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Volume 5 Issue 4 - December 1999/January 2000

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Classical & Jazz Radio

Classical & Jazz Radio Toronto! 24-hour member-supported radio! ·-, ·· Program Highlights , - BBC NEWS Daily Cfassica{!Music Mon.-Fri. 1 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sun. 1 a.m. to 7 p.m. including: 1Jia:dlJ ~usit Records in Review Opera "Canadian Currents" with David Olds Sun. 6-7p.m. I] azz Notes BY JIM GALLOWAY This months column is a departure from the familiar concert listings 9f previous issues, reason being that the abovementioned departure was mine -for a month long trip to Europe! As a result, this article is coming to you from the waltz capital of the world, Vienna. . First of all, for the record, the Danube is not blue, but an · industrial brown which would not inspire Johann were he to see it today. Also, the Vie1mese waltz does not make up 3/4 of the music heard in Vienna, even although it is 3/4, and since being here I have not, heard a single zither play the theme from "The Third Man". Is there jazz in this stronghold of Strauss? - this fatherland of Freud?- this Mecca of Mozart?­ this city where you can have your Vienna Phil? Yes there is, and quite a lot of it at that, although, as anywhere else, it is music for a small minority - and a minority that is broken into at least two camps. They are the obvious ones traditional and modem, ~d it would seem that never - or very seldom - the twain shall meet. ( No, not you, Mark!). The stronghold for the traditionaU swing/bebop audience - and I include bebop, because in the overall picture of what is called jazztoda~ bebop is pretty traditional sounding - is a club called Jazzland, located in the heart of the old city underneath what was the wall of the old city. It is, of course, a cellar club, full of atmosphere, with the original walls and vaulted ceilings still in place. The walls are lined with photos of jazz artists who have played the club and it is quite a who's who ranging from pioneers like Teddy Wilson and Wild Bill Davison to the recently deceased Art Farmer. Artists appearing in November, for example, included Red Holloway, Trevor Richards, Conte Candoli, Melissa Walker and Hal Singer, along with some of the leading local players. It is the oldest club in Vienna, currently in its i7th year as ajazz'haunt and something like its 500th year as a cellar. It was an escape route · in times of siege, out serves now as an escape for jazz fans who like to know where one in the bar is and prefer their music to swing. Jazzland is run by a remarkable couple, Axel and Tillie Melhardt, assisted by a really friendly staff including Martin and Thomas, a pair of great bartenders. Axel and Tillie's love of the music is genuine and the long succession of visiting artists thinks the world of them. If you can find better anywhere, I'll buy an oversized Tam "The Jazz Scene" with Ted O'Reilly Mon.-Fri. 3-6 p.m. Sat. 6 a.m.-Noon, 7-10 p.m. "Jazz with Bob Parlocha" Mon.-Fri. 8 p.m.-1 a.m. Sun. 10 p.m.-1 a.m. "Night Beat" with Mary Lou Creechan Sat. 10 p.m -1 a.m. PLUS ... Big Bands, Swing, Folk, Blues & World Music Telephone: 416-595-0404 1-888-595-0404 Website: Bandstand, continued rrom page 21 fortunate to have the superb Markham Theatre to play in. December 14 is a date to mark on your calendar if you're a fan of that most noble of instruments the trombone. The Slide Rule' Trombone Ensemble (what a great name!) will be performing a concert of seasonal music including arrangements of works by Barber, Bach, Bruckner, Handel & Janacek. (See Dec. 14 listings for details.) I have to confess that I'm not usually a fan of all-brass bands - I guess as a woodwind player I've felt excluded. However, when you have a group of the calibre of the Hannaford Street Silver Band playing, I'll set aside my prejudices and just enjoy the music. The HSSB appears with the Amadeus Choir and conductor Lydia Adams. (See Dec. 15 listings) · The EMPressions and the Artillery Pops Band promise a program of swing, jazz, carols and a singalong at St. Clements church. David J. King & Graz Brescacin wield the batons. (see Dec. I 8 listings.) Of course, if you been spending any time in shopping malls and you're suffering from CMB (Christmas Music Burnout), you could always check out the Kle2!Iller Conservatory Band at the Weston Recital Hall. (See Dec. 2 listings) The University of Toronto Wind Symphony & Concert Band are keeping busy; they have two ambitious programs coming up. December 3rd, the band will performing music by Cable, Bedford and Orff. Of particular interest to me is Howard Cable's "Stratford Suite". It's not performed nearly as often as his other band works, so seize the chan~e to hear it. (see Dec. 3 listings) The U or T bands' January concert features a classic band work, H. Owen Reed's "La Fiesta Mexicana. The program will also feature a transcription of Prokofiev's "Romeo & Juliet"and other works featuring student . soloists. Both concerts are conducted by Jeffrey Reynolds & Cameron Walter. (see Jan. 29/ 2000 listing.) Merlin Williams is a woodwinr,(, peiformer and teacher based in Toronto. He is co-leader of the jazz repertory group, "Rockin ' In Rhythm " and leader of his own saxophone quartet. His playing has been featured on radio broadcasts, recordings, commercials and film soundtracks. Merlin has also transcribed and arranged music for a wide variety of ensembles, from quartet to orchestra. He can be reached at (4/6) 489-0275, by e-mail,, or on the web, -merlinw.

