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Volume 5 Issue 1 - September 1999

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II'ICurtain up W on

II'ICurtain up W on Music Theatre by Sarah B. Hood Welcome to wholenote's inaugural music theatre column, a new regular feature that will attempt to preview the Toronto music theatre scene. I write "attempt to" because the term "music theatre" embraces such a wide range. Since the beginning of the century Toronto has hosted an amazing range of touring shows. Then, throughout the 1970s, a lively cabaret/dinner theatre scene flourished in long-gone venues like Old Angelo's and the Ports (do you remember?). From about 1985 the city suddenly Curtain Call Flayers .. 1999/2000 season: Ill-fated Napoleon Original cast gained a wonderful wealth of new and restored theatre palaces like the Elgin/Winter Garden, the Pantages, the Ford Centre and the Princess of Wales. Instantly thousands of audience members were watching shows like Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon, Les Miz, the illfated Napoleon, the forgettable Aspects of Love and, at the modest New Yorker on Yonge Street, the popular and durable Forever Plaid. Many of these had some claim to being "local" shows, and certainly furthered the careers of Canadian stars like Brent Carver (Kiss of the Spider Woman) and Tyley Ross (Tommy). And then there's opera. As we wait and wait and wait for a new home for the Canadian Opera Strouse/Charnin/Meehan October 14 to 23 WLS1~ 5fi>L~ 5101?'( ~~~~ A ril 13 TO 22 Reserved Seating & Fairview Library Theatre ~ l"mJ"I Box Office • 416 703-6181 Curtain continues ' on page 32 CHORUS members wanted! tenturies e:,era is looking for chorus members. Admission to chorus by audition. We supply music and accompaniment. Chorus members participate in all concerts and operatic performances on stage. For audition and information call (416) 787-3708.

~~~~or----------------------,. Discover why more than two thousand Torontonians have been enthralled by Music Theatre Listings AT&T Centre for the Performing Arts. Phantom of the Opera. Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber; Harold Prince, director. Closes October 31 . Pantages Theatre, 244 Victoria. 872-2222. .50 to . Canadian Opera Company. Donizetti: L'elisir d'amore. Paolo Montarsolo, director; Maurizio Barbacini, conductor; Michael Schade, Henriette Bonde­ Hensen, John Del Carlo & other performers. Sept. 24, 30, Oct. 6, 9: 8:00; Sept. 28: 7:00; Oct. 3 matinee: 2:00. Hummingbird Centre, 1 Front St. East. 872- 2262. to 0. Canadian Opera Company. Verdi: La Traviata. Dmitry Bartman, director; Richard Bradshaw, conductor; Svetelina Vassileva, Gaetan Laperriere, Krisztina Szab6 & other performers. Sept. 23, 29, Oct. 2, lain Scott's OPERA COURSES 1. Opera : an introductory survey Ten Tuesday evenings, beginning 5 October 1999 2. V~rdi : the heart of Italian opera Ten Tuesday evenings, beginning 18 January 2000 Each course is from 7:00 to 9:30pm in the electronic classroom of Emmanuel College, Victoria University, U of T (1 00 m southeast of the Museum subway station) each course costs 5 (5 for seniors) ... and in May 2000 join lain Scott on a two-week special tour of "Verdi's Italy"! Listings continues .... o register call (416) 4 8 6 8 4 0 8 TOKONTO ormmrm .T,mf- ··e .:~isy ········lfl ... from the m(tster of the · Austro-Hungaz:ian Empire's Golden Age, Johann Strlmss, Jr. BATE, CONDUCTOR • GUI LLERMO S ILVA-MARIN, STAGE DIR. WITH KINGA M ITROWSKA, DEBORAH 0VERES, M ICHELYN WR IGHT, Ross NEIL L, RoBERT MARTIN REID, BARRY SmwELL TOT ORCHESTRA AND CHORAL ENSEMBLE December 27 (prev.), 28 (Opening), 29 (mat.), 31 (Gala) and January 3, 5, 7, and 8 ·'l"'"·""''dt.,. IJ THE WAPPEL FAMILY FOUNDATION • S NORWICH Tlu- 1\l.:n·~at·t•l B••t•t•knt•J' ~aditio;;) New Ye:~:·~·~E;~ Gala )OIN THE CAST FOR A FESTIVE PARTY WITH LIGHT REFRESHMENTS, DRINKS AND DANCING, GYPSY FORTUNE TELLERS AND CHAMPAGNE TO WELCOME THE START Of THE 21ST (ENTURY! TICKETS Stoo.oo INCLUDING GST. (ooEs NOT rNctuoE PERrORMAN CE nom) Charitab le receipts will be issued for the alfowable amount. Stli Jane Mallett Theatre Sr. lAWRENCE (ENTRE FOR THE ARTS A JEWEL IN THE CROWN OF CANADIAN MUSICAL HERITAGE PRESENTED BY CANADA'S PREMIERE OPERETTA COMPANY! GISELE FREDETTE, KEITH BoLDT, GREGORY C~oss, )OHN WEIR @ ALEXANDRA LENNOX, TOT ORCHESTRA AND CHORAL ENSEMBLE it ERIC SHAW, BRUCE KELLY PETER 0LESKEVICH, (ONDUCTOR GUILLERMO SILVA>MARIN, STAGE DIRECTOR May 5 (prev.), 6 (Opening), 8, 9; 10, 12, 13 & 14 (mat.), 2000 ''"'"""' .~ ,,, OgilV}Qne """""""' t:• )OHN GREER, CONDUCTOR ii GUILLERMO S;tVA·MARIN, lli STAGE DIRECTOR · June 26 (prev.), 27 (Opening), 28 (mat.), 30 & July 1 PLUS our ever-popular concerts! This year ... --------------, Wi~~liUIIJ t1:~icl MuSIC FROM WIENER 8tuT, THE BEGGAR STUDENT, THE 8tRD SELLER, DER 0PERNBALL AND MANY MORE. STEPHANIE BOGLE, KEITH BOLDT, ANITA KRAUSE, KURT LEHMANN, BRAHM GOLDHAMMER, Music Director Oct. 30 at 8 pm & Oct. 31 at 2 pm I ~f ,@ve f~clr.Jd~. VALENTINE'S DAY WITH OFFENBACH, KURT WEILL, (OLE PORTER, )ULES MESSAGER AND SCHONBERG & BOUBLIL. ROBIN WHEELER, Music Director Feb. 12 at 8 pm & Feb. 13 at 2 pm FIVE SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGES TO CHOOSE FROM For a free brochure, call TOT at (416) 465-2912. For information and tickets call the Box Office:

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