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Volume 5 Issue 4 - December 1999/January 2000

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G•F-r'' OF MUSIC, continued from page 31 Cassette); (R.D.R); Everybody Sing (R.D.R); National Anthems (Riverdale Records , Jan. 2000) has 4 versions of 0 Canada as well as the Star Spangkd Banner, arranged by Debbie Flemming. HANNAFORDSTREETS~VER BAND has 1 cd: Brass Links (CBC) with Guest Composer Bramwell Tovey. Keep your eyes open. Another CD was recorded in July and is corning out soon. HEMISPHERES, a 15 piece contemporary band, has 1 cd: Chaser (Artifact Music) also features Christian Wolff, Henry Kucharzyk and Wende Bartley. HIGH PARK CHOIRS OF TORONTO has 1 cd: Flexibility (independent) is really the perfect title for this recording with everything on it, from sacred masterpieces to spirituals to Jazz and everything in between. They are also guest featured on 2 cd's: Halle/uja Handel (Classical Kids); and Tchaikovsky Discovers America (Classical Kids). JANE BUNNET has 1 cd: Bridge To Everywhere (Sonavista) features her in a Jazz sextet with Kiki Misurni on Cello, Larry Crammer on Trumpet, Alan Molnar on Vibes and Marimba, Nancy Walker on piano and Geordie McDonald onDrums. · LORI FREEDMAN has 1 cd: Husk/ess!:Lori Freedman Live (Artifact Music) features some of her improvisations and compositions as well as ~mprovs with guest artists Marilyn ·reamer, Paul Plimey, Pierre Tanguay rnd Christopher Cauley. MA,RY KENEDI has 3 cd's: "For Children" by Bartok (Furiant) contains piano pieces based on Hungarian and Slovanian foldk songs. The second is entitled A Long Time Ago Into The Future (Furiant) and the third, Mary Kenedi Plays Bartok (Furiant}, includes Romanian Dances, Sonatina and Suite Op. 14. MOOREDALE CONCERTS director Kristine Bogyo has 1 cd: Kristine Bogyo, Anton Kuerti (Analekta) includes pieces by Chopin (Polonaise Brilliante) and Schumann (Fantasy Pieces). NICK PEROS has 1 cd: Nick Peros, Motets (Phoenix Records) has 20 a cappel/a motets written by Nick Peros and performed by the Renaissance Singers. ORPHEUS CHOIR OF TORONTO has 1 cd. The Mystery Of Bethlehem (independent) has seasonal pieces including the Angel of Gabriel (David Carmey) Ding Dong Merrily on High , and Malcom Williamson's Mary's Aria (from The World at the Manger). PAUL BLEY has I cd with SonaVista: Out In The Open has the world renowned pianist and improvist in a quintet style recording. PAX CHRISTI CHORALE has 1 cd: Rejoice (Independent) is a recording of sacred music including Ralph Vaughn Williams Te Deum in G., and Felix Mendelssohn's Lift thine Eyes. REBECCA JENKINS has 1 cd: Earth Time (Sonavista) is music inspired by Taoist principles of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. And speaking of Sona Vista, there's also Rob Carroll (koto}, Ron Allan (synthesizer) Allan Moln~r (midi vibes and marimba) with Mariam Toumraie (contemporary Persian vocalist) on a cd called Cross Culture. The guitar stylings of ROBERT KUBICA, WILMA VAN BERKEL can be heard on their 2 cd's: Sor Guitar Duets (Complete) Vol.1 (Naxos); and Sor Guitar Duets (Complete) Vol.2 (Naxos). They include Le Premier Pas Vers Moi ·op. 53. and Trois Duos. ' SHEVCHENKO MANDOLIN OR­ CHESTRA has 2 cd's: Tamara Volskaya & The Schevchenko Mandolin Orchestra In Glenn Gould Studio (Release, Dec 99); and Tamara Volskaya In A Live Concert With The National Shevchenko Orchestra which was released in 1997 .(DorEMI) SIMON FRYER has 1 cd: Simon Fryer- · Music Of A Life So Far (Phoenix), on which he has works by Britten, Kulesha, Penderecki, Alice Ho and many others. SINE NOMINE has 1 cd: A Golden Treasury OfMediteval Music (Amon Ra) · has music from 11th century Germany to 15th century France and everything in between. STACY HIRSCH, SYNTHESIZER, RON ALLEN, BAMBOO FLUTES, GEORDIE MCDONALD, PERCUS­ SION, ROULA SAID, EGYPTIAN VOCALIST, KIRAN AHLUWALLA, INDIAN VOCALIST have one cd: Simplexity (Sonavista) TAFELMUSIK has won many awards for its various recordings including 5 Junos for best classical album. Their most recent recordings include: Handel Airs And Dances, Excerpts From Agrippina And Alcina (Analekta); Music For The Royal Fireworks; Orchestral Suites: Alster Overture, Burlesque De Don Quixotte, La Bourse (Analekta); and The Complete Choruses From Handel's Messiah (CBC Records). TALLIS CHOIR has 2 recordings: (Cassette) The Music Of Palestrina & Victoria (independent); and (L.P) A Tudor Pageant. Music OfThe English Renaissance (Independent). TE DEUM SINGERS has 2 cd's: In Dulci Jubilo (independent); In Quires And Places Where They Sing (independent) · THE CHOIRS , CHURCH OF ST. MARY MAGDALENE has 1 cd: The Music Of Healey Will an (independent). TORONTO CAMERATA has 2 cd's: A Camerata Christmas (Independent) is a seasonal recording of English, French, German, Czech-and Polish Christmas Music; Live At Glenn Gould Studio (independent)is a mixture of carols, madrigals chansons and folksongs. TORONTO CHAMBER CHOIR, a choir of 40 members, has 1 cd: The Voice Of My Beloved (independent) is an anthology based on the biblical song of songs. TORONTO CHILDREN'S CHORUS has 9 cd's: 1988 Australia And New Zealand Tour (Cassette) (Independent); 1992 France And England Tour (Double

