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Volume 4 Issue 8 - May 1999

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Orpheus Choir are David Fallis, who was its tenor lead and assistant conductor from the mid 1970'suntill981 and Lydia Adams, who was the choir's accompanist in the mid 1980's. In its thirty-five years the choir has had five conductors, each of whom, according to current member, Lee Harmer, has contributed his own unique style, process and strengths to the group. According to Bob Greenwood, Sidgwick(l964-70) brought energy, ambition and great connections in England; James Whicher (1970-75) had the resourcefulness and drive to put the choir back on its feet after the shockofSidgwick's fatal illness; Lloyd Bradshaw ( 1975-80) "was artistically unmatched but could never stand success"; John Barnum ( 1980-87) instilled an awareness of timing; and Brainerd Blyden-Taylor (1987- present) has the artistry and the insistence on technical precision to bring the best out of the choir. According to Lee Harmer, the choir has probably progressed more under Blyden-Taylor than at any other time in its history, primarily because ofhis choice of challenging and unorthodox repertoire. To put it all into perspective, when Bob Greenwood, a founding member of the Orpheus Choir, left it in 1994 after thirty years, he was the last original member still with the group. But even though the faces have now all changed, something remains from what was begun a generation ago. Something remains, spmething is passed, something grows - and the music continues. ST. STEPHEN IN-THE-F'IEIDS CHURCH Standing on a busy stretch of College Street near Spadina MOBILE RECORDING FACILITY Live multitrack recording for: • Club gigs & concerts • Remote studio sessions • Broadcast mixing & recording RECORD YOUR NEXT RELEASE OR DEMO LIVE/ Classical Pop Rock Choral jazz Gospel 416.410.4918 Avenue, its name is only the beginning ofthe anachronism that is St. Stephen in-the-Fields Church. Built in the mid 19th Century by an expatriate English aristocrat-turned New World landowner as a sort of private chapel, it is now one of the cornerstones of Kensington Market, one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the city if not the entire country, maintaining all the while its identity as a fully functioning Anglican church. Another part of its fin de siecle identity, for which its central location and its marvellous acoustics serve it well, is as ~~ tlie sound post Canada's String Shop violins, violas, cellos & bows expert repairs & rehairs strings & accessories at guaranteed lowest prices Canada's largest stock of string music fast mail order service all prices in CDN $-Not a US$ price in the 93 Grenville St., Toronto M5S 1B4 tel (416) 971-6990 fax (416) 597-9923 Celebrate the Act of Listening at a, Award Winning Festival! Kitchener's Open Ears Fe~tival of Music and Sound . . . . ~ M,y 19~24, 199~ \ Con~ens in EcleCtic Venues ·. ·. . Electro;koustks indoors and out ···..•... Soundwalks ' Workshops ·. . The ~on it Playroom Twilight Sound Series Firework$ with live music . . . Guest Composers Pauline Oliveros · Tim Brady HI!degard Westerkamp :. : . . Witfl wor(d premieres by: Barbara Croall · Christos Hatzis Pete~ Hatch · Boyd McDonald Richard Windeyer Featuring . Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony / · Canadian Chamber Ensemble ' Penderecki Quartet · NUMUS. Concerts . .· Viva Voci · Mirror Image _ The Canadian Premiere of Philip Glass' Tibetans in Exile: A Madrigal Opera Festival PaS$.es: Adult · Student Single ticke~ illso available. For ticketinformatic;m or a complete . events listing, phone HeatherMoore at (519) 745-47H, or visit Open Ears on the Web at

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