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Volume 5 Issue 6 - March 2000

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&& :utH-fH'r Stephen Fox

&& :utH-fH'r Stephen Fox Canada's largest selection of sheet music titles for strings. Available by fast and convenient mail-order. In-store purchases receive an additional 20°/o discount! As a foil-service string shop we offir the following: + Violins • Violas • Cellos + Rare Instrument and Bow + Instrument Rentals + Strings Accessories, 26 Cumberland, 2nd Floor. Td, 1-416-960·8494 Email' • Free Parking! Open Mon.-Sat. l 0-6 Thurs. until 8 pm. hy Merlin Williams Toronto is blessed with many fine clarinettists, and Stephen Fox is definitely one of that number. His playing with Orchestra Toronto (co-principal clarinet & saxes) and the Riverdale Ensemble is wonderful, but there is one thing that Fox does that sets him apart from all the other clarinet players in this city. Stephen Fox makes his own instruments. Stephen's interest in the clarinet started in tenth grade in 'Saskatchewan. At the time, he wanted to take up the oboe, but ended up with the clarinet instead. He says he's never regretted it, and loves the flexibility of the clarinet. While at the University of Saskatchewan Stephen played in the concert band, and later the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. After completing his Masters in Theoretical Plasma Physics, he did a Bachelors in Clarinet Perfonnance. Stephen started doing instrument repairs in 1985 in Saskatchewan. Upon moving to Toronto in 1987, he started working on custom keywork, major alterations and individual ttming of clarinets. The high quality of his work started to attract clients from across Canada, the United States and Europe. In 1990, Steve started making complete instruments. To date, he's made about twenty-five complete clarinets, plus a number of bassett joints (to extend the clarinet range for the Mozart concerto) and bass clarinet extensions. In addition to tl1e standard Bb and A clarinets, tl1e S. Fox line includes Eb & C clarinets, bassett horns, and period clarinets. Steve's instnuuents can also be ordered with three different bore stylesthe brighter French type, the dark Gennan bore, and a newer design based on the principles of acoustician Artlmr Benade. If that weren't enough in the way of variety, the clarinets are also available in several different woods. Steve has used grenadilla (African blackwood, the standard clarinet material), rosewood, cocobolo (a strikingly grained hardwood) and boxwood. Despite all of the variety, the prices ofS. Fox clarinets are comparable to those of the big clarinet manufacturers. It's actually quite a bargain when you factor in the time Steve spends personally tuning and play testing each clarinet. Fox clarinets have attracted a wide variety of players. The best known of these is probably TSO principal clarinettist Joaquin Valdepenas. Valdepenas uses an S. Fox clarinet on a soon-to-be released Amici CD. He also uses his Gennan bore S. Fox instrument for some of his work with the symphony. Other notable players of Steve's instruments include Don Pierre, the clarinettist and leader of the Glenn Miller Orchestra (Canada), and Kurt Bjorling, of the klezmer group "Brave Old World". Stephen Pierre, principal clarinettist of tl1e Hamilton Philharmonic has a bassett joint, and has perfonned on Fox's own personal boxwood period clarinet. If all of that wasn't enough, Stephen also spends about three months each year teaching instrument making at the Musikk Instrument Akademiet in Norway. Steve can be heard playing with the Riverdale Ensemble, with pianist Ellen Meyer and violinist Daniel Kushner, on March 5 at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg. ll1e concert starts at I :30 pm, and is free with gallery admission. If you miss that, keep an eye out for the forthcoming CD by the Riverdale Ensemble on the Furiant label.

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