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Volume 4 Issue 8 - May 1999

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eeoc GETS SET FOR PBNZANCB LBFf TO RIGHT, RUBY SMJTH­ MBROVITZ (EDITH) EMILY DUNCAN­ BROWN (SERGEANT) BBNFOX {FREDERIC) ~~~+faY~ Music Theatre in the Spotlight ~ WholeNote muses on brows: ; low, high, middle, and furrowed g For some strange reason the ~ ghosts ofGilbert and Sullivan ~ seemed to· haunt all WholeNote s i musical theatre-going this last 0 month. ~ Take for example the way they ~ suddenly occurred to us during !fr!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!f!~~~~:il the COC's recent rock-solid production of II Travatore. · During the intensely piratical Special Occasion Insurance. Anvil Chorus we found ourselves Concerts, Recitals, Benefits helplessly imagining that the impressively high gold helmets of --"l.V- the Spanish soldiers were about to turn blue, and that they would Fast reasonable service from experts. march in, doing deep knee bends and singing the policemen's "Tarantara!" chorus from Penzance. We have been left with the unshakeable sense that when Sullivan was furiously penning Pirates in his New York hotel room in 1879, he was "going to school" on Travatore. And by extension, that mockery of the modes and moods of Verdi was a large part of what G&S 'saudiences delighted in. It's distinctly odd, though, as a latter-day opera spectator bred on G&S, to fmd oneself watching Verdi through a G&S lens implant! And that was only the beginning. A few nights later at the opening of the COC's grand original, Randolph Peters' The Golden As:r. the ghosts of Gilbert and Sullivan were there again, but this time not as intruders as invited guests! The Bandits' Chorus at the beginning of Act 2 turns briefly into a Pirates parody, complete with deep knee bends and Robertson Davies' homage to W.S. Gilbert's polysyllabic humour. This blurring of the lines between the high-and middlebrow musical doubtless meets with the approval of some! Take for example See Music Theatre, page 19 CLASSICAL _CD RECORDING PROJECTS Our All-Inclusive packages include: • All recording, production and mixing by our Juno or Emmy award winning producers • All' recording done in a world class 24 track digital studio OR live location multi-track recording (8, 16 or 24 tracks) • All artwork/graphics and design by some of Canada's top graphic designers • All final film and colour printing of covers and traycards • Manufacturing of all CD or cassette product • Barcode and catalogue number for your recording • All tape costs (2" analog tape optional), CDR Master and CD glass Master • Distribution of your finished product to key local or regional retail music stores If you have already produced a CD, take advantage of our CONSULTING SERVICE which will explain to you the music industry, retail distribution (how to do your own), promotion of your CD and publishing. YOUR PRODUCT IS OUR PRODUCT Peros Music's long background in every facet of the music business will be an excellent resource for the promotion of your recording. If cpV11r}--- you are considering a Recording Project call: PEROS MUSIC INC. (905) 814-8555 (905) 814~ 750 I PHONE FAX

• electroacoustic music • Native American music • orchestral works • solo instrumental works • jazz • Also available: published scores, manuscript paper, and educational kits on Canadian music. VISA and MASTERCARD accepted . .L?ocated in the stately Chalmers House at 20 s.~ ; ~Q$$ph::$~(E)E¢, one block north of Wellesley Street, between Bay ar1dVdd9?.:¢W~t~. Open 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday Tel: (416) 961-6601 Fax: (416) 961-7198 e-mail: eme@interlog.eom website: http:/ /www.eulturenet.ea/ erne Music, BooKs, VIDEOS, COs ScoREs, GIFTS, CoLLECTIBLES FROM THE coc, THE MET, and AROUND THE WoRLD! and hear the latest . in Digital Home Keyboards ~~ 210 Bloor St. W. Toronto ( 416) 961-3111

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