: Cassette Collection) (Independent); A Boy Was Born (Independent); A Britten Tribute! Mostly Britten (Marquis/EM!); Adeste Fideles (CBC); All Canadian! My Heart Soars (Marquis/EM!); Along The Road To Bethlehem (CBC); Premiere Recording! Dancing Day (Marquis/ EMI); the Star Princess And The Waterlilies (Cassette) (Independent). TORONTO CHORAL SOCIETY has 1 cd: Seasonal Treasures (Independent) includes 0 Holy Night and Sivanirot - an lnukititut version of)ingle Bells! TORONTO CONSORT has 6 cds: Full Well She Sang: Women~ Music From The Middle Ages And Renaissance (SRI); Mychael Danna: The Sweet Hereafter (Virgin Music Canada); Nowell Sing We: A Treasury Of Renaissance Christmas Carols (SRI); 0 Lusty May: Renaissance Songs Of Spring (Dorian Dor); Orlando Di Lasso:Chansons And Madrigals(Dorian Dis); The Little Barley Corne -Songs Of Winter Renaissance (Independent). TORONTO SYMPHONY ORCHESTA ma6y be on strike but you can still listen to them. They have by my count at least 20 cd's- as listed below. 1. Schafer-Harp Concerto the Darkly Sple11did Earth: The Lonely Traveller­ Concerto For Flute And Orchestra Andrew Davis, Gunther Herbig, Conductors, Judy Loman, Harp, Jacques Israelievitch, Violin; Robert Aitken, Flute (CBC) 2. Bartok The Woo~en Prince Suite Music For Strings, Percussir;m And Celeste, Dance Suite Jukka - Pekka Saraste, Conductor (Finlandia) 3. Beethoven Vol. 3: piano Concerto No.] In C Minor piano Concerto No. 2 In B-flat Major, Andrew Davis, Conductor, Anton Kuerti, Piano (CBC) 4. Beethovenvol If-Piano Concerto No. 3 In C Minor-Piano Concerto In G Major Andrew Davis, Conductor, Anton Kuerti,Piano (CBC) 5. Co/grass, Bloch, Hindemith, Britten Andrew Davis, Conductor, Rivka Golani, Viola (CBC) 6. Dohntmyi, Rachmaninoff, Lito/ff Mario Bernardi, Conductor, Arthur Ozolins, Piano (CBC) 7. Dutilleux: Symphony No. 2 Metabolestimbres, Espace,Movement Jukka-Pekka Saraste, Conductor (Finlandia, Nov. 1999) 8. Handel: Messiah Andrew Davis, Conductor, Kathleen Battle, Soprano;Florence Quivar, Mezzo Soprano; John Aler, Tenor; Samuel Ramey, Bass; Larry Weeks, Trumpet The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir (EMil Angel) 9. Holst: The Planets. Andrew Davis Conductor, Toronto Children's Chorus (EMil Angel) GIFT OF MusiC continues next page CLASSICAL cp RECORDING PROJECTS . ' Our All-Inclusive packages include: • All recor9ing, production and mixing by our Juno or Em my award winning producers • All recording done in a world class 24 track digital studio OR live location multi-track recording (8, 16 or 24 tracks) • All artwork/graphics and design by some of Canada's top graphic d-esigners • All final film and colour printing of covers and traycards • Manufacturing of a)l CD or cassette product • Barcode ahd catalogue number for your recording • All tape costs (2" analog tape optional), CDR Master and CD glass Master • Distribution of your finished product to key local or regional retail music stores ' ' If you have already produced a CD, take advantage of our CONSULTING SERVICE which will explain to you the music industry, retail distribution (how to do your own), promotion of your CD and publishing. YOURPRODUCTISOURPRODUCT Peros Music's long background in every facet of the music business will be an excellent resource for the promotion of your recording. If cpvvnyou are considering a Recording Project call: PEROS MUSIC INC. (905) 814-8555 PHONE (905) 814-750 I FAX

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