Left: Etobicoke Community Concert Band's new cd is this month's prize. See page 21. Right: Jim Galloway: see you New Year's Eve at the Montreal Bistro the Estonian Hall, 958 Broadview Ave. ~85-5489. .00, .00, .00(sr/st). O'Shanter and eat it. (It's a hat, Mabel). Incidentally, Axel Melhardt comes by his love of music honestly. His mother was an opera singer and his great grand- uncle was Antonin Dvorak! There are several other clubs where mostly local musicians are featured. They don't have jazz six nights a week,so you have to check, but you can make some nice discoveries in venues such as "Papa's Tapas", "Blues Man", "Miles Smiles", "Tunel" and "Vienna Unplugged". Worth noting is "Reigen live", a club which featured one-nighters last month by Archie Shepp, Les McCann, Jinuny Scott and Cubatiismo. There is also a club called "Porgy And Bess" operating once a week just now. It presents the more avant-garde end of the spectrum so don't expect too much Gershwin, despite the name. There are plans to build a new "Porgy and Bess" club, heavily funded by the city, as the planned new "Birdland" club, being built for Joe Zawinu1, will be. I heard a good singer called Barbara Pfluger who appeared last month in a spot called Celeste. The local talent pool is good. Some of the groups I am familiar with cover a wide range of styles. If you like it New Orleans style, there are "The Red Hot Pods", who have played the Toronto festival a couple oftimes. A little more towards the Chicago style, in spite of their name, you have the "Original Storyville Jazz Band" and advancing chronologically in terms of style, there are groups like the "Stanton Big Band" ,"Together", "Koolinger" and "The Vienna Art Orchestra". I can't list everybody and apologise ifi leave out names that deserve to be included, but two of the most impressive individual musicians I heard were drununer Walter Grossrubatscher and pianist/ clarinettist' Herbert Swoboda who can easily hold their own in any company. Jazz in Vienna is not confined to clubs, although it is interesting, in view of some earlier comments in this column, to note that performances in clubs are frequently referred to as "concerts". The "real" concert hall scene is also quite active. Over the current four week period the line up is Dave Brubeck Quartet, Manhattan Transfer, The Ron Carter Quintet,and Joe Zawinul in a "Hommage to Johann Strauss", ifyou can believe that one! So, is there a jazz scene here? You can bet your Vienna Woods there is. Not to overlook To,ronto this month, although there is not a lot of"big name" activity, there are several interesting evenings featuring some of our own resident talents. I suggest you look out for the Humber Music Jazz Series December l at 8pm Trish Colter's Vocal Jazz Ensemble and Alastair Kay's Big Band. Humber College Lakeshore Auditorium, 3199 Lakeshore Blvd. West. 675-6622 ext.3427. Admission .00 and .00. Also December 1 at 8pm there will be a York University Dept. of Music Jazz Faculty Concert featuring Don Thompson, Barry Elmes, Lome Lofsky, Mike Murley, Mike Malone and Mark Eisenman. Junior Common Room, McLaughlin College, 4700 Keele Street. 736-5186. Free. On Dec 2 at 5pm in the same venue, Jazz Combos will present student ensembles directed by Phil Dwyer, Mark Eisenman, Barry Elmes, Frank Falco and Bobby Fenton. Free. December 8, 8pm, University of Toronto Faculty of Music in its Jazz Series will present A Tribute To Trudy Desmond. Walter Hall, 80 Queens Park Cresc. 978-3744. Free. The Classic Jazz Society will present a concert by the Boston Brahmins on the 11th at 8pm in Bob Brough and Stan Fomin Tenor Saxophone and Acoustic Piano Mondays and Tuesdays 7 to 11 pm Le Saint Tropez 315 King Street W. No Cover Phone Bob at 763-6703 CJRT Sound of Toronto Jazz Series will present Jane Bunnett and Friends. December 13 at 8pm. Ontario Science Centre Auditorium, 770 Don Mills Road. 595-0404. .00. Oh, and your humble scribe will be bringing in the New Year at the Montreal Bistro, Sherbourne and Adelaide.363-0179. I'm performing there from the 28th to Jan 1 starting at 9pm each evening. The music will swing and so will my kilt on New Year's Eve. Free advice on the art of single malts will be dispensed. Happy listening. Excuse me now, I have to go to my waltz class. New York • Los Angeles Washington, DC • Taranto 416-960-0472 Annex location Private Instruction Learn to Sing! for adult beginners ' Sightsinging Opera Workshop (see classijieds) German Lieder French Diction and Melody Early Music Performance Practice Performance: Coordinating Singing with Acting proVOCE Studios . T. Torlone • K. Scott • N. Delo_ng .

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