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Volume 4 Issue 9 - June 1999

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.. .. " ,. " JiW>.W"'- ~: • r:""~!Ji. '~ I t..Y:.~ .• ~F..~t·- '"""'~'~ Jr-"7'"'"'"' " .. .. ,. - " .. II .. " ' . H " .. " New and Used Classicalahd Jazz COs. sheet Music;· Reeds, Strings, Gifts and Gift Certificates _-,:· ., Trade~ns ., ~ Accepted ~\ ·r--: ((· All the King's Voices are on the move again. In addition to their three concert Millenniwn series, the choir have been invited to perfonnAn Evening of Gilbert and Sullivan in the Niagara Concert Season on Saturday, January 15,2000 at 8:00pm. The Canadia~ Children's Opera Chorus annowtces its participation in MusicCanadaMusique 2000, a national celebration of the ' Canadian composer. The CCOC has commissioned a new opera, · based on Oscar Wilde's The Star · . Child, for the festival. The work ' by composer John Greer and . librC:ttist Ned Dickens will _premiere in May 2000. ,, J ·The Canadian Music Centre !i •••• •••••••• has annowtced the appointment ".. ".~·· ThB: WholaNota onunal Surfing the web for music? Tune your browser to the best site for concert listings in Toronto. www.thewholenote.com ·is your source for' classical, jazz, new and world music concert listings, profiles of WholeNote members, the concert producers behind the music you love. · ·' Plus inter..4ews, articles from back issues Y.ou may have missed, and ~comirig soon-an online CD store. of Elisabeth Bihl as its new Executive Director, replacing Siinone Auger who retired on May '15, 1999 from the position after 13 years. Ms. Bihl has an . extensive backgrowtd in management, ftmdraising and commWlications, most recently working at the Gardiner Musewn of Ceramic Art. Readers visiting U.K. can catch Musica Viva in concert: in London July 1, 5:00pm (Canada House) and July 2, 1:OOpm (St. JIUlles's Picadilly); at Milton Keynes Cathedral on July 5, 8:00pm; and at National Trust for Scotland properties: July 6 at Culean Castle; July 7 at Pollock House (Glasgow); and July 8 at Castle Fraser. The New Hamilton Orchestra annowtces the appointment of Maestro Daniel Lipton to the position of Artistic Advisor for next seaSn. He will provide guidance in the selection of ali repertoire, guest conductors and soloists, and will asswne responsibility for all matters pertaining to artistic quality. Organ Alternatives' fowtder and artistic director, Christopher Dawes, has recently been appointed Organist and Director of Music at St. James' Cathedral, succeeding Giles Bryant who retires after 20 years as Organist and Master of the Choristers. Tafelmusik has lawtched its first CD wtder the Analekta/Fleur de Lys label, a recording dedicated to Handel's Arias and Dances, excerpts from Agrippina and Alcina. The orchestra has previously released some 55 CDs on the Collegiwn, Hyperion, , CBC Enterprises, BMG Classic and Sony Classical labels. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra has experienced a remarkable turnarowtd in its '99 1 'Q9 · , ·• ole n ote= subscription renewal rate, which has increased by 31% over the same period last year. The 1999/ 2000 season includes an unprecedented six world premieres, a complete Beethoven symphony cycle and an ambitious 13-city tour of Europe. University Settlement M,usic & Arts School extendS· grateful thanks to the Duke Trio for their recent concert to raise money for . our chamber music program. The chamber music·program includes instrwnentalists and vocalists of all ages and levejs making music in small groups, with expert coaching. Call 598-3444 for·more info. . 'r' .•.. Yip's Children's,Cboral and Performing Arts Centre ·. (Canada) and Yip's Children's Choir (Canada) arinoW1ce the resignation of Dr. Gabriel Lewtg, Chief Conductor and Director of Studies for Yip's Canadian operations. Mrs. Jennie Lewtg, currently Principal of Yip's Richmond Hill campus, will succeed Dr. Lewtg as Chief Conductor of the Choir. WholeNote Members! Our double Summer issue is coming and it's your last chance of the season to write, fax, or e-mail info for Our Members Write. It's your forum for announcing awards, classes, tours, CD launches, or whatever doesn't go into your concert listings. Fifty words maximum. Surf your way to Toronto's best music at WholeNote Online. www.thewholenote.com REFLECTIONS (CD 19704) on GEMSTONE RECORDS Available at fine record stores everywhere Pistributed by: DISTRIBUTION FUSION Ill

6-xqvdsi.te Bows t-lal'\dmade in the 14 Fifth St~eet To~onto 1sland Onta~io Canada , M5J 2B9 Tel:-416 203 0789 B · A·.R · 0 ·Q· U ··E· S Maken of fiDe hiltorical ke}>l>oi!ld iDJirumeub (416) S38-3D62 www.~com/-hpschd/ GUIDE J SATURDAY - The Saturday MomlngShow Bill Anderrori and David Franco Lun~heon Date Arleqe Meadows -;,;s.,tUird"ov Supersounds and SUNDAY 5:30 am Gloria Richard Gale 9 am Music for Sunday John van Driel and Kerry Sttatton · 12:10 pm ' Luncheon Date Arlene Meadows 1 pm Music for Sunday John von Driel and • K~rr;: . Straffon ... 5:05 pm Sinfonla · Alexa Pettenko · 7:00 pm Canadian Showcase Terry Campbell Concert in the Park

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