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Volume 5 Issue 6 - March 2000

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Etcetera file continued

Etcetera file continued from page 29 Charles Morrison,:Wilfrid Laurier University. Room 109, Edward Johnston Bldg., 80 Queen's Park. 978-3750. Free. ••March 7 12:00 noon: U ofT Faculty of Music Alumni Association - Music Alumni Guest Speaker Series. Music and Media. Guest speaker: Peter Goddard, writer & columnist at The Toronto Star. Room 330, Edward Johnson Bldg. Free. -*March 15 4:00: U ofT Faculty of Music. Colloquium in 1 Musz.cot.ogy & Theory: Some Notes on Graphs (Beethoven s Op.JJ Sonatas); Representation~ of Gender in Barbara .f!entland s "Disasters of the Sun ; The Early Years of the Canadian League of Composers. Guy . Obrecht, Janette Tilley & Bemta Walters, speakers. Room 216, Edward Jolmston Bldg., 80 Queen's Park. 978-3750. Free. -*March 20 8:00: Toronto Wagner Society. Wagner in Toronto: a peifonnance history. Lecture by Professor Carl Morey. Arts & Letters Club, 14 Elm St. 966-5289. Donation (- suggested); members free. -*March 29 6:45: TSO. Classic Intro pre-concert chat. Stravinsky & Scandal. Join host Peter Tiefenbach, as he explores and explains Stravinsky's. Le Sacre du printemps from the p1ano. Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe St. 593-4828. .85 or free with ticket to 8:00 performance. .. March 30 4:00: U ofT Faculty of Music. Colloquium in Musicology & Theory: Ar1 introduction to musical semiology: theory & practice. Prof Jean-Jacques Nattiez, U. of Montreal. Room TBA, Edward Jolmston Bldg., 80 Queen's Park. 978-3750. Free. .. April 4 12:00 noon: U ofT Faculty of Music Alumni Association - Music Alumni Guest Speaker Series. The Art of the Orchestral Librarian. Guest speaker: Marilyn Anthony Steiner, orchestral librarian & music proof reader. Room 330, Edward Jolmson Bldg. Free. MASTER CLASSES ••March 10 2:00: RCM Glenn Gould Professional School. Wind master class with Jolm Mack, oboe. Ettore Mazzoleni Concert Hall, 273 Bloor St. West. 408-2824 ext.321. suggested. ••March 231:00: U ofT Faculty of Music. Master class with the Elmer Iseler Singers, Choir-in-Residence. Lydia Adams, conductor. Room 330, Edward Jolmson Bldg., 80 Queen's Park. 978-3744. Free. ••March 3012:00: U ofT Fac~lty of Music. Master class with the Canadian Brass. MacMillan Theatre, 80 Queen's Park. 978-3744. Free. -*March 31 2:00: RCM Glenn Gould Professional School. Piano master class with Leon Fleisher. Ettore Mazzoleni Concert Hall, 273 Bloor St. West. 408-2824 ext.32l. suggested. .. April 7 2:00: RCM Glenn Gould Professional School. Voice master class with Evelyn Lear, soprano. Ettore Mazzoleni Concert Hall, 273 Bloor St. West. · 408-2824 ext.321. suggested. WORKSHOPS • •March 3 7:30: Recorder Players' Society. For players of both c and F recorders. Church of the Transfiguration, Ill Manor Rd. East. 431-7560. . **March 4 9:00am: Unionville Wind Conductors' Sympos)um. A day of practical ideas & practical solutions. O~n t? all music educators & wuvers1ty students. Featured clinicians: H. Robert Reynolds & Michael Haithcock. Unionville High School, 201 Town Centre Blvd. 905-479-2787 ext.363. (teacher), (student). • •March 4 2:00: CAMMAC. Workshop Singing on Stage. Peg Evans of the COC will coach participants in both singing & staging of opera choruses from Cannen and/or La Traviata. Church of the Messiah, 240 Avenue Rd. 962-4847. CAMMAC members ; nonmembers . Registration by Feb. 18 reconunended. ••March 5 1:30: Toronto Early Music Players Organ!zatio.n. Workshop with Kathenne H1ll: music for voices & viols. Lansmg United 49 Bogert Ave. 480-0225. • *Ma;ch 5 2:00: Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association. Workshop/demonstration in Memorization & Stylistic Peifomzance with Dr. Tiiu Haruner. St. Simon's Church, 1450 Litchfield Road, Oakville. 905-643-7466. (nonmembers), (st). • •March 14 6:30: Hampton Avenue. Open rehearsal, jazz a cappella workshop. SIP Cafe, 112 Hampton Ave. 778-7293. Free. ETCfile continues p. 54 v/1usic 'll.rtt-re by Sarah B~ Ld Time to indulge in Classic Opera with the favourites Not Gounod, not Puccini, not Verdi, not ~ossini, ... not March, but very definitely c/asszcal! Gino Quilico in Donizetti's Lucia di Lammennoo~ . Although there · was usually c 1 asslca · 1 mUSIC · p 1 a ying around . fr the house tl when I was growing up, eitlter on recor~ or over the radio . om te dependable CBC, I don't remember he~ng much opera unhl l;as in m late 20s or early 30s. Titerefore, If you. wer~ to ~k me w at operr diva has had the greatest effect on my unag~atto~ woul~ be forced to adlnit that that distinction belongs to a smger o~ V~lce 1 have never heard, altl10ugh she travell.ed and recorded ~e:~~~·se I refer of course to Madame Blanca Castafiore~ e N'ghtingale known to several generations ofschoolchil~en as the Ol;ly recurri;lg female character of any significance at allm the popular Tin tin books. Once, when quizzed by an admiringjotmtalist abo~t her repertoire for an upcommg concert tour, La Divine Bianca replies t11at she'll be. s~nging ~e great classics: ~'Puccm~, Verdi:, Rossini Gounl ... oh, Silly me, she corrects ' herse If , "G oun? d" · Which brings me to the top1c of t11is month's article. If Madame Castafiore were around Toronto tJ1is month, she'd be very much in her element, as all four of those opera greats are represented in the calendar. Giuseppe Verdi's name is more or less synonymous with Italian opera. The composer of such inunortal standards as La Traviata ll Trovatore and Aida was bo~ in 1813, and died at the dawn of the new century (in 1901) _the autho.r of~8 operas. Verdi's Rigoletto IS bemg presented by Toronto Opera Repertoire from Marc~ 3 to 5 ~t the Bickford Centre. Rigoletto IS the bitter tale of t11e wicked jester whose plotting robs him of his beloved daughter, and - in case you haven't heard ofth~m .­ Toronto Opera Repertotre IS a group that includes bo~ ~at.eurs and professionals-in-trammg m full-scale productions o~ o~ra works, as part of a conttnumg education program offered by the

