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Volume 5 Issue 4 - December 1999/January 2000

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ALAN HOBBINS -- one cd:

ALAN HOBBINS -- one cd: Chopin The k9mantic is a new all Chopin compilation featuring 3 ballades and Polonaise Op. 53. It's available from Maestro Music. ALDEBURGH CONNECTION-- 2 cd's: Benjamin Britten available from Marquis Classics; and The Aldeburgh Connection available from CBC Musica Viva. AMATI QUARTET -- one cd: Rashoman Quartet was produced in 1997, and was the first recording ever produced by the Shaw Festival, while Amati were quartet in residence. What do you get when a bunch offriends get together to play music? You get AMICI, and their 4 cd's: Beethoven (Summit Recordings); Contrasts: (Summit Recordings); In Brahms' Apartment (Summit Recordings); Quartet For The End Of Time (Summit Recordings). ARADIA ENSEMBLE has 4 cd's. Details available, on the NAXOS website at ARBOR OAK TRIO -- one cd: Music To Thy Heart (independent). Their only recording to date, it has received much acclaim from it's audiences. ARRAYMUSIC --one cd: Music From The Big Pictures (Artifact Music). A multi Discilplinary music theatre work, it features Soprano Barbara Hannigan and the Arraymusic ensemble. BACH CHILDREN'S CHORUS has 200 OfT Productions) singers in the children's chorus as well as a chamber choir for boys with changed voices and girls over 16. They also have 2 cd's, Heres To Song; (Independent) and Land Of Tomorrow; (Independent). BAROQUE MUSIC BESIDE THE GRANGE has 5 cd's. Musik Fyne baroque Musik from Scotland And England (EBS); Musik Fyne plays Cmaber Music From The Italian Baroque (EBS); A Curious Collection For The Common Flute (EBS); Fruit Of A Different Vine (Atma); Midnight Sun (Dorian) BELL' ARTE SINGERS have 5 critically acclaimed cd's: A Chi/de Is Born (Independent); A Sacred Concert (Independent); Awake, My Heart (Independent); In the Midst of Angels (Solitudes); and Hope is a Star (United Church of Canada) which has 15 new arrangements of christmas carols. CANADIAN BRASS has 1 cd on our list: Canadian Brass Greatest Music (U CANADIAN CHILDREN'S OPERA CHORUS has 3 cd's. Its latest, which is about to be released, is Creatures Great And Small (Phoenix Records). The title tracks are 5 songs by Canadian composer Derek Holman, including a version of Dennis Lee's "Mississauga Skipping Song" . They also have recorded Dandelion Parachutes (Independent) and Sir Christemas (Independent). CANADIAN SINGERS have 2 cd's: Beautiful (independent); and Its Christmas Time (Independent) 37 of THE . BEST CANADIAN SONGS Sling by DAVID MILLS CANADIAN CLASSICAL SONGS (CD 25970) REFLECTIONS (CD 19704) GEMSTONE RECORDS Available at fine record stores everywhere Distributed by: on DISTRIBUTION FUSION Ill

CANTORES CELESTES has 2 Cd's: Bright Shining As The Sun (Furiant); Wassail (Furiant) CENTURIES OPERA ASSOCIATION has 1 cd: Ger/inde Strangemann (Independent) is a recording of the soprano of the same name, including tracks of 0 Mio Babbino Caro (Puccini) and Ebben N' Andro Lontana (Catalini) DEER PARK CONCERTS have 2 cd's: Shout The Glad Tidings (Independent); William Wright Plays The Rathgeb Memorial Organ ( EMI Virgin Classics) DUO has 1 cd: Duo (independent) featuring Margo Rydell and Ivan Zilman has received regular air time on radio stations nation wide. ELMER ISELER SINGERS have 18 recordings, 3 of which are new: Elmer Iseler Conducts Canadian Music; Noel; and The Maple Leaf Forever (also available on cassette). Some of their others are: Premiere (centrediscs erne); Celebration (CBC); Musical Toronto (Marquis Records); Chalumeau (Centrediscs); Music at Sharon (Melbourne Records); and Glory of Palestrina (CBC). ESPRIT ORCHESTRA has 6 cd's: Iridescence (CBC); Music For Heaven And Earth (CBC); Tabuh­ Tabuhan:Music Of/ Musique De Colin McPhee (CBC); The Adjustermusic For The Films Of Atom Egoyan (Varese Sarabande); The Esprit Orchestra (CBC) as well as the soundtrack for the award winning movie Last Night: a Film By Don McKellar (Sony Classical!EMI) EVE EGOYAN has 1 cd: The Things In Between (Artifact Music). It includes Michael Finnissy's Strauss Walzer, Michael Longton's Piano Diary, and Linda C. Smith's Nocturne. The release was followed by a 9 city tour of Atlantic Canada EVERGREEN CLUB has 1 cd: Road To Ubud (Artifact Music). It features World Premiere recordings of John Cage, Giles Trembley and James Tenny. EXULTATE CHAMBER SINGERS have 2 cds: A Choral Flourish (i"ndependent) was recorded in 1991 for the Choir's , 1Oth anniversary, The title track is by Ralph Vaughan Williams. The second, We Make Joy (independent) was produced in 1994 and inclu.des works by Daniel Pinkham, Derek Holman, JS_ Bach and also, traditional English Christmas Carols, FORTIN LEVEILLE has I cd of music for 2 guitars entitled T,.;pica/ Norte (Analekta) When the GRYPHON TRIO first came into existence, they quickly established themselves as one of Canada's finest chamber ensembles_ They now have 2 cd's: Dvorak.-, Mendelssohn Piano Trios, (Analekta) and Haydn.- Four Piano Trios. (Analekta), HAMPTON AVENUE has 3 cd's: Alii Want For Christmas (also Available On GIFT OF Mus1c continues next page FAR ...

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