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Volume 5 Issue 6 - March 2000

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Ill Ill ill ill Ill Ill Ill liiifliifliiitliiifliiit lf.A·XOS IIIII IIIII !Ill! Qll! IIIII outstanding classical music at a budget price The art of the Baroque Trumpet Disc of the month BRUCKNF.R s~~!ptw>r.)· s ... .l t iP JI .... .fi '>•....._,...._ :.-.t\• Bruckner Symphony # 3 Conducted by Georg Tintner PIAZZOLLA (.'(JQ~pkl t '-ht4-k (IH f'lwtt oiiCI (;uk.2r c """'"' "'""''·r~•"' •::...... · •~t--.o~.... . ,......,......_,.,i .... r._ ..... 1"'""""'"~1~..., Astor Piazolla Complete music for flute and guitar lmf NORWEGL

"Songs to the Moon" by Canadian trumpeter Merrie Klazek is a wonderful collection of songs and arias transcribed for trumpet and piano. Melodies by de Falla, Rachmaninoff, Donizetti and others are beautifUlly and sensitively played by Merrie Klazek, accomp_anied on piano by jenniferSnow. Merrie shows that the trumpet can be a gentle and tender instrument. full of warmth and depth, conveying an emotional range rarely heard on the instrument. "Merrie Klazek- Songs to the Moon" should be a welcome revelation to music lovers everywhere. uMerrie Kla.zek- Songs to the Moon" on Phoenix Records is available at record stores across Canada. r .J / rJ.~t. Canada's newest and most exciting Classical label.

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