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Volume 5 Issue 4 - December 1999/January 2000

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TtlltNIItl 's only _,,BIHmsii'B monthly t:lllssit:lll lind t:tlfiiMiptlnlty t:llllt:tHt listinK soun:B Yelume5#4 December 1, 1999 to February 7, 2000 Copyright@ 1999 PerPul Proze. 60 Bellevue Ave. Toronto ON M5T 2N4 Publisher: Allan Pulker Editor: David Perlman Llltlngs Editor: Simone Desilets PnductleR Manager: Bernard Martin l.ayout a Deslta: David Perlman and Michael Busija Clftr by Rocket Design Pllotllgraplry: Michael Shaw. Den Ciul AdwertlsiRg:AIIan Pulker. Bernard Martin Ceatrlllutlng Writers: Chorll: Larry Beckwith: Bandstand: John McGuigan. Merlin Williams: New Music: David Parsons: Jazz: Jim Galloway: Music Theatre: Sarah B. Hood: Features: Allan Pulker. David Parsons. Dawn Lyons HOW TO REACH US Advelflsfn& memberships and listings- NEW NUMBERS: Phone: 416-323-2232; Fax: 416-926-7539 Edltotiiii:Phone: 416-603-37 86: Fax: 416-603-3787 Emili/: info@thewh olenote. com PUBLICATION DATES Nut Issue: Wednesday January 26 (covering February 1. 2000 to March 7. 2000) Deadline for free llsUngs: 6 pm Saturday January 15 AciYerUsln( rese"aUons: 6 pm Wednesday January 19 Sulls~rlptlons: 1 year + GST Printing by New Concept • Circulation: 25.000 tile wholenote® is a kmDRUMPublication. CANADIAN PUBUCATIONS MAIL PRODUCT SALES AGREEMENT 1263846 ISSN 1488-8777 WHOLENOTE (PRINT) ISSN 1488-8785 WHOLENOTE (ONLINE) Concert Notes EtCetera File Our Members Write The Choral Scene by Larry Beckwith COVER STORY: Bright Future! Choral Music in Toronto Choral Quick Picks BandStand by Merlin Williams Contest Jazz Notes by Jim Galloway Hear and Now by David Parsons Musician in our Midst: Katherine Hill by Allan Pulker 6,8,37 10, 11,61 10,14 16-19 12-14 20 15, 21,22 21 22-23 25-27 26 Cover story: Jean Ashworth Bartle of the Toronto Children's Chorus has high hopes for the future of music. PAGE 12 l Contents THE GIFf OF MUSIC: CD Offerings from Local Performers 28-35 Member Profiles Music Theatre Listings Music Theatre by Sarah B. Hood 36 38,40,41 39-40 COMPREHENSIVE CONCERT LISTINGS 42-60 Further Afield Too Late to List Honourable Mention Market Place Index of Presenters 59-60 60 60 61 & Venues 62-63 Unclassified Advertising 63 . INDEX OF ADVERTISERS A Major Music Company 34 Classical 96 38 Mikrokosmos 35 Peros Music 33 Tafelmusik 15, 55 Academy Concert Series 56 Claviers Baroques 11 Mississauga Choral Society 16 Phoeni~ Records 31 Te Deum 19 Aldeburgh Connection 56,58 CMC Boutique 29 Mississauga Symphony Primerica 8 The Slide Rule 50 All the King's Voices 19 CMC Cheapseats 26 Orchestra 49 pro VOCE Studios 23 Toronto Camerata 44 Amadeus Choir 12 CMC Composer Montgomery Sound 35 Recorder Centre 11 Toronto Choral Society 17 Amici 43 Companions 24 Mooredale Concerts 54 Riverdale Ensemble 54 Toronto Classical Singers 63 Aradia Ensemble 48 Collaborations 46 Music at Metropolitan 55 Robert Lowrey's Piano Toronto Consort 35 Arbor Oak Trio 57 Columbus Centre I Music at St. John's 54 Experts 5 Toronto Mendelssohn Artifact Music 34 Coro Guiseppe Verdi 51 Music Chamber 35 Roy Thompson Hall I Choir 2,3 Audio Group 35 Confuoco Chamber Music Music Gallery 25 RoyaiConcertgebouw Toronto Mendelssohn Bach Children's Chorus 18 Series 47 Music Toronto 46, 52. 53, 56 Amsterdam back cover Youth Choir 3 Banff Centre for the Arts 39 David Tamblyn 11 Music Umbrella 54 Royal Conservatory of Toronto Operetta Theatre 39 Beii'Arte Singers 18 Debut Designs 61 Musicworks 25 Music 10 Toronto Philharmonia 49 Bob Brough and DG Productions I Nathaniel Dett Chorale 16 Royal Conservatory of Toronto School of Music 20 Stan Fomin 23 Sing for Sight 15 Na~os 29 Music, Glenn Gould Toronto Sinfonietta 47 Brett Chapman and Duo L'lntemporel 57 New Guitar 57 Professional Studio 9,42 University of Toronto Sepideh Eslahjou 48 Elmer lseler Singers 14 Nikolai Malott 53 Russian Musical Heritage Faculty of Music ' 43,53 Brott Music Festivals 49 Frank Farkas 63 North Toronto Institute of Series 45 University Settlement Cadmus Communications 10 Gemstone Records 30 Music 10 Saint Andrew Chorale 19 House 61 CBC OnStage 46. 55, 56 Hannaford Street Silver North Toronto Women's S.aint George's-on-the-Hill 45 Vesnivka Choir 19 CBC Records 29 Band I Amadeus Choir 21 Chamber Choir 63 Sarah Beaton 11 Victoria Scholars 13 Centre for Italian Culture Hannaford Street Silver Off Centre 56 Scarborough Philharmonic 58 Vocalpoint 18 and Education 17.39 Band I Black Dyke Band 21 Opera in Concert 41 Shar Music 11 Voices 12 Centuries Opera 20,41 Herman Rombouts & Opera Store I Remenyi 9 Sine Nomine Ensemble 50 Women's Music Club Church of St. Simon- Friends 20 Orpheus Choir 17 Sinfonia Toronto 7. 58 of Toronto 52 the-Apostle 16 Jubilate Singers 16 Patris Restaurant 63 Sound Post 11 CJRT-FM 22 Kristina A Beaubien 61 Pax Christi 18,34 Soundstreams 57

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