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Volume 5 Issue 2 - October 1999

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Arman, continued of the

Arman, continued of the world. Here we are entering a new century. We're still massacring each other by the millions - this is very depressing. Starting this orchestra keeps my mind occupied, because it is a lot of work. There are six subscription concerts on top of what I am already doing. I have to conduct 14 subscription programs this season in Canada alone. It keeps me going.", PLANS Among his plans for the orchestra's future is to include a generous amount of Canadian programming. Already the orchestrahas commissioned a work by a Canadian composer and will premiere it in April. While the chamber orchestra repertoire is enormous, the repertoire by Canadian composers is still quite limited. To help increase the repertoire Sinfonia Toronto will be sponsoring a composition competition for Canadian composers. Nurhan Arman's favourite nonmusical pastime is playing chess, which he describes as creative problem-solving that is fun. In most socialist countries, he says, it is a compulsory school subject because it is such wonderful mental training and is all about solving problems. "Life is about making the right decisions on a daily basis" he says, so chess can help you do this! Maestro Arman's chess acumen may prove very useful in the months and years to come, as good decisionmaking will, no doubt, make all the difference to the development of Sinfonia Toronto. He certainly leaves the impression that his new orchestra is in good hands from every point of view. 't' )) ·t~Y BVIHI PHOTO·GRAPHY PROMOTIONAL PHOTOS Headshots Grohp_s Orchestras CD I Cassette Artwork I Photography 10% discount to Wholenote readers & CJ RT listeners on all services. Studio 102 - 457 Richmond St. W. Toronto phone 416- ~12- 6701 fax 416-778-8928 37 of THE BEST CANADIAN SONGS sung by DAVID MILLS CANADIAN ·CLASSICAL SONGS ( CD 25970) REFLECTIONS (CD 19704) on GEMSTONE RECORDS Available at fine record stores everywhere Distributed by: DISTR-IBUTION FUSION Ill

40etOBER I I 99 NmtEMBER 1 99 2 I November20 Cantilena 1999-2000 February 13 Love Under the Lights with Carol Ann Feldstein and Kevin Bradshaw June 3 The Andrew Gilpin Trio Willowdale Presbyterian Church 38 Ellerslie Avenue Toronto ON M2N I X8 (416) 221-8373 wpch@ pathcom. com

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