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Volume 5 Issue 2 - October 1999

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Concert Notes ...

Concert Notes ... continued Symphony Orchestra. There are many more very good and very interesting concerts at the Faculty of Music in October - too many to mention them all, but definitely worth finding in our concert listings section. GREAT ROMANTICS fESTIVAL Hamilton's Great R'illmantics Festival, October 7 to 10, an annual event organized by Professor Alan Walker of McMaster University, is a fascinating musical and intellectual feast of concerts, lectures and discussions, with well-placed moments of relaxation in the form of receptions and banquets. Performers from all over the .world consider it a privilege to play at this gathering, and the rest of us should consider ourselves privileged that it occurs in our own backyard so to speak. For further information, the festival can be contscted at 905-529-7070 ext.23674. If you are not fortunate enough to be able to spend four stimulating days in . Hamilton, a taste of the Festival will be available in Toronto on October 2 when English pianist, Melanie Spanswick, will give a recital in Toronto at Temple Baptist Church. fiRST CANADIAN CHOPIN CoMPETITION This year is the 150th anniversary of the death of one of those great romantics, Frederic Chopin, and so has been declared "Chopin Year" by UNESCO. It is also the year of Canada's first Chopin Competition, which will take place at the John Paul II Polish Cultural Centre in Mississauga with a gala final concert on October 23 at the Glenn Gould Studio. What a great opportunity to hear the best young pianists from all over Canada. lANDSMAN, ORLOFF & TURINI While every month is a good month for . chamber music in Toronto, this October lppears to be especially good, in part because of a concert that brings together three of the best musicians that three cities have to offer: Montreal violinist, Vladimir Landsman, London (Ontario) pianist, Ronald Turini, and Toronto cellist, Vladimir Orloff. They will perform three pillars of the repertoire, the Tchaikovsky Trio Op. 50, the Beethoven violin sonata, Op. 30 #33 and the Brahms cello sonata, Qp. 38, at the Glenn Gould Studio on October 16. MUSIC IN THE SUBURBS. Last month we mentioned Artword Theatre's Rush Hour concerts, the second of . which will be on October 27 at 6:00, · designed for suburbanites who work downtown. There is a growing number of reaily excellent concerts in the suburbs, which shows that there is considerable interest in good music wherever you live. In addition to Festival Etobicoke, there are this month a recital by flautist Nora Shulman and pianist Leslie Kinton, part of the Performing Arts York Region series in Thornhill on October 29, a recital by violinist Marie Berard, part of the Lakeshore Arts series, on October 30 and, the same evening, a recital presented by the Mississauga Guitar Society, by guitarist Stepan Rak. And speaking of guitar, The New Guitar, a new multi-disciplinary concert series, featuring some of Canada's best guitarists, presents its first concert on October 22 at the Heliconian Hall, a concert of music by Canadian composers performed by William Beauvais and the Canadian Guitar Quartet. WoRLD Mus1c Harbourfront, in collaboration with Small World Music, has a very interesting series called "Small World 99", which on October 17 will present drum and dance from Guinea. On October 2 Tibetan monks will present traditional Tibetan chanting and on October 3 the Volyn Ukrainian Song & Dance Company will bring Ukrainian folk songs, dances, music & theatrical tableaus to Hammerson Hall in Mississauga. On October 15 Mehr Ali & Sher Ali with a chorus and other performers will be at Roy Thomson Hall and on October 16 soprano Lilac Cai\a, and pianist Raul Sunico, will perform songs from the Phillipines at the Ettore Mazzoleni Concert Hall. Every we~k,ov~r 400,000 people listen to ~ THE SOUND OF !:f,g; IFiERENf , .. '< DRUMMER. MONDAY 5:30am lOam Gloria Richard Gale Musk: for 1 pm 3pm 7pm 11 pm Midnight Catherine &/yed Potpourri Stu Allen and David Franco Sounds Great Michael Lyons Nocturne Arlene Meadows Nightwatch Colin Fox 5pm 7p!ll 8pm ' GJye My ltegards . tb.lroadway John van Driel Your Saturday Night Favourites Michael lyons 5;05pm 7:00pm Bpm Musk: for;iunday John van Oriel and Kerry Stratton Sfnfonia Alexa Petrenko Concert in the Park David Craig Sunday Night at the Opera Colherine Belyea

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