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Volume 5 Issue 3 - November 1999

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Concert Notes .•.

Concert Notes .•. continued Two aspects of the spiritual It's remarkable how many of the great works of the secular concert repertoire are devotional in origin. This month offers two interesting inversions of this theme: the concert form harnessed to a devotional or spiritual purpose Mus1c av GuRDJIEFF AND DE HARTMANN Performed by Laurence Rosenthal and Charles Ketcham, Nov. 6, 2:00 and 8:00, at the Glenn Gould Studio, this concert, presents rarely heard compositions, which address in a musical way man's search for meaning. From 1913, when he Laurence Rosenthal settled in Moscow until his death in Paris in 1949, G.I. Gurdjieff was a powerful influence on a small but significant circle of the European and American intelligentsia, imparting a teaching to enable those who persevered to awaken in themselves usually inaccessible higher energies. Among Gurdjietf's pupils was Russian composer and ,.rz;:;z:~~:~~;;;;:~:~ ~~~~o~~~;k~::=~ely :: ·(· m:bt ~n~it ~bambtfl :j for a~ut three ~ears in the mid :: :' 'l 1.., 'i ~~ rt' A•, i: :1 1920 s, composmg about 300 L '- i I ua,aO! n ,·e. H pieces of music, 160 of which :: (4 i614[E-'64'· ~: :j were completed and have :: : !:j subsequently been published. ;; ; Nevi and Used i :! Laurence Rosenthal, in a recent :; : Classical and Jazz CDs !:i telephone interview, explained ; [ [ :1 that Gurdjieff viewed art as a :: : Sheet Music, !:j way of encoding and transmit- :: ; :' :l ting real knowledge about the ;, Reeds, Strmgs, :: :1 meaning of man's existence in .· ' G,.ft~ and :,,-relation to the cosmos. :: 1 '" ·' H Rosenthal, a film and :: [ \J 1 11; ub· : :l television composer, studied at ': ,; f'l'ir· Cert;f;C!l 1as · · :; : Trade-ins ~-· ,, 'I ~~T:SB~:a:;!~l:~~~ film . , Accepted ~ I compositions are the music for \ .. i The Miracle Worker and Becket ~,·-..--.. ----·----·-----···----··-· -;::~ as well orchestrations of the a: .... .:.....:............·.......·.....................-..:.. Gurdjietf/de Hartmann music for Peter Brook's film version of Meetings with Remarkable Men. Charles Ketcham is best known as a conductor, in the United States and Europe. Both have studied the Gurdjietf/de Hartmann music for many years, and have already recorded much of it, with plans to record the rest . JOHN MICHAEL TALBOT St. Paul's Church on Bloor Street East will be the site on November 19 of a remarkable man. John Michael Talbot, a Franciscan monk has 40 albums, 14 books and numerous videos to his credit. By the age of 15 he was a guitarist with the folk/rock band, Mason Profitt. A "moment of perception", after a concert in which he and his band had shared the stage with Janis Joplin, prompted him to abandon the life of a rock musician and look for something else. By 1982, at the age of 28, he had sold all his possessions, taken Franciscan vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and, with six friends, set up a religious community in Arkansas, The Brothers and Sisters of Charity. The revenues from his touring and recording go into the community, which in turn helps those in need, both locally and abroad. Talbot's reflective, meditative ballad style combines tenor vocals with sophisticated classical guitar playing. His albums are designed for worship and for meditation. In his latest CD, Cave of the Heart he revives his early sound - virtuoso guitar playing, tight vocal harmonies and moving melodies and lyrics. His albums have sold close to 4 million copies. Toronto Sinfonietta ... continued from page 4 About a year and a half ago Jaskiewicz, after being turned down by a number of more established composers, invited composer, Ron Royer to compose a piece celebrating Pope John Paul's 25th anniversary. The resulting Jubilate Deo was performed three times by the Polish Canadian Society of Music's choir and orchestra, the Toronto Sinfonietta and was enthusiastically received. Royer became the society's composerin-residence. He and Jaskiewicz immediately began to plan a commemoration of the 150th anniversary ofFryderyk Chopin's death, but the shortage of orchestral music by the great master led them to consider other possibilities. The program that they came up with was an impressive collection of works written for solo orchestral instrument and piano, with the piano part transcribed for orchestra and original works inspired by Chopin's compositions. Because of the magnitude of the project Royer and Jaskiewicz invited another Toronto composer, Alexander Rapoport, to participate. Rapoport spent most of the summer writing a piano concerto based on Chopin's c-minor Prelude. "It's really a theme and variations," explained Rapoport, "but it divides into four main contrasting sections, like a concerto." Royer has written three works, In Memoriam Fryderyk Chopin for cello, clarinet and strings, Nocturne for Clarinet and strings and Fantaisie Impromptu for flute and strings. The concert at which all of this will be performed is November 6 at Bloor Street United Church. It promises to be a memorable one. Saturday November 20 8:00pm St. Margaret's Church 156 Sixth Street (east of Islington, north of Lakeshore Blvd. West, public parking nearby) Adults $ 10 Seniors/Students $ 45 PartyPack of 4 Reservations (416) 251-7236 " \ \ Herman Rombout~ & friend~ Singers and Entertainers for all occasions

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