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Volume 5 Issue 4 - December 1999/January 2000

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The gift of • IllUSIC:

The gift of • IllUSIC: a sampler of CDs by the people whose concerts you go to BY SOPHIA PERLMAN In the four and a half years of WholeNote :S existence, it :S seemed that what started as a trickle of CD releases by local groups has grown to a steady flow. And if you're like me, you 've probably found yourself at concerts of performers you enjoy standing in the lobby, groping for an extra you didn t bring along and saying "Gee I didn t know they had a cd. " WholeNote has always taken pride in the service it offers publicizing live music by groups of all sizes. So maybe the same philosophy can be applied to publicizing their recordings. Oh well we thought, we'll get the word out that we're going to do an article on recordings available for sale by local performers. It will make a nice little feature at Christmas time. Boy did we ever bite off more than we could chew! For three weeks the information has been pouring in--to the point that this article came close to making us late for the printer. To summarize: there is a hidden wealth of recorded music out there as exciting and overwhelming as the flood of concerts we discovered when we started publishing this magazine. What follows is just a taste. Our apologies to everyone we overlooked, and to you the reader for not being able to tell you more about the material (like where to buy it!). Well, at the least, go to their next concert with that extra in your pocket. This article is the beginning of an exciting new adventure for WholeNote. As early as possible in December we will be launching the WholeNote online record store on our website at ' · www. thewholenote. com, where WholeNote members and many individual performers will have the opportunity to display and even sell their recordings. We hope that the article, even in this . tantalizingly incomplete form gives you a taste for the adventure ahead. GIFT OF Mus1c continues next page • electroacoustic music • Native American music • orchestral works • solo instrum·ental works ejazz • opera • chamber music .}:'}''''''' '"'·',, ..... ,,, .. ,,,,,,,, .... • art song • choral music t41so available: published scores, manuscript paper, books, and educational kits on Canadian music. VISA and MASTERCARD accepted. I i.: ·· · Tel: (416) 961-6601 .focated in the stately Chalmers House at 20 st~ , ~Q$~Ph Slt~e.t , one block north of Wellesley Street, between Bay andVdng@,~tt~~t§: Open 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday Fax: (416) 961-7198 e-mail: eme@interlog.eom website: http:/ /www.eulturenet.ea/ erne

Aldeburgh Connection Amadeus Choir Canadian Children's Opera Chorus Elmer lseler Singers Esprit Orchestra Hannaford Street Silver Band Tafelmusik Toronto Mendelssohn Choir Toronto Mendelssohn Youth Choir Toronto Symphony Orchestra Toronto Children's Chorus Featured Members on CBC Records THANKS TO ALL OF OUR CANADIAN PERFORMERS THE MYSTERY OF CHRISTMAS The Elora }'esth·al Singers Noel Edison·Dircclor MiehJu!l Bloss-Organ MYSTERY OF CHRISTMAS Elora Festival Singe~s Bt:RUOZ Requiem ,_,."'_rw,;. r- ,.- ..

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