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Volume 5 Issue 6 - March 2000

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Please submit this survey no later than March 22nd, 2000to be eligible. 1. On average, I attend perfonnances (concerts, opera, or music theatre) ... 1-3 times a year 0 4 or 5 times a year 0 6 to 10 times a year 0 10 to 15 times a year 0 15 to 20 times a year 0 More than 20 times a year 0 2. The average my household spends on concert tickets each year is... $ ___ _ 3. I go to a cafe, bar, or restaurant before or after a performance ... Never 0 Rarely 0 About half the time 0 Often 0 Take a few moments of your time to complete the survey for your chance to win music prizes! Complete the survey and return it by fax at 416-603-3787 WholeNota·s Annual ' Raadar by post to Reader survey, 60 Bellevue Avenue, Toronto ON M5T 2N4 SUrV I or complete the survey online at www.thewholenote.comjsurvey I L_~----~----------------------------~~ 1 11.1 usually shop for recordings at .. (name all that apply) I 20. Can you suggest a new WholeNote distribution 1 point? --------------- 21.1am: Female 0 Male 0 -----------=---==- 22. Myagels __ years 12. Do you have Internet access? Yes 0 No 0 23. Number of persons In my household: __ If NO, please skip to question 19. 24. My highest completed level of education: 13. Have you visited the WholeNote web High school O site www.thewholenote.confl Yes 0 No 0 Some college/university 0 14. Do you shop on the Internet? Yes 0 No 0 Bachelor If YES: On the Internet I have purchased... Masters 0 Recordings 0 Doctorate 0 Books 0 Clothing 0 Groceries 0 Always 0 4. Among these cates, bars, and restaurants, my Other favourites are ... (list any that apply) ------------- 5. I travel to concerts by ... (check any thatapply) Car 0 Public transit 0 Taxi 0 Bike 0 Foot 0 Other __________ _ 6, I travel outside of my city of residence to attend concerts ... Never 0 Rarely 0 About half the time 0 Often 0 Always 0 If you travel, to which cities? ------ 7. Are you a musician? YesO No 0 If YES: I play ... (list Instruments and voice) 8. I usually knp my copy of WholeNote for ... 1 week or less 0 1 to 2weeks 0 2to 4weeks 0 More than 4 weeks 0 t. Each month, I refar to WholeNote for concert Information ... 1-3 times 0 10-15 times 0 4 or 5 times 0 16-30 times 0 6-10 times 0 Every day 0 10. Evetyyear, the number of recordings I buy Is approximately... 0 0 1-5 0 6 to 10 0 11 to 20 0 More than 20 0 25. Total annual household Income ,000 or less 0 ,000 to ,000 0 ,000 to ,000 0 ,000 to ,000 0 ,000 to ,000 0 15. I read the following newspapers ,000 to ,000 (check all that apply): More than ,000 0 Globe and Mail National Post Pleaseaddyourcommentsaboutourmagazlne. Toronto Star 0 Toronto Sun Your responses are important to us. Attach a Now Magazine 0 Eye Weekly separate sheet if necessary. Hamilton Spectator 0 Other ____________ _ 16.1 frequently listen to the following radio stations (check all that apply): CBC Radio One 0 CJRT 91.1 FM 0 CBC Radio Two 0 CKLN 0 Classical 96 I 103 (CFMX) 0 Radio-Canada (French) 0 ---------- ------- ~~n~r~!~n~mie. ~e~se~o~~J~~T I 1 Other simple directions: -------------- 1. Please choose any 6-digit number and enter it here: 17, Other than WholeNote, for concert Information I rely on the following I I I I I 2. Keep a record of the number you picked. (name all that apply): 3. Enter your postal code here: Newspapers. ____ _______ I I I --------------- 4. The winning six-digit numbers will be published in the April issue. If your Magazines------------ number appears, phone 416-603-37861 5 . We will ask for your postal code, to ------ --------- confirm your entry. Radio/TV----------- Prizes Include ---------------- 0 A pair of subscriptions to Music Toronto's Ensemble Series: two concerts by the Gryphon Trio and two concerts by the Toronto String Quartet 0 A pair of tickets to Les Violons du Roi at the Ford Centre on April 15. 0 A pair of tickets to Matthias Goerne at the Ford Centre on May 17. 0 Two packages of three CO's from Naxos and Phoenix. 0 Three packages of two CO's from Naxos and Phoenix. Other ________________ ___ 18. How do you rank the WholeNote for concert Information? #1 0 TopS 0 Top 2 0 Just one of many 0 19.1 usually receive WholeNote ... by subscription 0 OR: 1 pick it up at (please list establlshment[s] and city) ------------

HAMPTON AVENUE's new CD, Everybody Sing, is receiving airplay in Canada and the U.S. In A Mellow Tone from the CD has received a CARA award nomination for "Best Jazz Song". The group will headline at Princeton University's prestigious "Songsation" in June. Visit the website for further news: http:// VOICES has been invited to attend the h1temational Choral Kathawnixw this smnmer in Powell River, British Colwnbia. competitive festival will feature 36 choirs from all over the world. Voices is one of three adult choirs from Canada, and the only one from Ontario, to have been invited to participate. TORONTO SCHOOL OF MUSIC's Colin Yip, principal of the school and his wife, soprano Mary Liu both attended the recent XXX Concorso hltemazionale "V. Bellini" in Caltanisseta, Sicily as adjudicators, tl1e ftrst time Canada has been represented in tlus capacity at tlus intemationally renowned competition. CANADIAN CHILDREN'S OPERA CHORUS 8Jmow1ces tl1at A Major Music Co. • Digital Recording (studio or location) • Digital Mixing • CD Mastering 416-693-4657 composer Jolm Greer SJld librettist Ned Dickens have dedicated their new children's opera The Star Child to Bruce Ubukata, accompanist to the CCOC for 25 years. The Star Child, commissioned by the eeoc, has its premiere at the Du Maurier TI1eatre Centre May ll. ••••••••••••••••••••• Professional portable remote Digital recordmg m your own space Roaming Variety of Digital formats Harddisk • MD • OAT flexible rates • great Mics Studios WORLD CLASS DIGITAL RECORDING CD MASTERING & MANUFACTURING t "The engineering desuves special praise." Roben Franner, , Cl~tssical Music Magazine )I'"' ... .!1 ," ... the very essence of fidelity." Alan Loffl, Sound and Vision f'or a free, informative brochure, please call 416-41 0-8248 CLASSICAL CD RECORDING PROJECTS Our All-Inclusive packages include: • All recording, production and mixing by our Juno or Em my award winning producers • All recording done in a world class 24 track digital studio OR live location multi-track recording (8. 16 or 24 tracks) • All artwork/graphics and design by some of Canada's top graphic designers • All final film and colour printing of covers and traycards • Manufacturing of all CD or cassette product • Barcode and catalogue number for your recording • All tape costs (2" analog tape optional), CDR Master and CD glass Master • Distribution of your finished product to key local or regional retail music stores If you have already produced a CD, take advantage of our CONSULTING SERVICE which will explain to you the music industry, retail distribution (how to do your own), promotion of your CD and publishing. YOURPRODUCTISOURPRODUCT Peros Music's long background in every facet of the music business will be an excellent resource for the promotion of your recording. If you are considering a Recording Project call: cpV11r>-- PEROS MUSIC INC. (905) 814-8555 PHONE (905) 814-750 I FAX

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