oronto Board of Education. A. second Verdi production in M:ruch is a concert perfonnance >fthe obscure Giovruma d'Arco 'Joan of Arc) by Verdi by the Canadian Opera Company Orchestra and Chorus with soprano Elena Prokina on March 18 at the George Weston Recital Hall in the former North York. Gioachino Rossini, he of the rollicking scores and Ute good parts for mezzo sopranos, wrote 39 operas during his lifetime ( 1792-1868). His greatly loved Barber of Seville (the one opera overture known to all children, grazie Bugs Burmyy) is being presented by Opera Mississauga on March 30 and April I at Mississauga's Hrunmerson Hall. Giacomo Puccini was bom in 1858 and died in 1924, during which time he wrote twelve operas. His frrst success was Manon Lescaut, and he followed it with such durable standards as Madam Butterfly and Tosca. But one of his most popular works, and one of the two or Utree best loved operas of all time, is La Boheme, which will be perfanned by the Canadian Opera Company at the Hmnmingbird Centre from April 6 onwards. lltis is the heartbreaker Utat Cher rutd Nicholas Cage weep to in the movie Moonstruck, about the little seamstress nruned Mimi who dies of consumption in her lover Rodolfo's anns. Even people who don't listen to opera at all will be familiar with several of its tmtes, as they're always being used in movie smmdtracks and TV commericals whenever some director needs music that suggests the good life. llte University of Toronto's Faculty of Music Opera Division is also mounting a Puccini opera: La Rondine, first perfonned in I 917. Seldom revived, this version will be conducted by Raffi Annenian at the MacMillan llteatre from March 2 to 5. As ruty frut of Ute Tint in books knows, Bianca Castafiore's greatest trimnph carne witlt her rendition of the Jewel Song from Gounod's Faust ("Ah my beauty past compare, Utese jewels bright I wear: run I truly Marguerite?" and so on). A standard showpiece for sopranos, Ute aria is smtg by Ute innocent and virtuous Marguerite as she tries on a casket of jewelry left behind by Ute devilish Mephistopheles. If, like me, you've been curious about the piece since you fll'St encountered Madame Castafiore rutd her terrifyingly powerful voice, you can see the entire opera as perfonned by Opera Ontario between April! and 14 in one of two back-to-back runs at Hrunilton Place and The Centre in Ute Kitchener. -- --s I A fmal note: Quite a different kind of musical Uteatre is coming to the Batlturst Street Theatre from March 10 to April 9 as Ute Georgian Theatre Festival presents a new production of Godspell. Perhaps not as well known as the oUter musical about Jesus Christ (Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar), it's also less earnest, and includes some lovely songs based on scriptural passages. A few, like "Day by Day", are occasionally played on the radio, but none of them ever became real hits. Nonetlteless, the show is well worth seeing. "Suzuki" Cast includes Leo Enson, Frank Hawkins Keith Addison, Linda Marcinkus n.emegio l,ereira ,Centuries Opera Orchestra and Chorus ~rl(.~li.E'I'S (416) 870-8000 William Shookhoff Condu,·tor $-!5 8 S 20

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