duke Ellington I OOth Anniversary Celebration, featuring some of Ellington's rarely performed sacred music, conducted by Brainerd Blydeli­ Taylor. Not strictly speaking jazz., this concert, should be of r----.,.-----------------"------, interest to devotees of the Duke. Convocation Hall, 31 King's College Circle. 870-8000. . • And here's an advance May 1 mention-the Marcus Roberts Trio in concert at the Ford Centre. Mark your calendar. And in closing, Toronto . will lose one of its finest pianists at the end of April. Charles Mountford has decided to give up shovelling snow in winter and Geordie McDonald's too much hwnidity in swnmer and is moving to Barbados. He has long been o9e of our best and JAZZ CITY SEVEN most highly respected jazz pianists. In fue cornball, but very featuring sui~ble phrase: Barbados' gain is most definitely our loss. Known to his friends as Charlie, Jane Bunnett his last Toronto appearance before leaving to take on a pennanent suntan, will be at the he Music Gallery, 179 Richmond St. W Montreal Bistro on April 19, with April 9, 1999 Dave Woods' band. It's one night only, and I'll lay money there 8:00p.m. will be more local musicians than .00 at the door you can shake a stick at in the Bistro that night. I wouldn't Iniss it for all the sw1 in the Caribbean! Best wishes, Charlie! I'll CO's on sale drop in some day. WnoLENon:'s JAZZ Nons IS SUPPO.RTED BY CJRT FM, JAZZ RAo1o IN ToRONTO TORONTO'S ONLY COMPREHENSIVE CLASSICAL & CONTEMPORARY CONCERT LISTING SOURCE

BEHIND THE SCENES, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 15 soup or a salad, it is OK -- there Russian lady, atld wehave is no cover or rriinimum. We different people sing different advertise in the US- we had 120 arias atld songs. Our piru1o is a music students from Michigan, Kawaii, a good one, five years with their teachers and some old." parents. We served them dinner Den.checks it' out. "In tune," and they watched the show. he reports. Me: Where do the singers come Me: So your customers get from? opera, and the singers get Camillo: There is a man, Mark practice in front of an audience. Loeb, he is a schoolteacher and Camillo grins: "Yes! And he sings a little, and his wife don't forget, there is diimer! We Molly loves to sing opera. Mark have a chicken liver pate we put organizes-if someone wants to on the table, people ask me, sing here, they can call me, its where do you get that? We make 925-4545 and I will give them it here! We have pasta, veal, Mark's number: I crumot pay, chicken, Jamb, steak -- our meat maybe a dish of pasta ru1d a glass is very good. We have lobster of wine, but there is a brru1dy tails, salmon, shrimp, vegetariat1 glass and the audience makes a dishes, too ..., atld a good wine contribution. Sometimes it's list. If you want something tl1at pretty full. TI1ey start about 8:30 is not on the menu, and we have on Saturday night, atld they like tl1e ingredient;;, we will make it to go on for a couple of hours. special. We like to accomodate! TI1ere is a piru1ist, atld we have a A young woman breezes in as bas~o profundo, atld there is a we are leaving. She makes a beeline for Catnillo atld gives hini a huge hug. A daughter, perhap,s? "Hello, Catnillo, can I just drop tl1ese flyers off? TI1ey're for the Benefit Gala for Epilepsy. · She introduces herself to us. "I'm Barbara Sadegur, I'm one of the first people who started sii1gii1g here five years ago." She turns back to Catnillo. "Gotta run, I'm on my way to rehearsal. By the way, I'm in Pirates of PeiiZtutce for the Toronto Operetta next month." Restaurateur Camillo de Liberato explains, "I don't want to be rich, I just want to be able to keep doing this 14 to 16 hours a day, seven days a week." If you like opera as much as Camillo does, and have a schedule like he has, you find a way to bring opera to work. If it helps some singers out, great! Catnillo likes to accomodate. ~~ tlie ·sound post - Canada's String Shop violins, violas, cellos & bows expert repairs & .rehairs strings & accessories at guaranteed lowest prices

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